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Could it be their own fault and not our supposed ‘racism’?

(Thursday blog)

I have three charts today. But I don’t have any pictures. So, anyone who has received a supposed ‘university education’ in the last few years should probably stop reading now as they’re likely to struggle to understand what’s written below.

The first chart shows the type of UK household by ethnic group:

(left-click on chart once and then left-click again to see more clearly)

We’re constantly harangued and insulted by the politically correct and told that we’re all repulsive white supremacists and colonialisers and racists etc etc. The politically correct claim that it’s our fault that so many black children end up in gangs, criminality and prison. But looking at the chart above we see that 8.8% of Asian children live in single-parent households, 10.2% of white children do and a much more worrying 24.3% of black children are in single-parent households.

In the USA, more than half of black children grow up in single-parent households. It was none other than the great Saint Obama who said that black fathers needed to take responsibility for their children and warned “children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in prison. They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home or become teenage parents themselves. And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.

The figures for the UK prison population seem to support Saint Obama’s claims:

Blacks only make up 3% of the overall population but a much more impressive 12% of the UK prison population.

That’s not our racism. It’s a failure of Britain’s black communities. The only people responsible for this failure are black parents and black community leaders.

If BLM protestors want to improve the lives of Britain’s blacks, perhaps they could start by educating Britain’s blacks about the importance of bringing up children in two-parent households?

Perhaps the great David Lammy, ever keen to jump on the latest bandwagon, could take a break from blaming whites for everything and take up this issue with his own community?

After all, children of single-parent households are twice as likely to live in poverty than children in two-parent households:

And being brought up in poverty is hardly likely to help those children get a decent education and a proper job.

(Reading the above, you’ll understand why I’ve been permanently banned from commenting on the Times and Sunday Times websites)

6 comments to Could it be their own fault and not our supposed ‘racism’?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Ancient history now, but the story of my one personal brush with the USA’s eternal racial tensions, nearly half a century ago.

    In 1971, I was working in Germany as a bass player with a Country & Western band called ‘Smokey Harless and the Country Stars’, doing one-nighters on US bases all over south Germany. Smokey was a former Senior Master Sergeant in the US Air Force, a big, tough egg in his forties, who had retired from the service in Germany and stayed on as a professional singer.

    At the time, the ‘Draft’ was still in place in the USA, because of Vietnam, and a lot of black guys in the forces absolutely didn’t want to be there. Racial tension was high, race riots were, believe it or not, sometimes actually advertised in advance on posters. Segregation, though it had been abolished for well over a decade in the US forces, was still voluntarily the case between blacks and whites. Myself and the band’s drummer, who was also English, used to go to soul nights at the clubs on the US bases, and were accepted by the black GI’s because we were Brits, and musicians, and therefore not part of the regular ‘competition’, but we were almost invariably the only white guys in the clubs. The opposite usually went for Country gigs, though we would sometimes get some older black guys who would sit at the back of a club and play cards together, ostentatiously ignoring the band though you could see their feet tapping under the table.

    One night we had a gig at an NCO club on a combat training base near the border with East Germany, outside a village called Wildflecken (The base, I read, is still there but has now reverted to the German army). We’d played the first half of the gig, and just before the end of the set I’d noticed about a dozen black guys come in, and go up to one particular table near my side of the stage which was already fully occupied. Which at that time was a bit unusual.

    I’d gone to the band room to have a lie down during the break. I heard a commotion, stuck my head out of the door just in time to see half the metal chairs in the club soaring through the air in one direction, and the other half doing the same in the opposite direction. A full-scale fight that appeared to involve everyone in the place was going on. Next thing I knew, there were improvised petrol bombs smashing against the outside of the club’s windows. The Military Police appeared in a few minutes, and started shooting at the club’s attackers with handguns – it was quite literally ’Halt or I (bang) Fire!’

    We as a band were pushed onto a jeep by the MPs and driven to the MP station, where guys were pouring in, being issued with side-arms and ammunition, and sent out all over the place. We were told that not just the club that we were in, but every bar within a ten-mile radius was in the process of being hit that night. When things finally calmed down we managed to get out of the base, but not before a lot of blood had to be washed off the side of our VW bus.

    We were officially told later that the guys who’d come into the club while we were playing had dragged one white GI out, held him up against the side of our bus, and stabbed him eighteen times. They were civilians rather than GI’s, who’d got out of the service in Germany and stayed on ostensibly as ‘Black Power’ activists, living off ‘voluntary’ contributions to the movement extracted from black GI’s.

    German Polizei picked up half a dozen of them on the street the next day, all of them armed, bizarrely, with swordsticks we were told. But it being the era that it was, when if anyone was suspected of being about to give evidence for the prosecution they would be taking a short journey out of a fourth floor barracks window, the upshot was that one guy eventually got six months and that was it.

    Publicity about the episode was, of course, nil.

    I might add that in the four years I spent abroad working on US and NATO bases, I never heard, even on the ‘grapevine’, of any white GI’s pulling anything remotely like the above episode – let alone getting away with it.

    So when I see America’s cities descending into riots and bloodshed nowadays, I’m not remotely surprised. Their senior ‘Community Leaders’ have had plenty of practice.

  • A Thorpe

    The views about the UK above echo exactly what Thomas Sowell says about America. He compares the low number of single parent black families (an also their education) up to around the 1960 when there were very few single parent black families and they had a good eduction. This started to change when welfare programmes were introduced and I think he used the expression that black women then became married to the state. He has been especially critical of Obama’s policies, and coming from a black American that says a lot. Jeffrey mentions community leaders and of course that is where Obama started. Once again Sowell says Community leaders don’t solve problems because it would put them out of a job.

    I have just been reading some history and looking at past empires, Alexander the Great, the Romans and the Mongols and although there was killing to conquer more land they did not try to change the people to their cultures. Alexander in particular adopted some of the culture in his dress and marriage. The Romans left local leaders in place and accepted their gods. The Mongols had no culture of their own and Ghengis used meritocracy to select the best to help him. These empires collapsed partly because of poor leadership. Alexander’s generals argued amongst themselves when he died suddenly. When Ghengis’s son died the leadership went. The eastern Roman empire collapsed when Christianity took over and they started to persecute the Jews.

    The message seems to be that successful civilisations are those that live in harmony and in the west we do this by following a set of rules that have been developed over many years. We need leaders who believe in those rules and we have not had this in the UK for decades. Those rules have been challenged in the west and there can only be one reason, which is to disrupt civilisaed society. It is wrong to blame any race for this. We are all being used by activitsts who want power over us and one way to achieve this is by creating state dependency and family breakdown is the perfect way to achieve it.

  • William Boreham

    I heard on the radio this morning that October has been designated ‘Black History Month.’ A whole month devoted to black history? As far as I’m aware, no pre-contact (with whites) Black society ever created a written language, or weaved cloth, or forged steel, or invented the wheel, or plough, or devised a calendar, or code of laws, or system of measurement, or math, or built a multi-story structure, or sewer, or drilled a well, or irrigated, or created any agriculture, or built a road, or sea-worthy vessel. They never domesticated animals, or exploited underground natural resources, or produced any kind of mechanical device. Perhaps a list of black Nobel laureates in science might impress students. There’s……um. Oh,dear, can’t find any. But they are very good at jumping high off the ground and smashing a ball into a hoop.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The main reason for the single-parent black families being at such a high level of around 25% here is because of the very high levels of promiscuity and because of easy access to welfare. Single-parent families are as high as 75% in many areas of the USA. The reason that HIV became so prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa was not due to homosexual promiscuity, as it was here in the UK, it was due to the very high levels of heterosexual promiscuity.

    That most of the black migrants are male is a serious concern because they will seek out the black single mothers and underclass white women and put them in the club.

    A woman can only have one or rarely two children at a time, but a man can impregnate no limit of women of child-bearing age.

  • leila

    Prepare to see South Africa collapse into a pile of rubble. During lock-in hoards descended on railways stripping the stations bare, digging up platforms for the cables and the tracks themselves.Overhead cable gone. Utter devastation which will probably never be repaired. Not one ‘leader’ thought to protect a vital transport network system with the army.They are too busy stealing billions from the state, even a bank was stripped which held poor workers savings. And all the time they hate and resent us.There is a virtual wall in our useless parliament building for the paid clowns to write messages in support of blm.For origins and objectives of blm Gatestone Institute has a part 1 and 2 which are excellent.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The BLM movement should be called MBLM – Make Black Lives Matter – and it should be something that they do for themselves instead of using it to force affirmative action here in exactly the same ways as feminism has done.

    How many women, such as the famous Dickless and Theresa May, got into top jobs that they don’t deserve because of that mindless state of affairs?

    The Asian people living in the West don’t need a movement to make their lives matter because they have kept the family structure and are prepared to pull their fingers out to help themselves.

    Affirmative action has reached to the highest level of government in the USA with the selection of Kamala Harris as the Democrat’s choice for vice-president. This is very obviously an absurd basis on which to run a first-world country.

    The blacks have ostensibly been brought to the UK in order to do work that the local people are reluctant to do, so why should they be represented at the highest levels of our society in proportion to their population of around 3%? If they were brought here to make up for our lack of people educated in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM education) , it would be a different story.

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