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Give a man a stick – eventually he’ll beat you with it

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I’ve had a quote in my head for a couple of weeks – “Give a man a stick – eventually he’ll beat you with it”. I don’t know where I got it from. Professor Google doesn’t seem to know. Though I did find this when looking for the source of the quote:

I had no idea who Sadavir Errinwright is or was. But Professor Google informs me that he is a fictional character in a science fiction film set in the 24th century. I suspect the quote above was inspired by the opening scene of the 1968 film “2001 A Space Odyssey”:

So, what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

This phrase “give a man a stick – eventually he will beat you with it” – may be one way of picturing our relationship with our ruling elites – politicians, public-sector employees (please note I don’t call them ‘civil servants’), journalists and business leaders. For most of our lifetimes, these people – politicians, public-sector employees, journalists and business leaders – have felt the need to pretend that they were acting in our best interests and we have mostly believed them. That was our supposed ‘western democratic freedom’. But our craven submission to the lies and ludicrous excesses of the Chinese lab-leaked plague lockdowns has shown these people how easy it is to manipulate us. So our relationship with them has changed. We have given them the stick – power over us – and they are using it to beat us.

As we have seen with the Covid lockdowns and accompanying destruction of our economy and are now seeing with climate change and transgenderism and open-borders immigration and woke-ism and much else, our ruling elites no longer feel the need to even pretend they are acting in our best interests. Instead they claim that they know what is best for us and intend to impose this on us whether we like it or not. The list of unpopular policies being forced on us grows by the day:

  • Banning the sale of gas boilers when heat pumps are totally useless for most homes
  • Banning the sale of petrol cars when electric milk floats pretending to be cars are totally useless for most drivers
  • Destroying cheap and reliable energy sources – coal, oil and gas – when supposed ‘renewables’ are unreliable and ludicrously expensive
  • Wrecking our economy and destroying jobs by imposing some of the world’s highest energy prices on us
  • Dissuading us from eating meat
  • Pushing into 15-minute city ghettoes
  • Restricting and penalising our use of the ultimate symbol of freedom – our cars
  • Dissuading us from travel on planes while they fly around the world lecturing us on the need to save the planet
  • Trying to force farmers to stop farming
  • Forcing females to share hospital wards, changing rooms, toilets and prisons with men who still have meat and two veg but pretend to be women
  • Forcing female athletes to compete against men pretending to be female
  • Sacking thousands of low-paid hotel workers so that hotels can be filled up with illegal, benefits-scrounging migrants
  • Wrecking communities by flooding them with Third-World invaders
  • Debanking any customer who dares to have opinions which aren’t in line with those of our increasingly B-Corp financial industry
  • and much much more

Maybe we idealise the past?

But perhaps our ruling elites have always beaten us with the stick we have given them. Yet the way history is written has obscured this. For example, British Empire losses in combat theaters from 1914–1918 were 876,084, which included 418,361 killed, 167,172 died of wounds, 113,173 died of disease or injury, 161,046 missing and presumed dead and 16,332 prisoner of war deaths. Yet there was probably absolutely no need for Britain to enter WWI in the first place. After all, who gives a stuff about Belgium or even France? Yet it was supposedly to protect Belgian neutrality and France that Britain went to war. We should have just let the Frogs and Krauts beat each other to a pulp and then Britain would have emerged as Europe’s richest, greatest power instead of being crippled and bankrupted by involvement in a totally unnecessary war. Nevertheless millions of young men were nudged, browbeaten and coerced into possibly sacrificing themselves in a completely unnecessary war:

Then there was WWII, in which over 384,000 British died and the British economy was wrecked yet again. This was really just a continuation of WWI. After all, it was the French Field Marshall Foch who warned at the end of WWI that the end of the war was “not a peace, it is an armistice for twenty years”. And he was only out by a couple of months.

Maybe our ruling elites have always made catastrophic mistakes which have impoverished and ruined their people while the elites got ever richer at our expense?

As I have written previously, I suggest that the period from 1945 to around 2010 was an historical anomaly – a period during which most people thought that the ruling elites acted in the best interests of the majority. But that has changed. Our ruling elites are back to their old habits of making catastrophic mistakes – believing in the nonsense of man-made climate change, that women can have penises and men can get pregnant, that multi-culturalism enriches a society, the only evil westerners practised slavery, that all colonialism was bad and that there is only one correct way of thinking about any issue.

And even though all these are complete and obvious nonsense, our ruling elites are using the stick we have given them – power over our lives – to impose their misguided, self-serving bilge on us.

5 comments to Give a man a stick – eventually he’ll beat you with it

  • A Thorpe

    That’s a thought provoking piece and perhaps sufficient for a book to bring all the supporting evidence together.

    I think there is a problem with history that prevents us making a comparison with the past and it is that the masses are missing from it. We are given little information about what life was like for the majority. We only feature when the masses rise up, such as the Spartacus slave revolt, and Walt Tyler’s Peasant Revolt and look what happened to them. I also think that history is what the elites allow. With wars the victor determines the narrative and I’m pleased to see a number of people, like you, questioning the two world wars. Robert Kennedy Jr recently said that it was the Russians who defeated Germany and I think he is right.

    But does more understanding of the past help resolve our problems today? I always viewed our advanced knowledge making it a better time to live but it seems clear that science is being corrupted and used against us. I have just read Einstein book, The world as I see it. He discussed the specialisation of science making communication difficult among scientists and that they could not see the bigger picture. He compared it to the Tower of Babel. I don’t know what he would have thought about today. He also had the view that automation meant that there wasn’t enough work for people and I think he was talking about the period of the recession after WWI. This applies today. The reliability of products has decreased and they are made not to be repaired. In addition products are made obsolete. It is all to keep manufacturing in business and results in unnecessary use of materials and energy. We don’t really benefit, but the rich do because every time we replace something their wealth increases and ours declines. This activity is driven by debt. It isn’t sustainable and I suspect the elites know this, hence the WEF you will own nothing. I am not sure that we can do anything about it.

    There is another quote related to the stick – give up some of your freedom and they will take all of it. If we every had it in the first place. It will be impossible to change anything by votes at the 2024 election.

  • Paul Chambers

    Interesting in light of the neo-con factions pushing so hard for war. It does seem there have always been forces who live to cause chaos and hope to benefit.

    The so called elite seem to be retreating ever more into their ivory towers. Woke is a way to divide and identify membership of their club with little real cost to them. The green ideology is small price to pay and they suck up the grants anyway so the rest of us pay.

    But the issues today are wars created to protect them will need to be fought by the plebs who they despise and deem useless eaters? It’s hard to see how that plays out and the US military are already struggling to recruit because of all the senseless engagements they have been sent to since the globalists ascended to power.

    I feel that is the key difference as in the past the elites pretended to be together with the country. But that is no longer the case living supranational global lives paying no taxes and existing more as a parasite on the nation state.

    Even our prime minister and chancellor are examples of this. Both with few ties to the UK and as soon as they are removed they will likely flee to the US and China respectively.

  • Carolyn

    I keep meaning to reread 1984 but can’t bring myself to do so as I suspect it would depress me too much. What was an interesting bit of fiction 50 years ago has become a factual description of the disintegration of our society.

  • No VaxxholeMe

    All of this ideological globalised self-destructive BS is like nothing the human race has experienced before.

    Leaders of greatness are the only way out. If they appear in time all will be saved.

    Unfortunately, Christendom has allowed itself to fall into the hands of the lowest-of-the-low power-hungry ideologues.

    I have just watched The Neil Oliver Show on GB News, which is about the sex education being provided in schools that no parents are allowed to find out about. The whole show is worth watching as an example of the madness that is already existent.

  • NoVaxxholeMe

    And here is the exposure of beating us with the illegal immigrant stick as a distraction while the country is being flooded with legal immigrants.

    How the British government uses things like the Bibbi Stockholm to distract us from their real plans –

    “Rishi Sunak’s government has no intention at all of tackling the crisis caused by illegal immigration. Yesterday, another 755 ‘asylum-seekers- arrived in this country.”

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