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Crazy decision to vaccinate children

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Why are we vaccinating children?

Here we go again. Our Big-Brother elites and their supinely-obedient media are trying to hype up the threat of supposedly rapidly-rising WuFlu cases to soften us up so they can impose new rules and restrictions on us – wearing masks indoors, getting the 5th or 6th or 7th booster jab, jabbing babies, working from home, avoiding human contact – to ‘save the NHS’ or granny or whatever.

No doubt our rulers plan to coerce us into cowering obedience.

But not everyone is convinced by the latest scare campaign.

I was planning to use this blog to explain why vaccinating children was a political decision with absolutely no scientific justification. But then I found this letter written by 76 British doctors to our vaccine-propagandising medical overlords explaining why Britain should not be following America’s extremely dubious decision to vaccinate young children against the Wuhan lab-leaked Chinese plague.

Though much longer than anything I would ever blog, this letter explains the problem much better than I could:

People having a worse day than you

And here, to cheer us all up, is a short video featuring people having a worse day than any of us have ever had. It’s difficult to watch this short video without flinching:

3 comments to Crazy decision to vaccinate children

  • Stillreading

    Given that we inevitably know so little as yet about long term effects of the covid “vaccine”, it is not so much crazy as downright wicked to jab babies and the under fives. Given their vanishingly tiny morbidity, even less death, rate from the Chinese Plague, it is totally without justification. As, indeed, in my view is administering this experimental product to anyone under the age of eighteen minimum, the age at which in Law children become self-determining adults. Having observed various family members suffering, albeit short-term, quite significantly from the infection, despite having been triple vaxxed, I have become ever more sceptical. I have sufficient medical knowledge to have read around the subject of the mRNA so-called vaccines and the letter sent by such a large number of accredited medical practitioners, from a wide variety of disciplines, confirms my increasing scepticism with regard to its effectiveness over anything more than just a few weeks, and detriment to long term health. For those able to cope with over a dozen pages of hard science, the article in Sciencedirect, for which the link is given in one of the comments to the doctors’ letter, makes salutary reading. From a purely observable perspective, man-child Justin Trudeau, leader of unfortunate Canada, quadruple vaxxed I believe, has recently suffered his third Plague visitation. Surely the obvious inference should be drawn from these events? Hasn’t he the wit, while he is prohibiting Canadian citizens from even LEAVING the country unless they’ve been jabbed several times, to ask himself why he, despite his approved “vaccination status”, repeatedly apparently becomes ill from WuFlu?

  • A Thorpe

    It was a crazy decision to vaccinate anybody. If offered, it should have been with a consent form stating that the benefits and risks were unknown and the patient accepted full responsibility.

    We had the Great Barrington Declaration created in October 2020 which has 930,500 signatures. This was before the vaccines and it concentrates on the risks of the virus which were vastly overstated by many people at the start of the pandemic. Prof Ferguson was one of the main people responsible for this and what he said was not based on available statistics, but on his failed modelling which was known about from every past prediction he made. The UK government and its experts ignored the limited data and accepted model results as real. We had pointless lockdowns and the subsequent damage to economies and people’s health. Boris is still talking about the possibility of more lockdowns.

    Where were the doctors who signed this letter about children at the early stages of the pandemic? Some of the ones who spoke out initially have now been successfully cancelled and some were from the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. Now we know that evidence plays little part in health care.

    There is a paper which has not been peer reviewed yet which analyses 1567 medical interventions from the Cochrane Database since 2008. It found that the effectiveness of 95% were not supported by high quality evidence. 37% were found to cause some harm and 8% significant harm. The Covid vaccine trials are a perfect example of this and it was obvious from the initial trial results released before the vaccines were given emergency approval. Where was the outcry from the doctors, instead they supported the government in coercing people into being vaccinated.

    I have to ask what sort of parent allows 6 month old babies to be experimented on and what sort of company expects them to allow it? It is as bad as the Nazis. I wonder how much money changed hands. The low number on the trial does at least show most parents have some common sense.

    It is difficult to know what is true these days. There are graphs of the decline in various diseases such as measles and they were all in decline before vaccines became available and there is no indication that the vaccines did anything to change the rate of decline. Since the Covid vaccines were released I have search for evidence about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine and I cannot find any.

    There are views that viruses do not even exist. When the theory was developed nobody had seen one. They cannot be seen with optical microscopes and the electron microscope was not available commercially until 1939. The Koch Postulates set out how to isolate a virus and show it causes the expected disease. There have been freedom of information requests to determine who has isolated the SARS-CoV-2 virus and nobody has claimed to have done it. That does not mean that it has not been done. I have twice heard Sarah Gilbert say they got the genome from the Chinese and they developed their vaccine from that. Is it possible for it all to be a complete fraud? For something so important to our health the evidence should be available and readily understood.

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