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What fun to be living in a civilisation going through its death throes

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One of the greatest fallacies of the ‘modern world’ may be the notion of ‘progress’. We imagine the entirety of history as culminating in a Darwinian march toward Western Civilisation. We think of our ‘progressive values’ of liberalism, self-indulgence, materialism, universal human rights, multiculturalism… to be uniquely ‘enlightened’.

Such is our conviction that ours is the ultimate civilisation that there was even a bestselling book in 1992 titled The End of History and the Last Man by American political scientist Francis Fukuyama which argues that with the ascendancy of Western liberal democracy—which occurred after the Cold War (1945–1991) and the dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991)—humanity has reached “not just … the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: That is, the end-point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government”.

What arrogance. What hubris we had. But now some of us unfortunately know better.

Moreover, what we are going through is nothing new. Civilisations have gone through the same processes over millennia, recorded by the sages of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Arabia, Aztec America, India. Each one has looked around itself, seen its own superiority and believed in its own durability. And each one has been proved horribly mistaken.

There seem to be three main issues which are destroying Western civilisation – mass immigration, the rise of China and our own self-hatred.

Issue 1 – Mass immigration

In his 2018 book The Strange Death of Europe Douglas Murray provided probably the best analysis of a continent and culture caught in the act of suicide. With declining birth-rates and allowing/encouraging (delete as appropriate) mass immigration of people who hate us, hate our culture and hate our freedoms and want to turn our countries into the backward, excrement-strewn hell-holes from which they came, we are signing our own death warrant.

Moreover, the population of Africa and the Middle East is increasing by over 50 million a year – more than one million a week:

Anyone who thinks all these hundreds and hundreds of millions are going to stay in the corrupt, godforsaken, poverty-stricken dumps where they were born really needs a brain implant.

Issue 2 – The rise and rise of China

It may be a mistake to think of China as just a country. The population of China is over 1.4 billion. The total population of the supposedly advanced West (Europe, North America and Australia) is only around 1.3 billion. So China is more than a country. It’s more like a continent. Or an empire. And China is an empire that is expanding its global power.

Wherever you look – whether at global trade – here are some of the ports owned by Chinese companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party:

Or at control of our planet’s key resources – here is the share of the planet’s rare earth metals produced by Chinese companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party:

China is in the ascendancy.

Most of Africa – the world’s richest continent in terms of natural resources – will soon be owned by the Chinese. For example, a Chinese company controlled by the Chinese Communist Party has just taken over the main airport in Uganda because the Ugandan government (having looted their own country) didn’t have the money to pay the interest on a loan from the Chinese Government.

Some Western observers see the (Chinese-sponsored?) military coup in Myanmar as a country taking a step backwards from a form of democracy to a military dictatorship. But as Chinese power grows and the West becomes increasingly irrelevant, perhaps Myanmar is a symbol of the future – a future where Chinese economic power supports brutal dictatorships in order for the Chinese to get access to each country’s resources? And when China is your main trading partner, you can pretty much ignore threats of sanctions from an increasingly impotent West.

The progressive, virtue-signallers like to berate us about the horrors of past colonialism. But Western colonialism, in spite of its many faults, did bring many benefits to many countries. As China dominates the world, I suspect that Chinese colonialism – as the people of Myanmar are finding out –  is not going to be as benign to those colonised as Western colonialism was.

Issue 3 – The West’s self-loathing

This is the most incomprehensible of the three issues – the loathing the West’s pampered elites have for what is probably the most successful, most egalitarian, most scientifically-advanced civilisation in the history of mankind.

While our enemies look on in disbelief, the West is tearing itself apart in ludicrous identity politics conflicts. Our Chinese and Russian and African and South American ‘friends’ don’t spend their time agonising over how many genders there are or what pronouns to use or whether biological men should be allowed to use female toilets and changing facilities and be placed in all-female prisons.

But the greatest act of self-harm the West is inflicting on itself is the absurd obsession of the Greta-worshipping, climate catastrophists with destroying all the benefits of a technologically-advanced lifestyle by taking us all back to a pre-industrial level of misery and poverty.

In my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, I introduced the idea of ‘Oikophobia.

Oikophobia comes from the Greek oîkos – ‘house, household’ and phóbos – ‘fear’. One definition of oikophobia is a ‘hatred of one’s country or compatriots’ or ‘the felt need to denigrate the customs, culture and institutions that are identifiably those of your own country.’

The theory behind oikophobia is that it is nothing new. Instead it’s a natural phase in the decline of many civilisations. Each civilisation starts to form. Initial successes against other peoples allow it to grow becoming more powerful and wealthier and a sense of shared identity is forged. With success, each civilisation creates a leisure class and even those lower on the social scale can work to advance themselves towards having at least some of the accoutrements of the wealthier leisure classes.

At the zenith of its success, each civilisation starts to believe that it is invincible and therefore not under any existential threat from external forces or peoples. Rather than enjoying the achievements of that civilisation, some groups within it turn on each other in what Freud has called the ‘narcissism of small differences‘ – today’s identity politics and culture wars. Then that civilisation starts disintegrating into largely trivial, but increasingly poisonous, internal squabbles in which there is at first mutual incomprehension and then mutual loathing between the warring cultural tribes who try to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

Meanwhile, our enemies look on and gloat as we decline and they rise and rise and rise.

8 comments to What fun to be living in a civilisation going through its death throes

  • A Thorpe

    What a depressing read, but I fear you are correct. The big question is where is it going to end.

    The history of the human race is one of migration and apparently originally out of Africa. At that time nobody knew what they were going to find elsewhere. Now the poorest and oppressed know there is a better life elsewhere and who can blame them for wanting it. They are not heading for China, they come to the West for welfare and our governments will provide it by taking our hard earned money. Democracy as created by our politicians is a one way system to socialism and that means an expanding state. The more migrants, the bigger the state, and the more people supporting the state, with less and less freedom. The climate and pandemic policies are now adding to state dependency and control of our lives. China isn’t taking over the world, the west is joining it in the socialist nightmare.

    The first stage was the greed of the West for cheap goods produced by cheap labour in poor working conditions that we would never accept. We wanted more than we could produce by our own efforts and effectively used China and Asia as slaves. We made China into the economic power that it is today.

    The self loathing is exactly what the Frankfurt School wanted to created to destroy liberalism. It has worked and it has been technology and in particular social media that has been used to corrupt western thought, or lack of it.

  • William Boreham

    It is now obvious that the defeat of Hitler has led inevitably to the fall and eventual obliteration of our (white) Western society and civilisation. Hitler didn’t want to and would never in a million years have invaded France, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway in the first place. WE declared war on Hitler, not the other way round as most people seem to imagine. And why? Hitler’s proposals for a final settlement of the Danzig question was about to be accepted by the Poles when we stuck our oar in and offered the Poles (who we had no historical connection with) an unconditional guarantee to come to their aid should they reject Hitler’s more than generous proposals, which of course, the Poles promptly accepted and virtually told Hitler to get stuffed. That guarantee we gave Poland was described by many of our diplomats, historians as “the most reckless undertaking ever given by a British government. It placed the decision on peace or war in Europe in the hands of a reckless, intransigent, military dictatorship” – “the guarantee to Poland tied Britain’s “destiny to that of a regime that was every bit as undemocratic and anti-Semitic as that of Germany.” And ironically, it was also a guarantee, we had neither the means or will to honour! The Soviets attacked Poland from the East a couple of weeks later, but we conveniently ignored that and handed the county over to Stain’s mercies at the end of the War anyway. It was ’those’ behind Churchill that manoeuvred Britain into a war against the one world statesman who considered that the survival of the British people and their Empire was essential for world stability and even offered military aid to us to protect the Empire. (Stalin and Roosevelt hated us) Churchill was a notorious spendthrift and gambler and due to many bankruptcies wouldn’t have even been an MP in 40 had not ‘those’ who wanted war with Hitler not regularly paid his many outstanding bills. Think a Britain loosely allied to a post-Hitler Europe would stand by tamely as our country is successfully invaded everyday of the week by third world scum crossing the Channel in inflatables? NOW, by 2100, the white indigenous population of England will number in much the same proportion as the white folk are in South Africa right now – and suffering the same, (or more probably worse) fate!

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    In reality the major disaster for the UK, and the West generally, was WW1. Of which WW2 was only ‘round two’. Asquith’s casual commitment in 1911 to join the French in land combat in a future European war guaranteed the stalemate of the trenches that killed off millions of the best, brightest, and bravest, and caused the collapse of stability in Europe. Instead of a swift French defeat and a situation that would have been little different from that which prevailed after our hereditary enemy lost their war of aggression against Prussia in 1871.

    But the fact that illegal economic migrants are not queuing up to invade the Russian Federation or Red China is testimony to the conscious policies of western politicians who not only create vast population movements through useless military ‘Regime Change’ interventions, but are so generous with other peoples’ tax money that millions of third-worlders will risk their lives to get to the West, just as tens of thousands eagerly risked their lives to get to the Klondike goldfields in 1896.

    The 1914 disaster was the result of political hubris. But the present situation in the West is so obvious to any educated, thinking person that it has quite obviously been planned long in advance, and in considerable detail, by some very powerful and wealthy people. And the tempo of this plan is accelerating exponentially, using techniques of fear-mongering which would have excited the admiration of Dr Goebbels himself.

  • twi5ted

    Is China ascendant? It has aging demographic and huge property bubble/debts. Whether it wants to assume the role the davos crowd had planned for it seems questionable. Recent actions suggest it is withdrawing back into itself and far less willing to go along with the western ecoloonacy.

    The Chinese are nationalists at the end of the day so whilst communist they are still looking to take care of their citizens. The davos eu though are globalist eugenicists who see the future technocracy requiring far fewer humans particularly men. They are insane but i think they are failing so hopefully they do not kill too many before they collapse.

  • A Thorpe

    It is interesting to see the comments from William and Jeffrey about our entry into wars started in Europe. I have come to conclusion that we should have kept out of both, but it is impossible to predict what would have happened. It is said that Hitler did not want war with us, but could he have been trusted if we had not entered the war?

    If the recent Peter Jackson film based on archive material from WWI is anything to go by the British volunteers seemed to think that the German’s were utterly useless and would give in as soon as we started firing. WWII was a result of the treaty that was not satisfied with winning WWI, but it was the desire the punish Germany through the treaty.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Britain entered WWII knowing that it could not win without the help of America, and it also took Russian help as well, with the disaster of communism taking over in Eastern Europe. There was a lot of support for appeasement, in the cabinet and from Edward VIII. I am convinced the Edward was forced into the abdication, not because of Wallace, but because of appeasement. He would have been a good king and one that understood the poverty and conditions of the working classes, and the government saw him as trouble.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Quote from the article: “As China dominates the world, I suspect that Chinese colonialism – as the people of Myanmar are finding out – is not going to be as benign to those colonised as Western colonialism was.”

    My relatives still living in Zimbabwe tell me that the Chinese vaccinations are being used there. The rest of the world does not recognise them, so they don’t qualify for travel purposes.

    But, I have a feeling that China sees the huge and growing African populations as pretty much useless and in dire need of replacement by Chinese people, so the vaccinations could be put to use to sort that particular problem out.

  • David Brown

    Brenda Blessed -many of our conspiracy theorists think the vaccines have a sinister purpose especially the drive to make it compulsory with such as vaccine passports, as they are trying to do in Western Europe. Occasionally if even by random chance conspiracy theory is not paranoia fantasy but real. Maybe the Chinese creators of coronavirus will develop one at some future point that targets specific racial groups either causing death or rendering them infertile.
    As for the climate change enthusiasts they are mostly pagan nature worshipers with an idealized fantasy about the natural world. Romantics contrasted with the realist Chinese -think this references some other famous person.
    Finally a mention of Oswald Spenglar Decline of the West -1918. A civilization as with a person has a lifespan. When it gets old it ceases to plan for the future but just recalls past glories.

  • David Brown

    Oswald Spenglar author of Decline of the West (1918) viewed a civilization as being like a person it had a lifespan. When it gets old it reflects on the glories of the past and thinks not of the future.

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