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Asking for your help in getting people to watch my two new climate change videos

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Today I want to ask for your help in getting people to watch two short videos I have just made based on my recent book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS.

But first, just some brief thoughts the Covid-19 chaos we’re seeing in Europe.

Lockdown lunacy?

As several European countries go back into lockdown and assault any of their citizens protesting against the lockdowns with water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets and even real bullets, I’ve produced two charts which I think might be relevant.

These charts are hospitalisation levels and death rates from the Chinese plague. I have not bothered with infection rates as these depend on things like how many people are being tested, the testing statistical sampling methodology and PCR test amplification levels used. Moreover, infection rates don’t tell us how many people are actually suffering serious Chinese plague symptoms.

Here are the hospitalisation rates for just a few countries:

(left-click on chart then left click again to see in glorious technicolour)

Unfortunately the Our World in Data website didn’t have any hospitalisation figures for Austria and Sweden.

But here are the death rates:

As you’ll see Sweden, which didn’t lock its citizens down, has much lower rate of WuFlu deaths than all the lockdown countries. Yet the current response of many European countries, where infections are rising, is to revert back to the demonstrably futile lockdown tyranny.

I wonder why?

Your help promoting my new videos

I have made two short videos based on my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS.

I would like your help in informing people about these videos. To do this, you just start watching each video and then click on the “Watch on YouTube”. That will take you to the place on YouTube with the video. Then you just copy the link and send it to any person, social media site or mainstream media website you can think of.

In the first video, I reveal why we shouldn’t believe any of the exaggerated claims of the Greta-worshipping, scientifically-challenged climate catastrophists. In the second video I explain what is really happening to our climate.

I apologise that the videos are far from professional. But what’s important is the story they tell and not the quality of the video production:

And here’s the second video:

7 comments to Asking for your help in getting people to watch my two new climate change videos

  • Ian J

    re:lockdown lunacy. I believe the reason is that the PTB are worried that the truth about the ‘vaccines’ is about to be revealed.
    I have just seen this and prefer to believe this man rather than any poly!:

  • A Thorpe

    Well done for producing the videos. I was thinking if I said to people that I had two videos and they could choose which to watch, the first by David Craig about why there isn’t a climate crisis and the second by David Attenborough explaining why there earth is in danger and we are causing it, which do you think they would want to watch? If they decided to watch both, which would they believe if they already accepted that there is a crisis? When people are committed to a belief that is not based on any evidence they will stick with the crowd. If they are unsure they will go with the majority.

    Most people I know don’t seem to care firstly because it is too complicated for them to think about and secondly because they will not change their behaviour anyway. They don’t see the problems the policies will create and they believe that there is nothing they can do to influence the government.

    On the claimed covid death rates I wanted to check the total deaths and a search turned up a paper by the BMJ “UK deaths in 2020: how do they compare with previous years?” This is a journal that should be reliable but it starts with saying that 2020 “was the second highest number of deaths in a year since 1838”. This true when the size of the population is not taken into account but it is about putting an idea into people’s minds. It then goes on to talk about age standardised mortality rates and describes 2020 as the highest rate since 2003. But it is also the 12th lowest death rate on record which does spoil their attempt to raise concern about it. There is also an issue with ageing populations and improved health care because the death rate drops and then must eventually rise again and we will see this because of the very low death rates in recent years. It is possible to claim almost anything with statistics.

  • A Thorpe

    @Ian J – I have watched a number of Vernon Coleman’s videos and whilst interesting and I think he is prone to exaggeration and lacks evidence to support some of his views.

    For a more balanced view by a doctor I recommend an article published by Conservative Woman:

  • Ian J

    @A Thorpe – Thanks for the feedback. I too hsve seen his previous videos which have seemed more moderate while making similar points. Something must have triggered his comments today, and while I have reservations, believe his account of this whole debacle. I am apalled that our so-called government can have been coerced into these actions that have already ruined so many lives (not just those who have died, but those of young people) by the adoption of these extreme measures and the propaganda that is still being output. Perhaps it is the onset of winter, but I have little optimism for the future.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Not one damned thing, plenty of damned things all coming at us at the same time.

    All of the current mindless BS is clearly being choreographed to come together in order to detach as many people as possible from reality so that they are rendered more amenable to doing what they are told to do by the state.

    Only thanks to Nigel Farage on GB News have we been made aware of the huge Channel migrant crisis. Before that, the mainstream media were ignoring it as far as possible. Over five times the number of migrants have crossed the Channel this year as the Polish have stopped at their border. Most of them would be heading our way.

    The hold of Covid is obviously determined by the amount of effort being put into it by governments and their media. Proven by the facts that the least lockdowned countries and US states are faring the best.

    The next step where take-up is low is to mandate vaccination with the backup of huge rises in undefined “cases”, such as in Germany, Austria and New Zealand. I have just seen a video on GB News in which a New Zealand state apparatchik said that the unvaccinated will be searched for an found.

    The cabal is desperate to get its gene therapy into us that requires constant updating. The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, actually described its mRNA vaccines as gene-editing in an interview.

    That amazed the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Robert Malone, who said in an interview that the Pfizer CEO must be under enormous psychological pressure due to the numbers of [unreported] deaths and adverse reactions being attributed to the vaccinations.

    Now Boris Johnson, the tip of the UK’s spear, completely lost himself during a speech to the CBI. He must also be under huge psychological pressure, made worse by his decisions on trying to change the rules about MPs’ extra jobs, the HS2 railway project and what old people will have to pay when they go into the care system.

    I have a feeling that Boris is trying his best to return the UK government into the deadlock that paralysed it before the last general election.

    Almost all of sub-Saharan countries are as corrupt as they come. As such, they don’t have the economic power, media or infrastructure to bring about lockdowns and consequently are not affected by Covid.

    Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster –

    And here is a long, very revealing interview with Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology.

  • Stephen R


    Videos shared, also to Bojo’s FB page on his cop26 post and sent them to GB news daring them to interview you on climate change.

    Have a good day.

    After discovering your website, it is now my first read of the day.

  • Bad Brian

    Great Video’s, well done.I hope we see them popping up all over the MSM.

    The link Ian J posted at the start of today’s comments is truly shocking. I am stunned at the video’s content.

    I was also stunned today at the inevitable deaths of about 30 illegal immigrants in the channel when their boat overturned. A cruel way to die. If we had a system in place to return these unwelcome visitors perhaps they would have stayed in France ?

    I watched Channel 4 news comment on these deaths and could not believe how biased it was.

    The Mayor of Calis has nothing to say about French police standing in groups watching the illegal immigrants get their boat ready. The Channel 4 newsman thinks we should let these people in as the country needs them to combat a fall in the UK population ? Perhaps he is ready to retire and is looking for his replacement as statistically, his replacement will not be white British. An organised ferry would allow these people to meet up with their relatives already in the UK ?
    The people who arrived here on the WINDRUSH were invited here ? They never told us by whom. All I know is that it wasn’t me.

    I believe the drownings happened well inside French waters but it is the UK’s responsibility for encouraging them to come here and the fault of British taxpayers for paying for them once they get here ( as if we have much choice).
    I believe they have picked up all the bodies at sea, but if not, we can expect another photo opportunity as bodies are re-arranged on the beach as they did with the little boy Amall, some years ago, who’s father was a people smuggler and was actually piloting the boat to Greece with a view to going to Canada as he fancied a free set of false teeth.It was Amall’s auntie in Canada who kindly informed us of this fact. Perhaps the “COBRA” meeting held today could agree to drop sets of false teeth by helicopter, along the French coast to deter further invasion attempts. That is if captain Scarlet is not too busy .

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