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I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but ….

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A lively discussion?

Last time I wrote about the ‘miracle’ vaccines, there was quite a ‘lively’ discussion.

First, let me make it clear that I’m not an anti-vaxxer and I have had both my AstraZeneca shots. I suppose I’ll also have the booster shot.

However, I believe there are some issues that should be discussed openly:

Issue 1: It’s clear that the vaccines were rushed into use without any studies of how long they gave protection. That’s understandable given the urgency to slow the spread of Fauci’s plague. Now we’re told we’ll all need booster shots. But again there is no data showing the level of adverse effects from the booster shots nor how long protection from the booster shots will last. Will we need boosters every year? Or every 6 months? Nobody knows

Issue 2: The adverse effects of the vaccines have been significantly under-reported. The fact that The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requesting more than a half-century (55 years) to review and release information to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to the public should be raising some red flags to all but the most dedicated pro-vaxxers

Issue 3: I can accept that all over-50s and the vulnerable should get the vaccines. But given the potential adverse reactions, given that natural protection is more effective than vaccination and given the very low mortality in younger people from the Wuhan plague, I’m troubled that we’re now being told that children as young as five need to be vaccinated:

Issue 4: Even more troubling is the news that vaccines will become mandatory in some countries and that in other countries, those refusing the vaccines will be stigmatised, persecuted and treated like lepers. Have we forgotten what happened in Europe only 80 years ago?

Issue 5: Perhaps most troubling is the almost total lack of interest shown by our rulers and the compliant mainstream media in discovering how the Wuhan Chinese plague started. Why is nobody in power at all motivated to reveal the origins of the worst calamity to hit mankind since WWII?

Issue 6: The fact that the police in a normally peaceful country like the Netherlands are now using live ammunition against those protesting against the vaccines and lockdowns should be a worrying sign that we have crossed a line from democracy to tyranny that nobody would have believed possible even a few weeks ago.

I would never claim to have the medical knowledge to take a position on any of the issues around how the plague started and how the ‘miracle’ vaccines were developed, introduced and now (in many countries) imposed. But they do raise troubling questions.

Anyway, if the ‘miracle’ vaccines are so wonderful at preventing both infections and serious illness from the Chinese military lab-leaked plague, why are the 70% or so of people who have been vaccinated so worried that maybe 3 in every 10 people don’t want largely untested chemicals developed (apart from the AstraZeneca vaccine) using largely untested new technologies injected into their bodies?

One further issue also troubles me. It is obvious that the Big Brother propaganda and coercive methods being used by politicians and the compliant mainstream media to bludgeon us into giving up our freedoms to force us into cowering compliance with the vaccination programme will next be used to similarly force us to give up our freedoms and our quality of life to supposedly ‘save the planet’ from supposed ‘catastrophic man-made climate change’.

Will we submit? Or will there be a “V for Vendetta” uprising against the one-world-government ruling elites?

Mr Gloom and Doom speaks?

Anyway, here’s Mr Doom and Gloom stating his position on the new vaccine authoritarian totalitarianism sweeping across Europe.

As Neil Oliver says, the way our rulers are using (and IMHO outrageously abusing?) their power over us to force their vaccines on us seems to be motivated more by them wanting to ensure compliance and obedience rather than being justified by the science of the plague and the vaccines:

10 comments to I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but ….

  • twi5ted

    Personally i believe in living a healthy life and do not need the state to tell me what to do. I would rather not have had the two az shots and no way am i taking moderna or pfizer experiments. I deeply resent the coercion but refuse not to travel overseas because i do not think it will be long before this is removed if any airlines survive the assault on them from the state.

    I think its worth making the point that a lot of the issues with vaccines, not all, resulted from the shift to non active from active. There are quite a few known issues from large programmes in africa of non active vaccines which are of course cheaper to manufacturer.

  • ern

    Neil Oliver says, hitting the nail smack bang on its head, “It’s not about health, it’s about compliance and obedience”.

    That is correct, twi5ted, spot on, I’d venture.

    Also it’s about the Government mis-using Taxpayers’ money to re-imburse Austrian whores who open their legs to any man who can prove he has been (recently ??) jabbed with an untested, experimental drug which, it is admitted, definitely does NOT do “what it says on the lid”.

    The reaction of our “Leaders” is what ? Moral and physical “guidance” ? What does the Archbishop of Canterbury recommend his flock should do ? And what does the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, doyen of British Roman Catholics ordain ? Shall we ever know ?

    Silence is assent, Non?

  • Hardcastle

    I am not an anti vaxxer because all the vaccines I have had in my 75 years were true vaccines if we are being accurate with our definitions.They were also tested over many years and were to protect against diseases with high mortality rates for all age groups.These injections are not vaccines,they are gene therapies that have not even subjected to the normal rigorous testing regimes.The very fact that the “authorities” chose to name these injections as vaccines was a clear indication that they meant to deceive.I am 75,in good health and am fortunate not to be on any drug regime.My personal decision not to take the”jabs” is largely due to the fact I am more likely to die driving than I am from Covid.In addition I am particularly averse from being told what to do by innumerate politicians.This is clearly a planned process across the developed world,probably linked to a collapsed financial system.Even our local free press publication is on board with the propaganda never mind the MSR.Common Purpose has been in process for the past 40 years at least,as I saw it in operation in Education in the 70’S.The reality is,I fear,that voting will not turn this around.If sufficient people can be persuaded to do a Ghandi,violence might be avoided,but I doubt it.We are dealing with psychopaths ,the corrupt and immoral.Appealing to their better nature’s will not cut it.

  • Bad Brian

    There is no doubt that the public are being misled. The vacinne is a gene therapy and not a vacinne as Mr Hardcastle points out above.

    The Austrian government telling the unclean that they can go to work but limiting peoples other pastimes is idiotic.

    No comment from our own government on Austria’s behavious ?
    Are we next to be so informed as to what we can and cannot do ?

    This “third” booster shot seems to be attracting a lot of bad press as all sorts of stories about side effects are whizzing around and the dfferent degrees of severity regarding rules and lockdowns in different countries is not producing consistent results as to the outcomes, which is indeed a bit odd.

    In Scotland, we are lucky to have Nichola Sturgeon in personal control of the situation which must make most of David’s readers in the country feel like second class citizens. Her new edict that everyone over three and a half and under sixty eight and three quarters must wear a half peeled onion around their neck has proved very popular with the fishing community and postal workers but “We must do more !” If only Westminster would take a leaf out of her book.

  • A Thorpe

    I take a different view and it is partly because I had to investigate RCTs for a treatment that I had a few years ago and I discovered how drug companies and health professionals lie about the effectiveness of treatments and that is exactly what they are doing, with the help of the media and politicians.

    This is not a vaccine, it is a gene therapy and the CDC has changed the definition of vaccines. Vaccines were defined as: “ A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” Now they are: “ A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” Imagine if Smallpox and Polio vaccines were developed to to the new definition. We would still have many people suffering and dying from the diseases.

    It is well known that research into traditional vaccines for coronaviruses has been going on for years and it has been unsuccessful. It is known that gene therapy research has been going on and has never been successful in animal trials until the miracle of the Covid vaccine.

    Traditional vaccines take years to develop and test to ensure their safety and even then mistakes happen, especially with long term safety. The flu vaccine has been available for years but it is not that effective and there are risks which is why it has not been recommended for younger people. I question why the gene therapy treatment was not developed to replace the traditional flu vaccines which are more expensive to produce. There can only be one answer and that it did not work. It really does look as though fear and panic was deliberately generated to force an experimental treatment on us, for a virus which is not that dangerous and which was created in a laboratory. There is certainly no evidence of significant excess deaths in 2020 due to the virus and and this was before the vaccines were available. It may change in 2021, but if it does how do we know that it is not due to the vaccines or lack of other health treatments because of NHS chaos?

    The only way to collect reliable data is through RCTs but I suspect it is now impossible to conduct any because so many people have been vaccinated and others may have natural immunity. It leaves only observational data which is not reliable. There is a huge difference in assessing cancer drug trials where all the people on the trial have the cancer and respiratory vaccines where people have to be infected and where behaviour is a big factor in infection rates.

    Returning to the trials for Covid. They were terminated early when initial results were “good”. This is not the way to trial new treatments especially when forced on entire populations. Alarm bells should have been ringing at that point. The case was also made on the basis of relative risk reduction, not absolute risk reduction. This is another way to make treatments look more effective. Even the RRR was not correct because it was based on early results. If trials had gone on longer the 95% would have been around 50% and this is generally viewed as not effective treatment, so in normal circumstances the vaccines would have been rejected. The drug companies used fear to generate profit with no consideration of the consequences for our health. They are protected from legal action. The drug companies will not release the raw data for the trials. What are they hiding? Pfizer has apparently agreed to release information in 2076.

    We now see higher infection rates amongst the vaccinated, but this might not be correct because of poor testing. It is claimed vaccinated people are not as serious ill if infected, but there is no evidence to support this claim. Most people are not serious ill anyway when not vaccinated. There is an increasing number of incidents and deaths reported related to the vaccines. It is claimed that these are underreported but I have not seen evidence to support that, but some GPs are apparently not aware of the system. But more importantly the incidents don’t seem to be investigated. If it is a death then an autopsy is the only way to establish the cause of death and there may be multiple causes anyway.

    It really is unbelievable to see this happening and that is without considering the consequences for the economy, mental health issues and reduced trust in politicians. But is is fear that has produced this reaction, not rational behaviour based on science.

  • Landloper

    Hello David, there are, according to my wife’s sister who is an NHS practice manager, another 5 boosters that have been allocated numbers by the NHS. That means that they are preparing to be able to administer another 5 boosters after the current one. Whether the NHS does so or not is another matter, but everything is in place should they want to proceed with more.

  • Bad Brian

    also, something is going very wrong in Israel which is supposed to be the most vaccinated country in the world.I think most people would acknowledge they are top notch when it comes to medicine.

    Despite the massive effort they have made, Covid is spiralling out of control leaving their medical experts baffled.
    Soething to keep an eye on.

  • Loppoman

    Are the “vaccines” designed to harm us?

  • Brenda Blessed

    That Covid is spiralling out of control is meaningless given that both of the tests – PCR and lateral flow tests – have been discredited.

    Dr Kary Mullis was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his creation of the PCR test. He died in August 2019 just before Covid broke out, so he cannot provide any input on this virus, but he did provide information on HIV, campaigning against the use of his test to diagnose HIV infections that amounted to a death sentence before Big Pharma produced very expansive chemotherapy that is only able to keep it under control. No vaccine has ever been developed for HIV. One wonders why when it does not mutate constantly like a coronavirus. If you search the web you can find out what Mullis said about HIV.

    PCR is not a quantitive test such as a litmus test that turns blue or red depending on the acidity/alkalinity of the liquid under test. It uses amplification techniques. The higher the amplification the more positive results and the lower the amplification, the lower the number of positive results. To get more positive results just requires increasing the amplification. As Mullis himself said, depending how the test is done – the amplification used – you can find almost anything in anything.

    The amplification being used is never provided. It would obviously have to be constant and low enough to produce trustworthy results. But, as Dave found out from an official UK government guide to using RT-PCR tests: “RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.”

    The genetic material is not taken from the virus itself, because no laboratory, including the US CDC, when asked, can provide purified samples of the virus.

    Apparently the genetic material is taken from the antibodies that the virus or the vaccines make the human immune system produce to fight off an infection of the virus.

    Pray tell how the test can distinguish between the antibodies that the immune system produces by itself and the antibodies that the vaccines make the immune system produce.

    Nor are the results of the tests EVER broken down into the various outcomes, which include false positives. The lateral flow test also uses amplification techniques and therefore is not a quantitative test. The US CDC advised that the tests should be binned due to their inaccuracy.

    Apparently, the UK bought a billion lateral flow tests.

  • Hardcastle

    Purely anecdotal but I do not know of anyone in my locality who has died from covid.However,I am well acquainted with several people,three of them fit,active and healthy gym instructors in their 40’s who have had serious health problems since feeling pressurised into having the jabs due to the nature of their work.They were re.uctant in the first place and I now wonder how many more fall into this category.

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