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Are our expensive RT-PCR tests almost worthless?

Thursday/Friday blog

Today, hopefully here’s a not unimportant story I rather doubt you’ll find reported anywhere in the fearmongering, propagandist mainstream media. After all, the point of a blog like this is not for me to pontificate about stories that you can read in other places, but to try to find stories that nobody else chooses to mention.

Testing, testing, testing

According to a government website, around 920,068 RT-PCR tests are conducted each day and about 336,750,439 have been carried out in total since the Fauci Wuhan Chinese plague first hit us.

If each test has cost UK taxpayers or UK citizens say £50, that’s £16,837, 550,000 (£16bn) we’ve spent on these tests. As £16bn is quite a lot of money, you would hope that these RT-PCR tests are pretty amazing at detecting those people who are at risk of spreading Xi Pingpong’s lab-engineered and lab-leaked plague.

Did the inventor warn us?

Often heralded as one of the most important scientific advances in molecular biology, PCR revolutionised the study of DNA to such an extent that its creator, Kary B. Mullis, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993.

There has been quite a lot of activity on social media and conspiracy websites claiming that the inventor of the RT-PCR test said it couldn’t be used to detect Covid-19. But these must be misinterpretations as Kary Mullis, who was born in 1944, died on 7 August 2019. The first cases of Covid-19 were reported by officials in December 2019 in Wuhan, China.

So Mullis could not have made any specific commentary on the effectiveness of using PCR testing for Covid-19. However, from the tiny amount I understand, what Mullis did comment on was that when testing for HIV, depending on the level of amplification used in the test, “If they could find this virus in you at all, with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody”.

The smoking gun?

But things do start to get a little more interesting when we move away from social media conspiracy websites and instead look at an official UK government guide to using RT-PCR tests.

Just to prove I’m not a crazed conspiracy spreader, here’s the link to the 12-page document:

The possibly worrying part of this official UK government guide comes on page 6:

RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.

This seems to be suggesting that the test can identify if you have traces of the virus in your body – which I imagine is fairly useful. But it cannot identify if you are infectious and therefore would need to isolate to prevent you passing the virus on to other people. Yet our rulers and their supposedly ‘scientific’ advisers keep blethering on about how many tests they have done, how many people have tested positive and how important these tests are to getting infected people to isolate to protect the saintly NHS.

So, while an ingénue might be overjoyed that we have spent £16bn or so on RT-PCR tests, a cynic might be tempted to conclude that the tests are of dubious value and that all the testing and mask-wearing and lockdowns and other restrictions are more about spreading fear to enable social control than actually trying to save lives.

Those Swedes aren’t turnips

And to finish off this blog, let’s remember the Chinese plague survival rates:

And let’s remember how few people were hospitalised in Sweden where the government didn’t use mass RT-PCR testing to conjure up apocalyptic figures of infections to terrify that country’s citizens’ into cravenly abdicating their freedoms and allowing their economy to be trashed.

I believe that the Swedes did some modelling of expected ICU patient admissions using the techniques developed by the Bonking Boffin, Professor Neil Ferguson, at Imperial College in London.

The predictions are the two impressively high ‘mountains’ on the chart. The actual level of patients in ICU units in Swedish hospitals is the boringly flat thick blue line:

(apologies that I don’t know how to make such charts more legible)

Here’s the link to the chart and the accompanying article:

8 comments to Are our expensive RT-PCR tests almost worthless?

  • A Thorpe

    The costs are astonishing and then there are the costs of the lateral flow tests as well, and the £37bn on the useless test and trace system. When is parliament going to question this expenditure? But if they do, nobody will pay the price of this fiasco. As you rightly point out the media ignores this.

    My understanding is Mullis created the PCR technique as a way of multiplying samples for other laboratory testing, so I doubt he would see it as a test. But PCR is for DNA and the virus is RNA. This is where the RT part comes in to convert RNA to a DNA equivalent. I think that German scientists put it together as a test for Covid.

    I think you are right about Mullis. He said PCR will find anything but it cannot tell if you are ill, which is what the NHS document says, and this is why there are concerns about false positives with high Ct rates.

    All I see is corruption of data in the same way that Tony Heller discusses tampering with temperature data. The infection rates were very uncertain when the virus first appeared and the modellers assumed a high rate which is why all their predictions of deaths were wrong. What is surprising now is the apparently higher infection rate among vaccinated people in the UK. This is what the NHS data shows and it looks the same in US States which have high vaccination rates compared to States that don’t. It doesn’t seem to make any sense but is it because reporting of the infection rates are still wrong?

    The death reporting is also concerning. We have never had reporting of deaths from a specific disease in the way we have covid. A covid death is based on a positive test and may not have anything or very little to do with covid when there are other diseases present. I could see little sign in the annual mortality rates for 2020 to indicate a pandemic. The rate was the 12th lowest on record. We will not be able to make a judgement on 2021 until the annual mortality rate is announced. But if it is higher it could be partly due to the NHS not treating patients for other diseases.

    The more the government’s polices are examined the more chaotic it becomes and it looks clear that we will never know the truth because of data corruption and the unintended consequences of covid policies.

  • It is obvious why the media is not reporting about anything to do with the PCR and lateral flow tests. – Because those tests provide all of the “cases” data. If the tests are not valid, the entire “pandemic” is invalid.

    It would be somewhat like finding out that scientific equipment was being made to report higher environmental temperatures across the world than was the case and that the false results were being used to support immensely expensive counter-measures against climate change. If that were exposed, the entire climate-change agenda would vanish.

    “RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.

    “This seems to be suggesting that the test can identify if you have traces of the virus in your body – which I imagine is fairly useful.”

    I cannot find any definite information on what both Covid-19 tests are set to find. Apparently, viral DNA taken from Covid-19 is not being used. Because, when asked for isolated, purified samples of the virus, no laboratories, including the US CDC, can provide them. Apparently, genetic material from the antibodies that the human immune system produces to protect itself from the virus is amplified until the tests can detect it.

    Dr Kary Mullis is shown in one video online objecting to how his test was being used to detect positive HIV cases. He objected to the number of positive cases being reported without the numbers of tests being done. Because. as he pointed out, the acceleration of a disease requires that the cases and the number of tests are known. If you are getting more positive results from an increasing number of tests that could be because it is only the number of tests that are accelerating while the infection rate remains constant. Acceleration of speed is measured by the change in velocity over time. Likewise, you cannot measure an infection rate if the rate of testing is also increasing.

    That same trick is being used with Covid. The cases are reported but never the number of tests. Moreover the cases are never broken down into the various outcomes – asymptomatic, mild symptoms, bad symptoms but not bad enough for hospitalisation, hospitalisations, deaths. Moreover, most deaths are attributed to Covid after testing positive within 28 days of death when most of the deceased had serious-to-terminal other health conditions.

    The following video by David Knight is worth watching. It explains that the PCR test is not a set quantitative test.
    It uses amplification techniques and software that can make the results vary. The higher the amplification is set, the more positive results and the lower it is set, the lower the number of positive results.

    The PCR Testing Scam: The Technique Cannot Be Used to Detect Viruses, According to Its Inventor –


  • A Thorpe

    @Eric – That is an interesting video. I have seen the Mullis comments before. They seem to date from 1994 according to Knight. It’s interesting that Fauci didn’t take legal action. I haven’t seen any comments from Mullis about the gain of function research, which would be interesting.

    At the beginning of the video Knight was talking about the Chinese lockdown which the West adopted without a second thought. But in the various pandemic exercises conducted not long before the covid outbreak, lockdowns were rejected. That has never been explained.

    You also mentioned the lack of an isolated sample of the covid virus. There were freedom of information requests that confirm it had not been isolated but I haven’t seen anything about this recently. But there was a programme a few months ago about the vaccine development and the woman leading the Oxford virus development said that all they needed was the genetic code and that came from China. Where did they get the code from and who in their right mind would trust China?

    The video discusses “experts” and look at the two that Johnson has relied on. They used Ferguson’s model results knowing he had never been right in the past. As for money being the driver, Bill Gates has said he has made more from his health charity than he ever made from Microsoft. Some say he is another opportunist who doesn’t know anything about anything.

  • Ed P

    Having just reached my 70th birthday, I see my prospects have worsened from a 0.5% to a 5.4% chance of dying from Fauci-Daszak-Wuhan plague.

    Overnight! Over ten times worse!

    That’s one of the problems with lumping people into groups: the step-changes at the thresholds can be nonsensical.

  • twi5ted

    Even Fauci says the cycle rate over 35 is pointless. Yet FOIs in UK to various hospitals show they are running up to 50 cycles. The ONS suggests nearly 30% of tests are achieving positive results only over 30 cycles. See weekly infection survey they publish each Friday.

    And of course these are for people who are not actually sick or showing signs of sickness. Plus a financial incentive for workers and school kids to engineer a positive results given paid sick leave and missing lessons etc. Plus the long covid game to play to give even more sick leave forever.

    Japan played the game during Olympics to please the globalists. Mass testing resulted in record cases. As soon as the Olympics were over they went back to normal and cases evaporated.

  • Breanda Blessed

    In short, this whole huge worldwide effort must be evil BS of the worst, lowest kind. Only the climate-change BS comes anywhere close to it. The whole thing must have been many decades in the planning and making.

    In my opinion, it began in the UK with the dumbing down of the educations system and the getting rid of vocational training that made it possible to draw immigrants in. The dumbing-down began when Thatcher’s ****** education secretary, Sir Keith Joseph, got rid of the elite O Level exams and replaced them with the much lower-level GCSE exams that are the equivalent of the CSE exams that the less academically able students used to take instead of O Levels.

    Then the rest of the education system had to go the same way all the way up to university level. Helped all the way by Blair, whose ambition was to make 50% of students go to university and whose son is now making a fortune from vocational training. The vocational polytechnic were turned into universities.

    Meanwhile the immigrants and migrants were and still are allowed to come pouring in to change the complexion of this unique country forever. Probably in the long run into an African-type sh**hole.

    Moreover, as shown in the video by Paul Joseph Watson, TV adverts and programmes appear to be aimed at making it fashionable for white women to partner with black males and make it look as if there are more black people living here than is the case (3%+). With the most inventive, accomplished and competent males in the world?

  • The following is a video by the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology used in the Covid vaccines, Dr Robert Malone.

    He discusses Anthony Fauci and a book written by Robert Kennedy Jnr called “The Real Anthony Fauci” that he edited because he is a world-renowned expert on vaccinations. He discusses the extreme corruption of the establishment and much more.

    He is a vaccine expert of the highest order, not an anti-vaxxer. You will never see an interview like this on the mainstream media. It is the best and most honest interview I have seen.

    Explosive! Dr. Robert Malone: They’re Rushing Into Killing Children

  • Brenda Blessed

    Excellent interview with Dr Robert Malone.

    Dr Malone called the current CEO of the US CDC a compulsive liar in the interview.

    Here is a Jerusalem Post article on her.

    This Jewish woman has become the face of
    America’s fight against COVID –

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