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Why aren’t you in a non-binary, multicultural, gender-fluid relationship? Because you’re transphobic racists?

Wednesday blog

I was busy swotting up for an interview on TalkRadio yesterday evening. So I didn’t have time to do any research for a blog.

So I won’t mention of climate change today. I won’t mention the farce in Glasgow. I won’t mention of my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS. I won’t show pictures of the cover of my book to try to get you to buy a few copies:

Well done me for not making any attempt today to promote my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS

Woke propaganda spewing from all our mainstream media

Instead, here’s a video from Paul Joseph Watson showing how politically-correct, woke, multi-cultural, gender-fluid libtardism has polluted our mainstream media and our lives:

6 comments to Why aren’t you in a non-binary, multicultural, gender-fluid relationship? Because you’re transphobic racists?

  • Loppoman

    David, when is the interview?
    Have we missed it?

  • David Craig

    Sorry. The interview was on TalkRadio on Tuesday evening at 20.30

  • A Thorpe

    I’m thinking of putting a sign on the inside of my front door – Warning: You are about to enter the lunatic asylum.

  • A Thorpe

    Well done with the interview. I found it on the TalkRadio website. Look at the schedule and it lists all past shows.

    I suspect, like all journalists, they don’t understand enough to ask searching questions, but that might be a good thing because you managed to keep away from detail that people will not understand.

    My interest has been in the thermodynamics of the greenhouse effect which is simply wrong and I haven’t looked at the Milankovitch cycles in any detail but I don’t think they explain the ice age cycles that well. The problem is that the greenhouse effect has resulted in wasted research. When you look at the ice ages on the Kelvin scale then the claimed temperature variation is quite small and it could be said that we have had a very stable climate, but not for us. The question I ask, is why did the ice age cycle start. I have never seen an explanation. The bigger question then is could it change again. Even if it does not change the next ice age is going to be a climate catastrophe for us.

  • Braenda Blessed

    Here is Dave’s interview on YouTube with Kevin O’Sullivan. It starts at 1 hour 37 minutes into the video.

    I read today’s blog headline and was going to send the link to that video by Paul Joseph Watson, but Dave beat me to it. It is amazing that Watson still has a YouTube Channel.

    The liberal decadents are trying to screw us up as a country every which way they can devise. Apparently, the same things are being made to happen in the USA.

  • bad Brian

    Thanks for that Brenda.

    And well done David. Does anyone know what size of audience the kevin O’Sullivan show gets ?

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