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Climate Catastrophe? Thank goodness for Sky News Australia

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If you watch the BBC or C4 News you’ll know that the greatest President the U.S. has ever had – Joe ‘what day is it today’ Biden celebrated ‘Earth Day’ with a hugely successful video conference with world leaders in which they all promised to limit emissions of that deadly gas, CO2, in order to save our planet from turning into a fiery hell that will kill us all within the next few years.

Here’s a nice picture of some of those world leaders during Joe’s enormously successful Earth Day video conference. Can you spot the odd one out?

Yup, it’s sleepy, creepy, senile Joe who is wearing a face mask. Maybe he’s afraid of catching a computer virus?

Meanwhile, China and India keep building coal-fired power stations:

And China’s CO2 emissions keep rocketing upwards:

Thank heavens we still have Sky News Australia to expose the climate catastrophist farce:

3 comments to Climate Catastrophe? Thank goodness for Sky News Australia

  • A Thorpe

    Biden obviously thinks if nobody can see his lips moving that he cannot be lying. Sky News Australia will not make any impact on climate policies because it isn’t achieving anything in Australia or New Zealand, but at least it’s refreshing to know there are journalists not promoting the usual nonsense.

    Recently the BBC treated us to two series, each of three episodes, of climate nonsense, including the Attenborough lie of walruses climbing cliffs and jumping off. The walruses went up a slope to the top of the cliffs and jumped off because they were being attacked by polar bears. Then we had the chat between him and Greta where they were unable to agree who was doing the best work to deceive the masses.

    The media, the intellectuals and the politicians now control the agenda in the west and only a few are challenging the climate crisis nonsense, including some scientists. There are books on the subject and websites but I doubt they have a large following and they do not have the impact of the continual bombardment of the crisis from the media and politicians. Energy prices are rising but obviously not enough to concern most people and they do not see the hidden taxes supporting green policies. People can opt for renewable energy deals but nobody can opt for fossil deals and the pricing is no longer controlled by the market so we cannot see the higher cost of renewable energy. Perhaps more to the point, with an integrated power system, the people on green tariffs do not suffer the unreliability of renewable supplies. Even in California and parts of Australia where they have been closing fossil fuel power stations and blackouts have increased it has not influenced energy policies. It is easy to close power stations but it takes years to rebuild them. Progress with nuclear seems to be at a standstill, and the costs are too high.

    We are in an era where our knowledge is so extensive and technology has brought many benefits but it means that nobody can understand more than a small percentage of it. This should not stop us having the ability to to question the evidence but the education system is so dumbed down that we no longer have this skill. Nothing sums it up more than the Al Gore deception of the ice core data showing temperature and CO2 records. Gore told people that CO2 was causing the temperature to rise but a close look at the graphs shows this not true. How can people be so gullible? Children have been influenced and used to promote concern. Stalin and Hitler both used children to promote their propaganda and anybody looking at Obama and Biden will see they do the same. The elderly may not necessarily have greater intelligence but they normally do have experience and wisdom from years of life and are less gullible. The younger generations have been encouraged not to respect the elderly and the elderly let it happen. We will pay a heavy price for this.

  • Bad Brian

    To be honest, I was beginning to fall for this Global Warming narrative until I discovered that the wife had set the central heating to full blast, 24 hours a day, since August.

    Not only that, but I had got into the habit of putting a fresh pair of socks on every day but was forgetting to take the previous pairs off. I thought my feet were swelling up and that I was suffering from gout.

    And the Australian bloke was a bit rough on Sudan in my opinion. We have much to learn from these people provided you are into cattle stealing , female circumcision ( of the globe I presume) and how to cook using cow shit. Often I find in my household that these subjects are brushed over when discussing the merits of Sudan.

  • The level of propaganda is now so bad on the BBC channels, Channel 4, Sky and ITV that I can only channel-hop in and out of them. But even at that low level of watching, I usually come out with a good example.

    For example, last night I dropped into the news review on Sky News. A woman of colour – I am sure that is still a legitimate term – was enthusing about the great progressive job Xiden is doing compared to his dastardly predecessor.

    I couldn’t stop myself from thinking: “I hope that you are going to have every last one of your jabs from now until eternity, darling.”

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