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Covid-19 – the Chinese laugh as we suckers in the West pay?

(Monday/ Tuesday blog)

How many has Xi Pingpong killed so far?

Here he is – the laughing Chinaman. This is the man mostly responsible for covering up the Covid-19 plague and (deliberately?) allowing it to spread around the world while brutally controlling it in China:

And here he is with his obedient sidekick from the utterly corrupt, ludicrously misnamed World Health Organisation:

And here he is with the next US president:

So far this (IMHO) murdering, totalitarian scumbag is responsible for 67 million cases of the Wu-Flu of which more than 1.54 million have died. Not bad for a few months work. Though Xi’s hero, Mao Tse Tung, is believed to be responsible for the deaths of anywhere between 33 million and 60 million:

So, Xi has a long way to go before he reaches his hero’s much more impressive score.

Tip of the iceberg?

But it seems that the 1.54 million deaths may be just the tip of the iceberg. Before Xi’s Kung-Flu was unleashed on the world, the World Food Programme had forecast that around 80 million people would be at risk of starvation in 2021. Following the economic destruction caused by Xi’s disease and the lockdowns imposed by governments around the world, the World Food Programme has increased its forecast of people at risk of starvation from 80 million to 270 million. That’s another 190 million people whose lives will be devastated by China’s desperate efforts to cripple the West and become the world’s leading economic and military power.

Who is going to pay?

According to the World Food Programme, Xi’s disease has cost countries outside China $19 trillion. China’s economy has, of course, been booming as China supplies the world with (usually faulty?) PPE and (usually faulty?) Covid-19 testing kits.

So, who is going to pay for all this destruction? Who is going to supply the food for the starving 270 million? Who is going to provide all the foreign aid to help poorer countries recover? And who will pay for vaccines for the billions living in poorer countries?

Corrupt, disease-spreading China will, of course, offer a few countries loans at staggering rates of interest, after bribing corrupt local politicians, in return for giving Chinese companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party control of strategic ports, airfields, agricultural land, water resources around the world:

And when the recipients of Chinese loans can’t repay their debts, the Chinese will take over whatever strategic assets they want. But China doesn’t do foreign aid. The Chinese aren’t stupid. When China lends out money, it expects its pound of flesh in return.

That just leaves us in the West

So prepare yourselves for a tsunami of virtue-signalling by our holier-than-thou elites demanding that it’s the West’s moral and humanitarian duty to:

  • increase foreign aid to help the starving millions
  • make it easier for supposed “refugees” (actually mostly parasitical, mostly uneducated, mostly unemployable, mostly criminal, mostly violent migrants) to emigrate to the West
  • grant citizenship to the tens of millions of illegal migrants already living in the West (who will then vote for globalist, lefty, rapemigrant-hugging political parties)
  • pay for vaccines for all those countries that can’t afford to buy them

Naturally, none of the elites in the West will ever suggest that, as it was the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese who gave us the Wu-Flu in the first place, it should be China that pays for all the damage and destruction the Chinese plague has caused and also it should be China that pays for the vaccines necessary to protect the poor from the Chinese Wu-Flu.

Anyone who watches TV will already have been bombarded by a torrent of ads from our supposed charities with their well-paid, well-pensioned bosses trying to guilt-conscious us into increasing our donations this year to help those affected by Xi’s Wu-Flu. But just wait till our politicians also jump on the virtue-signalling bandwagon and force us to shovel ever more billions into the pockets of Third-World kleptocrats supposedly to help the poor whose lives have been devastated by Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague.

And for anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s a jolly little Christmas video I made a few years ago about what really happens to our foreign aid:

9 comments to Covid-19 – the Chinese laugh as we suckers in the West pay?

  • twi5ted

    I presume to make ChinaCCP responsible you have to prove what happened. It seems to me that this so called disease in the west is merely a relabeling of the flu – the data confirms this once you adjust for closing down health services to the old and vulnerable. Similar happened with sars before just relabeling of variety of respiratory diseases.

    So far this year we have had 12.1% more deaths than 5 year average but within previous ranges over last few decades. Those previous years we did not shut down NHS or lock up people some already in desperate conditions. How many deaths would we have had if we had done “a sweden” or done nothing?

    The chineseccp were probably happy to play this game. But to blame them completely is to ignore evidence. It is our politicians that caused this mess and should be held accountable.

    I always said this was not about a virus it was about trump disrupting the agenda. Seems the virus was hijacked in the US to usher in record postal voting fraud. Hopefully this will be properly investigated and acted upon.

  • Hardcastle

    You are very trusting twisted.It will not be properly tested because the usual suspects have control of all of the process.The only solution and I mean only solution is serious public resistance which might need to include a modicum of violence.I cannot see this occurring until the full effects of the lockdown on jobs and financial reality occur.Then it may be too late but at least a possibility.Playing nice and to the rules that no longer exist will not cut it.It is taking a long time for reality to sink in,but it will happen.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    ‘Conservative’ PM Johnson has some interesting advisers. I’ve just been reading Wiki about one of Johnson’s SAGE Committee members, Dr Susan Michie. I quote –

    ‘’Michie is a member of the Covid-19 Behavioural Science Advisory Group and the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours, a sub-group of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). She also sits on the Independent SAGE committee, chaired by Sir David King. She frequently contributes to national news media during the Covid-19 pandemic as an expert in behaviour change.”

    ”She is a member of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), but donated to the Labour Party under the Corbyn leadership. In March 2018, Michie, described as a leading member of the CPB, said that the party would no longer stand against Labour in general elections and CPB members should be “working full tilt” for the election of Corbyn as prime minister.”

    Who better, then, than a Communist Party expert in ‘Behaviour Change’ to guide a ‘Conservative’ Prime Minister (and us) along the path of individual freedom and personal liberty? After all, a bullet in the back of the head in the cellars of the Lubyanka proved quite effective in changing behaviour. Even, Johnson should carefully note, the behaviour of eminent politicians. What’s not to like?

    The above demonstrates the reality of British ‘Party Politics’ of the supposed Left and Right. There is no question about what the Globalists have in store for us.
    The only true words David Cameron ever spoke in his entire miserable career were ‘We’re all in this together’.

  • A Thorpe

    I haven’t seen any specific evidence that the Chinese released this virus and if they did they are not likely to provide it. I am more concerned about the UK government response, and every other country. They did not have to impose lockdown and close the economy down. It has never happened before. There is no evidence that lockdowns and mask wearing has any effect. South Korea was used as an example to show that it did, but they had a second peak and now a third peak, and this is the pattern of respiratory viruses when there is no vaccine, which we know from the 1918 Spanish flu. There are examples in the USA where states have used different policies and there is no obvious difference between them. But it is the consequential damage that is a bigger problem than the virus and we are not even close to having an assessment. China cannot be blamed for the stupidity of our government.

    There was a programme on Channel 4 about 16th century cities in the Amazon which have disappeared. One theory put forward was that European colonisation took diseases and the local population had no immunity. It is evidence that herd immunity is our means of protection and it is why we have survived without vaccines, even though there have been serious pandemics in the past. Where we have brought diseases under control they have very different characteristics to Covid19 and other respiratory infections. I don’t believe we are being told the truth, and my understanding is that it is pneumonia that kills most of the people. Why don’t we have a vaccine for that after all the years?

    I have not seen any published research on the vaccine trials. They were carried out when there was not much of the virus about. Very few of those taking the placebo were infected and none seriously, so how do we know the vaccine will prevent hospitalisation and deaths. That is why we need the vaccine. Some vaccine development is based on rDNA which is remnants of DNA put together and they have no idea that they belong together. All we a seeing is governments in a panic, relying on a vaccine to solve the problem they created in the first place. All it is doing is putting money into the coffers of big Pharma.

    Who is going to pay, and suffer? The taxpayers and the poorest. Poverty has been reducing because of capitalism, not socialism, and China illustrates that. When China embraced capitalism poverty declined but because of the size of the population many are still poor even with a booming economy. I cannot see that China will achieve anything by destroying the western economies. It will take us all into poverty. If China is capable of destroying our economy then we should be asking our leaders how they allowed this situation to develop. The answer is that the have no vision for the world in total and our place in it. I wonder if recent decades have created wealth based on toys and trivial entertainment for adults that is not sustainable and not important. We seem to have lost all sense of what is essential and what is trivial.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I hate to disagree with David, but I’ve just been through the Government’s own list, on their own website, of SAGE committee members, available at –

    Michie is on the list of SAGE committee participants. Surnames are in alphabetical order.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I hate to disagree with David, but I’ve just been through the Government’s own list, on their own ‘Transparency Data – List of participants Of SAGE and related sub-groups website’.

    Michie is on the list of SAGE committee participants, and on the list for the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on behaviours (SPI-B). Surnames are in alphabetical order if any one wants to check.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    My apologies for posting twice, chaps. – it didn’t appear to work the first time for some reason.

  • A Thorpe

    The discussion above between Jeffrey and David is one of the key issues of today. The Independent Sage Committee is made up of academics, mainly Professors. I haven’t seen any of their views but they might be more accurate than the group of academics advising the government. The government scientists have made predictions based on models. Now we have evidence on the way the virus has spread and the deaths we know that their predictions were wrong and by huge numbers. It is exactly the same with climate modelling.

    One commentator on climate change calls them Sophists, who will promote anything for money or if it suits their political ideology. The scientific evidence does not matter to them. The problem is how can we tell them apart.

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