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Wild celebrations in Beijing, Brussels and Bogota?

(Thursday blog)

It’s unlikely that Trump really can successfully challenge the election result. There are reports from Michigan that postal workers have been instructed to separate out any late ballots so they can be  back-dated with a postmark to make them eligible for inclusion. And overnight in Michigan, Biden got an infusion of 138,339 votes, but nobody else got not one single vote, not one? Secondly, in Wisconsin, Trump was leading by 110k votes with 93% reporting. Now Biden is up by 20k with 95% reporting. The only way that 130k votes equals 2% is if there were 6,500,000 votes. But there were only 3,200,000 votes cast in Wisconsin. They are stealing Wisconsin. These are just two examples of mathematical impossibilities.

But I doubt these anomalies will change anything. So, it looks like Joe ‘China’ Biden has won. Though, of course, the ageing, senile Biden will just be a powerless figurehead who will be dumped in a care home when he’s no longer useful. The people really running America will be the leftist mob led by Kamala Harris, the Squad and the Bernie Bros.

This should lead to wild celebrations in Beijing, Brussels and Bogota.

Celebrations in Beijing

Joe Biden’s son Hunter was given more than $1bn by a Chinese bank owned by the Chinese Communist Party to buy up real estate and high-tech companies in the USA and, of course, to fill the Biden family’s bank accounts. The whole Biden family are up to their eyes in Chinese money and will do what their Chinese masters instruct them. So we can expect:

  • cutting tariffs on Chinese goods
  • opening up the US market to more Chinese tat
  • allowing unlimited theft of US intellectual property by the Chinese
  • no criticism of the Chinese for covering up the Covid-19 plague
  • abandoning Taiwan – no more arms sales and a nod and wink of approval when China decided to invade
  • implementation of crazy Greeny policies which will make US industry uncompetitive compared to the Chinese who are busy building ever more coal-fired power stations
Celebrations in Brussels

Biden, Harris and the Squad love multi-national globalist organisations like the EU and despise the UK for daring to try to be an independent country. So we can expect:

  • accelerated trade talks with the EU and foot-dragging on trade talks with the UK
  • the USA rejoining the Paris Climate Accord pushing up energy prices in the EU and USA and preventing America compete with EU industry
  • Cosy meetings with Merkel and Macron while Britain is pushed out into the cold
  • US support for an EU army while sidelining the UK
Celebrations in Bogota

The Democrats just love immigrants. After all, they’ll be Democrat voters in the future. So we can expect:

  • legalisation of the status of the USA’s estimated 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants
  • opening up the borders to millions more migrants from South American hell-holes
  • rapid routes to naturalisation for these millions of new migrants
  • a massive increase in the number of Democrat voters by the 2024 presidential election
Celebrations almost everywhere?

There will also be massive celebrations in:

  • Iran – as Kamala and the Squad let the mad mullahs have their bomb
  • Africa – as Kamala and the Squad pour billions of US taxpayers’ dollars into the offshore bank accounts of Africa’s most vicious and venal kleptocrats in supposed ‘foreign aid’
  • the Muslim world – as Kamala and the Squad spit on anything linked to Christianity while encouraging the Izlumification of Europe and America
  • the utterly corrupt and useless United Nations – as Kamala and the Squad increasingly hand over power from American elected American politicians to unelected United Nations organisations like the UN Migration Agency and the (totally discredited) World Health Organisation
Meanwhile in Tel Aviv and Taiwan

But the election result will be a disaster for Taiwan, which will be gifted to the Chinese, and to Israel, which will be abandoned to its fate. In fact, the Israel-loathing Squad will probably push for more weapons to be given to the Arabs so they can be sure that Israel will be destroyed and all the Jews wiped out.

5 comments to Wild celebrations in Beijing, Brussels and Bogota?

  • William Boreham

    Rather good article regarding the probability of a Biden presidency – ‘The Trojan Donkey.’

  • A Thorpe

    Democracy is the problem and I see others starting to realise this is the case. It has never been about electing representatives to serve us because they all want power over us. The size of the state constantly grows and with it the NGOs that have as much, if not more, control over us than the state. America, the land of the free, is about to change into a socialist nightmare. This is not a tinpot country that hardly matters, it is a major world economy.

    I have no idea whether the voting figures presented here are correct, but it does show the the USA is incapable of holding a democratic election and this is not the first time the Presidential election has been chaotic.

  • leila

    This is a technicolour nightmare in America and the UK. Martin Armstrong of Socrates thinks Johnson has been bribed re latest lockin nonsense.It won’t be long before the traitors start on zero carbon. The Maunder Minimum solar cycle is well underway with new cold records set in the Northern Hemisphere (ref Electroverse)so rising food prices and scarcity are not far off. I shall so miss Trump, who as Farage said is the bravest man.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    The Left here moaning about Trump going to court when they themselves spent so much time trying to get the courts to overturn the Brexit result.
    Though frankly we now have much more important worries than Brexit now, so much has totalitarianism moved on, what with new laws about ‘Hate Crime’ to apply in your very own home, and demonstrations of more than two people now banned.

  • The liberal globalist morons – they are falsity itself – are consumed with the false notion that if they suppress the natural human instincts and reduce every aspect of life as much as possible, they will be able to control humanity in a one-world government that will last forever in their hands.

    Unfortunately for them, this obsession of theirs is highly explosive stuff and will only create huge weaknesses in some parts of the world that will have to be filled by stronger forces from elsewhere.

    There will always be no shortage of warriors who, not being sheep, will live dangerously and behave for the hell of it just because they are told that they cannot do so. That would especially be the case if the orders from “on high” were obviously coming from the lowest of the low, which the globalist liberals are. It is the supreme insult to such a free spirit to be told what he can and cannot do by such obviously incurable assholes.

    Dostoyevsky develops this idea brilliantly in his short novel “Notes from Underground”.

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