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Congratulations to the Daily Mail – for exposing the truth about the Covid-19 lies

(Wednesday blog)

Yesterday I wrote a blog which tried to show how the numerically-illiterate Johnson and his equally clueless cabinet colleagues were putting England into a totally unnecessary lockdown based on misleading data from our friends Vallance and Whitty.

A few hours after I wrote the blog, I found this excellent article in the Daily Mail:

While virtually every other media outlet has swallowed Vallance and Whitty’s ludicrous numbers, the Daily Mail article rips them apart and exposes them for the utter garbage they are.

In particular, the article points out that according to Vallance and Whitty’s famous scenario, we should be seeing around 1,000 Xi Pingpong plague deaths a day. In fact, there are just over 200 Chinese plague deaths per day:

A cynic might think that any honest person would adjust their projected level of Covid-19 deaths to take account of reality. That’s not what Mr Vallance and Mr Whitty seem to have done.

Furthermore the media, particularly the worthless BBC and even more worthless C4 News, delight in scaring us by quoting the number of Wu-flu deaths per day. But they never put this number into context of the total number of deaths from all causes. If they were honest about Wu-flu deaths as a proportion of total deaths, people wouldn’t be so frightened and Johnson, Vallance and Whitty wouldn’t get away with their lockdown scam:

There was also another brilliant article in yesterday’s Daily Mail exposing how our rulers manipulated the figures to create the (totally false) impression that the NHS was about to be overwhelmed by Covid-19 cases:

I didn’t see all the Johnson, Vallance, Whitty briefing. But apparently they just showed data from about 29 hospitals which did have large numbers of Chinese plague victims:

But Vallance and Whitty  ‘forgot’ to mention the 232 hospitals with no Chinese plague patients at all:

(I think there’s a mistake in the above chart from the Daily Mail. It’s the ‘white boxes’ and not the ‘light yellow boxes’ which show the hospitals with zero Chinese plague cases)

The next few weeks of lies

It’s highly likely that the number of Wu-flu cases will decline over the next few weeks as this was already happening before the lockdown announcement. The politicians and compliant media will claim that this reduction is due to the lockdown. However, as my blog from yesterday and the Daily Mail articles show, this would have happened anyway.

We also know that there is a lag of 2 to 3 weeks between a rise in infections (the lead indicator) and the rise in hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths (the lag indicators). So we can expect huge efforts by politicians and the media to big up the rising numbers of hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths to ‘prove’ that the lockdown was necessary.

How stupid are our MPs?

Finally, I’d like to end today’s blog with this video of TalkRadio’s brilliant Julia Hartley-Brewer interviewing Tory MP and former Business Secretary Andrea Loathsome about whether a lockdown is necessary.

Julia Hartley-Brewer understands what I blogged about yesterday – that Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague infections are already plateauing (and reducing in many places), that Whitty and Valance’s scenarios of 4,000 Covid-19 deaths a day are unadulterated rubbish and that the lockdown is completely unnecessary.

What’s truly terrifying is Andrea Loathsome’s total ignorance of what the figures are telling us and her pitiful parroting of Boris Johnson’s lies about the NHS being about to be ‘overwhelmed’.

We are truly in extraordinary times. In 2008 our useless MPs (understanding nothing about science) voted by a massive majority for Ed Miliband’s ludicrous Climate Change Act which will destroy millions of British jobs while achieving nothing. This week, our useless, pig-ignorant MPs (understanding nothing about the science) are about to repeat the same stupidity by voting by a massive majority to impose a completely unnecessary lockdown.

Watch the utterly incompetent Andrea Loathsome and weep for your country:

11 comments to Congratulations to the Daily Mail – for exposing the truth about the Covid-19 lies

  • IanJ

    What fools we must be to keep voting these self-serving nobodies into parliament As the powers-that-be keep on choosing for us, what would be the effect if writing in NOTA (None Of The Above) on a ballot paper becomes the choice of the majority?

  • Stillreading

    Words of Wisdom from Lord Jonathan Sumption, historian, QC, Judge, a man with greater intelligence than that collectively of all our feeble, self-seeking MPs, on the dubious legality of the first lockdown and the cynical manner in which it was pushed through Parliament immediately before the Easter Recess.
    It is well over an hour long, but well worth watching. Available I believe in pdf readable form if you prefer.

  • Stillreading

    I’ve tried twice this morning to post a link to a certain lecture but it has failed to appear here, so this response is merely to test whether or not I have a problem on my laptop or whether it is the link itself which is the problem. I did suffer the unrequested replacement yesterday of Explorer with its “new, wonderful, enhanced” – or words to that effect – version, which immediately wiped all my cookies and saved passwords. Googling the problem informed me that this is happening world wide, so be prepared fellow responders!

  • twisted

    Leadsom is no idiot. This is a demolition akin to Clegg being crushed by Farage at the EU debates. Government is full of shit and surprise surprise they lock down again to coincide with the US election to show their globalist solidarity with the Biden campaign.

    Looks like it has failed again and Trump successful. Another defeat for globalism and communism – have to worry what they do next or if the main antagonists are too old now to keep up the dream. Watch them find a Blair figure to misdirect.

  • Roy Hartwell

    The other point about those 200 deaths a day is they are still quoted as ‘within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test’. Quite frankly, that strikes me as a totally arbitrary definition allowing many non-covid related deaths to be included in the statistics. Cynical? Me? Never !!

  • A Thorpe

    They might seem like extraordinary times, but when we look at history are they really that different? Throughout recorded history the human race has believed in ideas, often very strange, that are not supported by evidence. It is difficult to challenge group thinking as Galileo discovered. Einstein’s ideas were challenged, probably because he was Jewish, when 100 “scientists” wrote and he famously said why does it need 100, if I am wrong one is enough. Our knowledge is increasing and it has become more difficult for even the most intelligent to understand even a fraction of it. Add in the fact that we now have TVs, often in more than one room, blasting out nonsense 24 hours a day. I have seen it described as entertaining us to death. Then there is social media which allows any idea to gain traction and travel round the world instantaneously. The interview showed what we regularly see, two people unable to find any common ground. We also see the opposite where participants are in agreement and nothing is challenged. It will take more than a second coming to save us from ourselves.

    For Stillreading, I have used Edge since it was introduced without major problems. You should still have Explorer and you should be able to import the cookies and passwords through the setting option. You can also import them into other browsers if you don’t want to use Edge.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Tuberculosis (infectious0, Poliomyelitis (infectious), Whooping Cough (Infectious), Diphtheria (infectious), Scarlet Fever (infectious), Measles (infectious), Smallpox (infectious), Typhus (infectious), Cholera, Dysentery.

    All diseases that were common, often in the form of epidemics, in Western society for many hundreds of years . All of them killers. Yet life went on, economies improved, societies progressed, populations steadily increased.

    Effective vaccines take years to develop. The ones that are being rushed out now are, as Johnson’s ‘Vaccine Tsar’ Kate Bingham herself admitted in an article in the ‘Lancet’ on October 27th, ‘’Likely to be imperfect…. We should be prepared that they might not prevent infection, but rather reduce symptoms, and they might not work for everyone or for very long. We do not know that we’ll ever have a vaccine at all’’ And ‘’…..recognising that many, and possibly all, of these vaccines could fail’’ Oh, great.

    No wonder that Johnson has already indemnified vaccine manufacturing companies in advance against any legal consequences of another potential Thalidomide-type disaster, so that UK taxpayers will have to bear the consequences rather than Big Pharma.

    But it seems that Johnson and his bunch intend to shut down society until effective vaccines are available. Are they serious?

    The truth is that we’re going to have to learn to live with Covid, and to get on with our everyday lives just as our ancestors did, if we want to maintain our Western civilization, Western economies, and a half-decent standard of living. The sooner we all realise this, the better, before even more damage is done.

    And our Health Services would do better to attempt to find effective treatments for Covid sufferers rather than concentrating solely on a vaccine which is unlikely to show up any time soon.

  • A Thorpe

    Excellent points Jeffrey and all are valid from my reading. I would add that the vaccine testing has been to ensure there are no side effects. They have no idea whether infection is prevented. If forced on us we will effectively become lab test animals.

  • Stillreading

    Thank you,Thorpe, for the information on Edge. I find it is actually Explorer under a new name, but according to information by those effusive, clever-dick, condescending know-alls at Microsoft, “Explorer is SO last year!” Edge is supposed to do all sorts of clever things which Explorer did not do including, evidently, wiping users’ passwords off their hard drives, thus causing hours of frustrating re-setting or wading through (thank goodness) good, old fashioned pen and paper records to find out what passwords we DID opt for 10 years ago! I am NOT a fan of Microsoft and Bill Gates! But thank you for your effort to help and watch out for Edge doing the same cleaning up operation for you as it did for me and evidently thousands of people all over the world!

  • Stillreading

    And as for any highly dubious probable vaccine, it’s already evident that travelling anywhere by public transport, entering any shop, going on any sort of holiday either home or abroad, will before long be contingent upon having submitted oneself to the injection of alien, questionable material and carrying 24/7 a certificate to confirm such. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist and never have been, but I do not like the way all this is going. I recall when one left home with a bit of cash in one’s pocket or purse, a cheque book if a large purchase was envisaged, and the house key. Then it became essential to carry a Bank Card to verify the bank details if a cheque were tendered. Then it became somewhat difficult to manage without a smart phone to pay for public transport or a coffee in many cities. Soon such payment will be obligatory as use of cash is phased out – wonderful for the Inland Revenue since they will gain absolute knowledge of and control over everyone’s income and expenditure. Now it’s masks and it will probably be only a matter of time before it becomes illegal to emerge from one’s door without wearing one. Soon it will be a vaccination certificate. And after that? Who knows? Oh, Brave New World that has such practices in it! (Apologies, honoured Bard of Avon!)

  • Hardcastle

    You do not believe in conspiracies? Well it is only a conspiracy when the truth is concealed.The globalists are now so confident that they have everything under their control that they have clearly stated their long term aims.The likely developments that you have identified are just some of the details leading us towards “world government” and a total loss of individual freedom and democracy.Are the people of this once great country,the mother of parliamentary democracy,going to roll over and just accept this evil.When even the USA looks vulnerable you know we are in trouble.Some form of civil strife is inevitable I fear,but the only possible escape from this dystopian nightmare.Lets face it,voting does not cut it anymore because that has been corrupted for some time.Technology has given us some wonderful advances but has also enabled fraud and corruption to thrive in so many spheres.This is no conspiracy,it is a clearly stated and organised plan for our enslavement.The big reset,build back better and all the rest of the phrases we have heard from the lips of the so called leaders of the western world,some co incidence,I think not.

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