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My mother had dementia – so I wouldn’t vote for her to be US president

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Free speech anyone? Not at Yahoo!

First just a quick comment some readers might find mildly relevant in today’s woke, fascist, free-speech-hating, social-media-mob times.

I use a US company called Yahoo for my email. I don’t know why I picked Yahoo. I think someone set it up for me years ago.

When one logs into Yahoo to read their email, Yahoo displays a whole load of supposed ”news stories’. But for many years, Yahoo has had a slight problem with its supposed ‘news stories’. As Yahoo is run by woke, progressive, LBGT-loving, BLM-adoring, knee-taking, rapefugee-welcoming, Greta-worshipping, Izlumophiliac, West-hating, Trump-loathing, Democrat-supporting, Silicon-Valley billionaires, Yahoo takes almost all its news stories from what one might call ‘the progressive media’.

This means that the Yahoo website in the UK takes virtually all its stories from the morally-limp-wristed Guardian and the Independent. That’s Yahoo’s choice, of course. The trouble is that well over 90% of people using Yahoo don’t believe a word of the crap written by the Guardian and the Independent. Almost all Yahoo readers admire Trump, don’t believe in the man-made global warming scam, think Greta is an ignorant idiot, don’t want more rapefugees, sometimes question whether the religion of peacefulness really is quite as peaceful as we’re constantly told and understand how much Western civilisation has contributed to humanity. There are even some who believe that all the transgenderism bollox is just a load of bollox. This means that for many years at least 90% of all the readers’ comments on Yahoo directly contradict the views of the articles carefully chosen by Yahoo.

So, what does Yahoo do? It does what all lefty, progressive organisations do – censors any views with which it disagrees. It stops any readers from commenting. Instead of being able to comment, now at the end of each Yahoo (Guardian and Independent) article is this message:

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback to help us enhance the experience.

I guess the key words above are “safe” and “place”. Yahoo seems to believe that any views which contradict those espoused by the Guardian and the Independent are somehow dangerous and that Yahoo users need to be protected from the dangers of politically-incorrect opinions and given a “safe place”.

Free speech anyone? For Yahoo, only if you agree with everything written in the Guardian and the Independent.

Why would anyone vote for a senile old fool?

In the years before her death, my mother had worsening dementia. Thankfully she could still recognise her children (though not other close relatives) before she went to a better place.

Which brings us to the clearly increasingly senile Joe Biden.

Having seen my uncle and my mother both turn into incoherent vegetables, it’s not difficult to spot the signs of dementia.

Here’s one of many videos available on Youtube showing presidential candidate Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. The Democrats choosing Biden as their candidate is almost a kind of abuse of the elderly by Biden’s handlers. Biden should be in a home for elderly ex-politicians passing his days either quietly napping or playing bingo and doing jigsaws and not out campaigning to be president.

But you wouldn’t know anything about Biden’s mental deterioration if you just followed the Democrat-loving, Trump-hating UK mainstream media.

Watching Biden now, I can almost recognise my dementia-tormented dear mother. And I wouldn’t have voted for her to be the next US president:

11 comments to My mother had dementia – so I wouldn’t vote for her to be US president

  • twi5ted

    Harris looks ruthless and ambitious enough to not let Biden’s mental health stand in her way. She looks very much the deep state elite choice but maybe that’s the way you have to play it these days to gain power.

    Given it is now accepted she will be president if Biden wins then it would make sense to appoint her vice president now. If not most people will assume the worst as the party swings ever further left.

    Listening to her recent speech though do not think there is much chance of a dem win. They seem to have lost the plot blaming Trump for covid1984 and championing 24/7 damp face nappies for everyone.

  • A Thorpe

    I assume that you have sent some appropriate feedback to Yahoo. I liked Biden’s comment that he choses truth over facts. It reminds me of Thomas Sowell who bases all his opinion on evidence, and he says the younger generation are being educated to believe that evidence and facts are just opinions.

  • David Craig

    Harris is ruthless and ambitious. But she’s playing a high stakes game. If Biden wins, she’ll be president within 12 months. But if Biden falls apart in the debates against Trump (assuming his handlers even let him turn up) and Trump wins, Harris’s career is toast.

  • Ed

    I have adblock ultimate and when I go to Yahoo mail I dont get any stories or ads.
    Log in direct to your mail , not to Yahoo in general.
    They sometimes ask me to turn it off , i wont.
    No one asked them to poke their fucking noses into emails.

  • A Thorpe

    David, I suspect your view above on the USA election is accurate. I voted Tory only because I felt Boris would get us out of the EU and look what I have as a result. Just like us, America has a choice of bad and worse. At least Trump got the economy going after Obama but it cost a huge amount of money and now it is a mess after the coronavirus policies, just like ours. Some say all the US troubles will vanish after Biden wins, but that seems to be wishful thinking. They will get worse no matter who wins. Returning to Thomas Sowell, he was asked for his views on Trump in an interview and said he was the worst President since the one before (Obama) and went onto to say he reaches for the off-switch when either appear on TV. I saw elsewhere a comment saying the light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming towards us. It seems to sum up the state of the world today.

  • PFC Snafu

    An elected leader is (ideally and quite frequently in reality) the personification of his/her electorate, apparently representing the majority. When Reagan was president, the Americans were Reaganesque. He-Clinton was elected when the majority became sensitive, “I-feel-your-pain” philanderers. When the populace was happy to scream together “Ich bin ein Obamer”, we got Obama. When the majority got tired of that we, thank God, elected Trump. But the geological processes slowly push the majority toward becoming senile idiots, so I am quite scared; we have enough people who’s personification is Joe Biden.

  • You should visit your website host’s support and set up a customised non-web email address, such as

    Compare the worshipful treatment of Kamala Harris by the BBC, Sky News, The Guardian and The Independent to what Tucker Carlson had to say about her.

    Tucker: There are timeshare sellers more trustworthy than Kamala Harris –

  • william boreham


  • alex

    Hi David greetings from pattaya (not what it used to be)
    I noticed exactly the same thing with Yahoo switching off the comments on their news stories.I suspect it is for the reason you think – left wing biased stories generating negative comments.I sent them a message saying so don’t suppose it will do much good.

    Trump in 2020 KAG

  • Brenda Blessed

    I suppose all of the accompanying adverts, mainly showing sub-Saharans, is aimed at making us feel as if we are already living in the up-and-coming chaotic shytwhole planned for this country by those clamouring to get into the Lords.

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