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Trump predicted the statue attacks three years ago

(Monday blog)

Trump predicted the fascist leftists’ statue destruction

Here’s a very brief piece of video from 2017 in which President Donald Trump virtually predicts that the US-hating, West-hating, supposedly ‘woke’, fascist leftists would start tearing down statues of anyone they chose to disapprove of.

The rest of the world was asleep, totally unaware of the cultural pogrom about to be unleashed. But three years ago Trump could already sense the destructive intolerance of the self-righteous, historically-ignorant, virtue-signalling, free-speech-loathing leftists and anarchists. The leftist, fascist anarchists first hid behind the LGBT, then the Not My President, then the Russian Collusion, then the Extinction Rebellion, then the anti-Transphobia and now the Black Lives Matter banners as they try to impose a Pol Pot type Year Zero on us all by rewriting history, destroying all traces of our heritage and forbidding any opinions except their own.

Once the protesting garbage have torn down the statues, I guess they’ll start burning books. After all, even someone as (IMHO) left-wing and liberal as J K Rowling has become a hate figure for the Antifa mob for daring to suggest that one’s sex was biological and not something one could choose depending on the day of the week. Moreover, some employees at her publishers are refusing to work on her latest children’s book because they feel offended by her supposedly ‘transphobic’ tweets.

And Nigel Farage had to leave radio station LBC apparently for correctly likening the fascist, statue-wrecking BLM mob to the Taliban.

Unfortunately, the leftist, fascist scum are enthusiastically supported by much of the mainstream media. In the UK the BBC and C4 News never take a break from spewing out their anti-West, anti-white propaganda. And in the US there are CNN and MSNBC and the Washington Post and the New York Times and many others pumping out the anti-West message.

Here’s Trump from a 2017 press conference asking whether people would soon start tearing down statues of US founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. At the time, Trump was brutally mocked and ridiculed by the usual mainstream media commentators (including, of course, the BBC) for deranged ranting.

Yet last week, in Portland Oregon statues of both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were attacked, covered in red paint and the George Washington statue torn down because both men were known to have owned slaves:

I doubt any of the mainstream media will now be apologising to Trump.

As our useless government cowers and ‘takes the knee’ in submission to the fascist, free-speech-hating, West-loathing Antifa mobs and as £200,000- to £300,000-a-week Premier League footballers (about 30% of whom are from BAME backgrounds) bleat their support to fighting against supposed ‘racism’, Trump is the only voice of sanity in a world gone mad and is our only hope to save Western civilisation:



7 comments to Trump predicted the statue attacks three years ago

  • loppoman

    Don’t you just despair. The only leader worth having is not ours!
    I do hope that he gets in again, failing that we are doomed. There is just no hope of getting our country back without conflict. Prepare for bad times ahead.

  • leila

    Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date is altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right George Orwell 1984

    Topple the racists consists of a map of 60 statues in 30 UK cities, including Horatio Nelson, Oliver Cromwell and of all people Nancy Astor the 1st woman to be elected to parliament in 1919.Other names are Drake, Columbus and Charles Gray whose government supervised the abolition of slavery in 1833. Thanks to the Gatestone Institute for the information.

    Finally may I recommend an excellent essay on Britain’s role in slavery by David Scott on the UKColumn web site where he maintains we paid a mindblowing amount of money to police the seas after abolition. So large I wonder if it’s correct Only repaid in 2015 so it might be the war loan from the US.

    I agree re Trump. Saviour of the West.

  • DailyWailFanClub

    Joker Ruth Sunderland of the Daily Wail RAG.
    Business editor says “Covid19 is likely to spawn new markets and jobs of its own”
    I suggest the coming 50% unemployed in the next year form a queue outside her house and ask for details.

  • DontPi**UpMyBack

    MI5 and GCHQ spy on us all around the clock, every phone location switched on or not they know where you are.with Facial Recognition Cameras everywhere on street corners and in shops everywhere how come MI5 lost track of the Terrorist??

  • A Thorpe

    I feel inclined to put the last sentence in another way – if Trump is the only voice of sanity then the world has gone mad. He is not a good president in my view and his communication skills are terrible. He has reduced unemployment, which he promised, but it has been through throwing money at the problem which he hasn’t got. He is threatening a trade war with China which will be disastrous. His plus point has to be that he respects the American Constitution, which the Democrats want to destroy, and this is why he should be re-elected.

    In the video clip here he sounds rational, but when he was talking about injecting disinfectant and recently about virus testing he made no sense. I only saw small clips and the media might have been selective to make him look an idiot. The trouble with him is that he gives them the ammunition to present him in a bad light. Is he really our only hope?

    On the issue of removing statues, it does not change history, it might be making history in that it shows how pointlessness of the cancel culture. Removing Rhodes’ statue at Oriel does not involve the college returning his money to his family. The students are never asked why they go to the college in the first place if they don’t like where the money came from. It show how weak the college is to give into these demands and this weakness follows through into weakness of councils, parliament and the government. We now have the rule of the mob with weak governments everywhere.

  • loppoman

    Yes, Trump’s communication skills are lacking.
    He also talks some nonsense at times.
    He’s maybe a guy you don’t want to socialize with.
    On the other hand, he’s created jobs so that the average worker can pay his mortgage and put food on the table.
    Having said that, who would you wish to replace him with?
    The Americans and the western world are better with the devil they know. Unless Orban becomes an American. The leftie Dems would be a disaster.

  • Cliff Hatton

    Well…Sir Nigel’s out there at the moment…maybe Don’s grooming him for the top job!

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