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Was ‘Saint’ George Floyd a violent, dangerous thug?

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I just wanted to mention two unfortunate truths about the ludicrously-exaggerated Black Lives Matter protests

Was ‘Saint’ George Floyd a violent, dangerous thug?

I am in no way condoning the way the police treated George Floyd. But as the crowds of virtue-signalling, woke protestors (encouraged by a fawning mainstream media) try to beatify George Floyd as some kind of saint who loved his mom, was a wonderful dad and spent his life helping others, there’s a more than insignificant risk that the mainstream media ‘forgets’ to mention Saint George Floyd’s long and impressive criminal record:

(if you want to see the image more clearly you can just left-click on it once then once again. Then you can even left-click on it a third time to enlarge the image)

This long criminal record includes several violent robberies including one where he broke into a home and aimed a pistol at a pregnant woman’s stomach to get her to hand over any money and jewelry he could steal. He spent 5 years in prison for that, I think. The short sentence was the result of a plea bargain.

Moreover, I think he abandoned his daughter and her mother. So much for being a wonderful devoted dad.

Another part of the protestors’ and mainstream media’s beatification of St George Floyd was that, although he’d had a troubled early life in Texas, he had moved to Minneapolis to get a job and start a new life and had worked with young African Americans to help them avoid becoming involved in crime. That may or may not be true. But what we do know is that on the day of his arrest the police were called when a shopkeeper caught Saint George Floyd trying to use a counterfeit $20 note and that his autopsy showed that he was high on drugs – fentanyl and methamphetamine. Perhaps that’s not exactly what you would expect from someone supposedly “starting a new life” and counselling other people to help them avoid a life of crime?

“Racist police brutality in UK more deadly than Coronavirus”

I saw a brief part of an interview on TV where some black British young woman (who according to one report originally from corrupt, dangerous, sh*t-hole Nigeria) claimed “You guys are saying that the coronavirus pandemic will kill us but police brutality will kill us first”. This genius went on to claim “I’m already risking my life on a daily basis, ok, I am already risking my life. Corona is not going to kill me before the police kill me.”

What was depressing about this young black woman’s claims was that nobody dared challenge her utter stupidity. Over 40,000 Brits have died this year from the Chinese Covid-19 plague. Not one single Brit has died this year from the supposed “racist police brutality” that this lady is protesting about. Yet this (IMHO) brain-dead idiot is allowed to get away with her ludicrous claims without being challenged. And, worse than that, we see our police kneeling in subservience to these (IMHO) woke, brain-dead, know-nothing, self-indulgent, lying ass-holes:

Oh, and I have a bit of news for this young lady. If she doesn’t die of old age, then statistically the most likely cause of an early death for her in Sadiq Khan’s violent, drug-flooded, blood-soaked London will be from being stabbed or shot by her BAME gang-member boyfriend should she ever dare disrespect him. But of course nobody dares mention that as, even though it would be statistically-correct, it would be politically-incorrect and thus would be considered ‘racist’.

Then there’s another option. If the young lady did originally come from Nigeria and really believes  “I’m already risking my life on a daily basis” then she could always return to quiet, safe, calm, non-violent Nigeria. How about that for a great idea?

9 comments to Was ‘Saint’ George Floyd a violent, dangerous thug?

  • twi5ted

    Sadly as per climate change, the eu, covid19, identity politics, equality and now these virtue signalling protests none are supported by data just feelings. The response is irrational. The media are broken.

    Weirdly the dems driving these agendas to kick out trump must be in the same political bubble, detached from reality, Boris is living. Middle america is not going to vote for a president weak on law and order during violent riots and unrest. Particularly when they sense the orchestration behind it all.

  • A Thorpe

    Thank you for another dose of sanity in an insane world. We don’t need the media anymore for propaganda. The masses are generating it themselves.

  • William Boreham

    The deluded white folk raising Black Lives Matter placards have got ‘who’s lives matter’ scenario arse about face. It’s ‘white lives’ that desperately matter in the year 2020. No white European country has a birth-rate close to the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman. (English – 1.8) Our birth-rates and population numbers are all declining. For the first time in recorded history, prosperous, secure and peaceful societies facing no external threat have elected to pass out of existence. I see on a countdown web, displaying the date when the white folk in the USA will be in a minority – in a mere 23 years time! Meanwhile, twenty four of the 25 countries on the planet with the highest per-capita birth rates are in sub-Saharan Africa. The figures are frightening for all the advanced civilisations. ‘The population of Africa is expected to roughly double by 2050. This will add 1.2 billion people to Africa’s 2019 population of 1.3 billion people’ Nigeria, the continent’s most populous nation, will see its population grow from 191 million in 2017 to a staggering 411 million in 2050 !’ Remember ‘Live Aid’ back in 85? ‘The Ethiopians’ are dying of starvation in their millions and it’s up to us here in the West to rush to their aid’ ? The population of Ethiopia then was 40 million. They’ve been very busy little bees since we ‘saved’ them because the population now in 109 million. And one thing’s for sure, you won’t find any Newton, Galileo, Pasteur, Euler, Lavoisier, Darwin, Beethoven, Leonardo or Shakespeare (the list is endless) coming out of black Africa. So with the inexplicable rise of a religion more suitable for 7th century goat herders combined with many millions of low IQ (sub) humanity flooding into Europe – our grandchildren and their children face a nightmare future.

  • loppoman

    Yes David, thank you for the constant reality that you inject into this blog. Where else are we going to get some sanity?
    I have to admit that this country is slowly and surely MAKING me into a racist. As a white person, I feel that I and millions others no longer matter and that we should be ashamed of who we are. Our ancestors fought and died for nothing. I resent they way our government and media ignore us and impose upon us doctrines contrary to our traditional ways and cultures. I don’t see any future for sane people in this country. For all of that, I can unfortunately, become a racist.

  • TerryF

    Will Trudeau take a knee for these victims, will the be marches and protests in London??
    Will the British Bullshit Corporation BBC report will the Daily Mail Shills cover such atrocities .No of course not to them White Lives Don’t Matter.

  • Now these decadents are talking about abolishing the police in Minneapolis altogether and even in the US as a whole.

    Maybe that was part of the plan all along. A plan that has been fast-tracked in the US due to the current circumstances. They are constantly trying to get rid of the second amendment that gives the right to bear arms.

    Come to think of it, although the US public is armed to the teeth, there was very little use of guns in the riots.

    The UK’s ‘government’ was diminishing the police slowly but surely.

    Get us used to their presence in TV programmes and adverts and then let them in using the UN “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” and the fictional effects of climate-change as the excuse.

    Maybe you can come up with some emigration figures of people of sub-Saharan origin leaving the UK and USA to return to their countries of origin, not to some other first-world country. I tried web-searching briefly and failed. I have an idea that the numbers are so small that no one bothers to record them.

  • Hardcastle

    Thank you Terry F for reminding us of the continuing genocide of white farmers in SA.of course you will not see any reference to this in our media,particularly the BBC,it does not accord with their agenda.It may or may not happen in the near future,but if we continue as we are,this will be in Britain also.Do not think this could not happen here,it can happen anywhere,if law and order is not enforced.The speed at which our country is descending into anarchy is alarming and it appears to be condoned by those who are supposed to defend us,the peaceful,law abiding majority who did not,have never,voted for any of it.It is either strong government,civil war or catastrophe.I despise the leadership,or lack of it,from all politicians of the past 40 years,with one or two exceptions.

  • TerryF

    Yes Hardcastle and we will be following this route that will afflict the United States.With the exception that ours will be worse we are unarmed.

  • Stillreading

    Covid-19 is most certainly NOT just a kind of ‘flu, as the above article on the above link alleges. It IS a new strain of coronavirus which has the capability to make certain people very ill indeed and to kill a significant number. Some deaths are currently Understandable because the patient had one or more comorbidities, any one of which could have been fatal sooner or later. Other deaths cannot yet be explained and researchers are working to try to discover why. (Just as they had to work to discover the mechanism governing AIDS almost 40 years ago.)The fact is, though, that the entire Western world has now been indoctrined into such a state of fear that all sense of proportion has been lost. In the ENTIRE WORLD, fewer than HALF A MILLION (around 400,000 currently) are known to have died from covid-19. Compare that with the estimated THIRTY MILLION, but probably more, who died in the Spanish Flu of 1919/19. Now that WAS a pandemic. In the UK the economy has been totally wrecked. The retired and those of working age will probably never regain their previous standard of living, or indeed their ability to travel and associate with others freely, and today’s children will not only be forced to endure indefinitely ludicrous – indeed criminal – physical limitations on activity and regulations in schools, but once adult will be paying down the national debt all their working lives. Right now, the old and ill are dying of conditions unrelated to covid-19, yet in hospitals and care homes are being deprived of the presence of their friends or beloved children during their final days and moments. Cancer treatment is being delayed due to fear of the plague, whilst the disease is spreading insidiously in its host until it will be incurable. Every day counts in cancer care. People are enduring the agonies of toothache because no dentistry is available and even when dentists are permitted to resume practice, they apparently will have to work in full PPE kit, presumably changed between each patient, and will have to deep clean their surgeries several times a day. Their turnover of patients will be a tiny proportion of what it previously was, and we have had insufficient dentists in the UK for decades. The prospect of the routine check-up and early treatment of a suspicious tooth is fading into the far distance. The situation is, frankly, totally ludicrous. The cure is now infinitely worse than the disease. There a couple of positive things to say about the hoards of protesters gathered in London this weekend. If masses of them go down with covid-19 then we can look forward to some peace on the streets, starting in about a fortnight’s time, while they take to their beds. If none of them succumb, then given the almost total absence of “social distancing” displayed, together with only spasmodic wearing of masks, then surely that can be taken as evidence that some semblance of normal life can safely resume!

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