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How management consultants McKinsey betrayed America

(Wednesday blog)

More sad news from Iran

First some terribly sad news from the glorious people’s democratic Izlumic paradise on earth Iran. Sadly, at least 700 bearded crazies have died in the last couple of weeks after drinking methanol in the mistaken belief that Allah and methanol would protect them against the Covid-19 plague. A few others are blind, but not quite dead. I assume all those involved are men as I doubt Iranians would ‘waste’ a good Covid-19 cure on women.

So there are now more than 700 fewer bearded crazies to leap up and down screaming about their snackbar and yelling “death to America” and “death to Israel” and suchlike.

China conquers the world

In my blog about China taking over the world, there was one thing I forgot to mention. In Australia, the domestic airline Virgin Australia,has gone into administration thanks to the shutdown caused by the Chinese Covid-19 plague. And now it’s looking like Virgin Australia will be bought at a bargain-basement price by a Chinese company fronting for the Chinese Communist Party. It’s not a great idea to allow an enemy power to control one of your major airlines.

This was, of course, something I predicted in my video – THE WUHAN SONG. Here it is for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet:

McKinsey helps China conquer the world

I don’t know how many readers are familiar with the management consultancy, McKinsey and Co. McKinsey are the world’s leading management consultancy and have worked advising most major companies and governments.

In Britain, McKinsey were Blair’s favourite consultants and pocketed hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money doing lucrative projects including reorganising the NHS and supposedly advising the Ministry of Defence how to buy military equipment more effectively with McKinsey’s horribly misnamed “Smart Acquisition” initiative which led to the MoD wasting billions buying military stuff that was worthless such as the Nimrod planes or ended up costing three or four times the original price such as the Type 45 destroyers. I have written about McKinsey’s UK work in my book PLUNDERING THE PUBLIC SECTOR.

Anyway, one country McKinsey have been helping is our sworn enemy – China – the country that is taking over the world.

McKinsey seems to have helped China in two main ways:

Firstly, McKinsey encouraged thousands of US companies to outsource their production to Chinese companies destroying much of US manufacturing and making millions of Americans unemployed.

McKinsey also seems to have been helping the Chinese Communist Party working through Chinese companies to buy up key Western companies and steal their intellectual property.

Here’s a rather jaw-dropping interview featuring Fox News’s Tucker Carlson interviewing a top McKinsey boss about what McKinsey were actually doing in China.

The video (at around 15 minutes) is longer than I would normally recommend. But it is quite revealing and possibly worth watching even if you’re not particularly interested in management consultants:


3 comments to How management consultants McKinsey betrayed America

  • loppoman

    Mainly off topic today.
    You do some great research and reporting and so I have a request for you.
    There appears to be an increase in the numbers of illegals coming over from France by sea, some probably carrying the virus.
    No one wants to talk about this (especially the MSM) and it’s going on behind our backs whilst we clap for the NHS.
    The numbers will no doubt increase as the summer weather calms the waves.
    Slowly but surely we are being replaced by those who are not our kind.
    How about doing some reports on this?
    My questions would be:
    1. Why do they want to come to Britain?
    2. Why is our border force taxiing them in and why is the French equivalent not taking them back to France?
    3. What happens to them once they’re over here? How are they looked after (food, accommodation, clothing, etc.)? I suspect they get looked after better than our lot.
    4. What proportion get returned to France?
    It would appear that, despite the government’s promises, there is an agenda to bring these people here. But why?
    I assume that they are not pre-selected in France on the basis of having skills that we require and that they are merely a random bunch who paid to get into a dinghy.
    Please David, see what you can do. I’m sure many of your readers will have the same interest in this as I.

  • leila

    It’s continued population (ours) replacement. The gov can rely on maritime law to see them safely here. As usual I am enraged at the betrayal of indigenous citizens of this lovely land by those elected with our trust.

  • A Thorpe

    I did not pick up the same message about McKinsey. He was talking about free trade and economic theory which is that manufacturing should be carried out where it is cheapest. That gives the best deal for consumers which is the basis of capitalism and which is always ignored by those opposed to capitalism. It surely is for polticians to consider the effects of applying such policies. The west has seen jobs go to China for cheap products and I cannot see any sign that consumers want to pay more for goods, and they probably don’t care about the job losses, provided it isn’t theirs. The other important factor, also not considered by consumers, is that the working conditions in China would not be acceptable here and neither would the pollution. Western consumers have closed their eyes to the negative side of Chinese manufacturing. The environmentalists in the west celebrate the loss of manufacturing because that is their objective. They don’t care about the western economy, or the environmental damage in China and India, because the environment is not what they are concerned about.

    I also think that economic theories of free trade are based on it being between democratic countries. When the transfer of jobs started the west probably thought it could control China and did not think that it would become the economic giant we now see.

    Trump has concerns about China and he has supported US steel making by subsidies. This means that companies that are competitive are paying the taxes to support uncompetitive steel making. My view of this approach to economics is that it fails in the long term because the US is trying to maintain a standard of living that it cannot afford. Such an approach is only possible if a country can isolate itself from trade. That approach has never been possible. I believe I am correct to say that both China and Japan have done this in the past and it results in decline and poverty. We only have to look at the archeological evidence to see the extent of trade across Europe and Asia in the distant past.

    I am convinced that abundant and cheap energy is essential to maintain our standard of living and to reducing poverty in the world. Europe especially has damaged its energy supplies because of the ridiculous climate change policies. The US has sensibly allowed fracking. Nuclear power is the only way forward and it is obvious that thorium reactors are needed. The west is doing little to develop them.

    The world can only have free trade and countries can only allow dependency on others if they can be trusted. Countries must also have something to trade and must maintain a positive or neutral trade balance. The UK has basically had a trade deficit since the last war and this is not sustainable. We cannot have a high standard of living maintained by debt. China and McKinsey are not the problem, our government and our own obsession with consumer goods bought by debt are the problem. The piper has to be paid.

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