June 2022
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African enriches Germany?

(Wednesday blog)

The Great Replacement

This blog has been a bit serious the last few days. So today I thought I’d lighten things up a bit. But only a bit.

First I’d like to show this picture I found floating somewhere around the Internet. It shows how fragile our advanced, democratic, Western civilisation is:

Not only does our advanced, democratic Western civilisation cover just a small part of the Earth’s surface. But the crowded masses occupying the rest of the Earth’s surface mostly want to move to the civilised West because their own countries are mostly backward, violent, crime-ridden, failed-state hell-holes.

There are fewer than one billion of us. We haven’t got room or the resources to provide for almost seven billion of them:

Our rulers tell us that it’s our duty to take in migrants and most countries have signed up to the UN Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration and planes and boats are already shipping in thousands of Third-worlders each month.

But how many must we take? With increased automation reducing the numbers of workers required in the West and with the West de-industrialising due to the ludicrous cult of Climate Breakdown or Climate Emergency or whatever it’s called this week, the last thing we need are more and more unskilled workers. And while our numbers are declining, there are about 100 million more of them born each year – around 50 million more each year in Africa and another 50 million a year in other Third-world countries.

Enriching Germany?

Here, to cheer us all up is a gentleman from Africa enriching Germany with his many skills:

I imagine nobody dares to intervene to stop him as German men have become so emasculated by political correctness and because they know that if they did intervene they’d be called ‘Nazis’ and be prosecuted for racism and violence against a poor, innocent migrant.

Here he is again, after smashing the windscreens of a few taxis with his lump of wood:!/v/vladtepesblog/Qma6tqb8Rq5bkYivbtUfBqEcL6WJ1Tr5wfsWkzfZQyVTzX

(it might take 30 seconds or more for the video to appear)

Because I believe all Third-worlder migrants are highly civilised, highly-intelligent, highly-educated and highly-productive members of society, I can only assume that this gentleman is the marketing manager for the German division of Autoglass Windscreen Repairs implementing the company’s new marketing policy to increase business.

However, I could understand that some cynical, right-wing, bigoted, fascistic individuals might consider that this gentleman is a low-IQ, violent, illiterate, worthless, unemployable, parasitic piece of subhuman trash that should be sent back to whatever cess-pit country he came from.

3 comments to African enriches Germany?

  • William Boreham

    Hitler in 1945: “All good Germans are dead.”

  • A Thorpe

    It has always been the same. People move to the money and the money is in cities. 2000 years ago people moved to Rome even though they had to live in overcrowded, filthy and dangerous conditions with no guarantee of success. London is where the money is. The government can throw money at the north but it will not create the lifestyle and opportunities offered by London. Manufacturing will not be recreated in the UK because our energy is too expensive and we want high pay and so it is not economic. Even the poorest in the world have access to mobile phones and they they know where the money is and they can see governments handing it out. Why wouldn’t they come? No walls or borders will stop them. There is no risk they will not take to get here. They go to the big cities, not the countryside. Bashing trees is no fun. Our politicians cannot stop them and they often encourage them. The politicians don’t care because it enables them to increase the size of the state which is the focus of everything they do.

  • SM

    Should just be shot. Simple really. He would at least be crippled if it was my car.

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