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“Wake up Paddy, I think I have something to say to you”

(Tuesday blog)

(Firstly, apologies to Rod Stewart for the title of today’s blog)

Yesterday I opined about the ten techniques our rulers are using to destroy our civilisation. Today, I wanted to suggest why they were pushing the West to commit cultural and existential suicide. But I haven’t quite worked that one out yet.

So, instead I’ll give a concrete example of how one country – the Republic of Ireland – plans to go about destroying itself.

It used to be common for comedians to make jokes about the Irish being a bit thick. But I imagine an “Irish joke” now would be considered a supposed “hate crime”. So I’ll just stick to documented facts. Though in today’s politically-correct, woke, snowflake world, criticising a group, even just using official reports and figures, probably also constitutes a ‘hate crime’ in the eyes of our useless police.

The Irish Plan 2040

The Irish Government has published a national planning strategy called “Plan 2040”. Here are some of the main objectives of this plan:

  • Guide the future development of Ireland, taking into account a projected 1 million increase in our population, the need to create 660,000 additional jobs to achieve full employment and a need for 550,000 more homes by 2040;
  • Of the 1 million extra people,
  • 25% is planned for Dublin, recognised as our key international and global city of scale and principal economic driver,
  • 25% across the other four cities combined (Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford), enabling all four to grow their population and jobs by 50-60%, and become cities of greater scale, i.e. growing by twice as much as they did over the previous 25 years to 2016, and
  • with the remaining 50% of growth to occur in key regional centres, towns, villages and rural areas, to be determined in the forthcoming regional plans – Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSESs)

Some interesting issues arise with this plan. Firstly, most governments can barely plan beyond next week, so how can the Irish government plan for more than 20 years ahead? Secondly, there are general elections in Ireland every 5 years and presidential elections every 7 years. So what would be the point of one government or one president producing a 20-year plan? This would only make sense if the main political parties and the presidential candidates were almost indistinguishable from each other and if they were all pursuing almost exactly the same polices dictated to them by the Bilderberg Brussels bureaucrats. This would make Irish elections meaningless as whichever party or presidential candidate won would follow the same policies

The 2040 ‘population increase’

But the main problem with Plan 2040 is the expected increase in population of about one million people. The Irish birth rate is around 1.9 children per woman down from 4 children per woman in the 1960s and 1970s. The UK is at 1.8. But replacement level is 2.1 children per woman. So, the indigenous Irish population is actually declining.

Ooops! Where are the extra one million people in the Irish Government’s plan going to come from? Hmmm, I wonder.

Can the Irish do some simple arithmetic?

The Irish population is around 4.8 million. Let’s assume that the indigenous population will decline to about 4 million by 2040 because of the falling birth rate and a long history of native Irish emigrating to the UK and other English-speaking countries in search of new opportunities. Then, of the 5.8 million people who (the Irish Government predicts) will be living in Ireland by 2040, around 1.8 million – almost one in three ‘Irish’ – will be from Africa, the Middle East or places like Crapistan.

Of course, many of these wonderful people being imported by Ireland’s rulers may be highly educated, very Westernised and eager to roll up their sleeves and get to work paying taxes to support Ireland’s ageing population. On the other hand, many may be poorly-educated, barely-literate, low-IQ, violent, lazy, unemployable, West-hating, benefits-scrounging, deeply-criminal human flotsam and debris who will impose a massive economic burden on the working Irish, destroy communities and strain public services like health, education and the police as has happened in so many other Western European countries (Swedistan being one of the best examples).

Am I really the only person who has realised what the Irish Government’s plan will do to the country?

Ludicrously, the plan has nice pictures of rolling Irish countryside and happy white Irish families:

Perhaps photos of no-go, inner-city ghettoes with women dressed like Darth Vader on a bad hair day and the men stabbing each other or screaming about their snackbars and demanding the introduction of Sharia Law would be more appropriate?

Most other Western European governments are following a similar strategy of white race replacement. But no other government has actually announced its plans so openly and so clearly. And yet nobody in Ireland seems to have noticed, objected to or even protested against this catastrophic planned destruction of their country and culture. Though, of course, now Ireland has signed up to the UN Compact on Safe and Orderly Migration, anyone daring to criticise mass migration will probably be committing a criminal offence

This brings us back to the title of today’s blog – “Wake up Paddy, I think I have something to say to you”

(if any reader has friends or contacts living in the Republic of Irelandistan, perhaps they could send them a link to today’s blog?)

And to cheer us all up, here’s Rod:

7 comments to “Wake up Paddy, I think I have something to say to you”

  • IanJ

    What on earth are our devious elites thinking?
    Some years ago, I recall being told that automation, (robotics, CNC etc) would reduce the number of jobs available. In addition, the UK seems to have virtually abandoned manufacturing, further reducing then need for skilled labour.
    This suggests to me that a falling birth rate would not be a problem as the younger workforce would shrink to match available jobs. Pension provision could be an issue, but forward planning to increase contributions should have resolved this.
    Why do we need so much immigration for non-existent jobs when there are already so many unemployed or on benefits? The increased demand for services and housing requires infrastructure investment that does not happen due partly, I suggest, to the increase in benefit payments to support the surplus immigrants who are unemployed (or unemployable).
    It seems that we are being treated like sheep

  • M G

    The question must be asked “why are our leaders so blinkered by the Soros led Bilderberger organisation?” What hold do they have over our leaders to make them want to destroy our civilisation? We know the un want to be world government by 2030, but why would sovereign nations want to subscribe into and under their rule? As the un are an Islam led organisation, they will give no support to any other religion ultimately leading to an islumic world! Are we prepared to accept this DOMINATION?

  • Stillreading

    “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad”. Thought to go back to the Ancient Greeks and certainly quoted in Latin “Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat” (God, not gods) in Life of Samuel Johnson, indicating that its concept was familiar to the educated elite of Georgian England. When wise old Enoch dared say something similar 60 years ago he was comprehensively vilified, but how prescient he was! As for what our devious elites are thinking, one is forced to the conclusion either that they are not thinking at all (sometimes seems not improbable!) or that they, and therefore all of us, are being controlled by powerful unidentified financial forces of whose identity we are unaware. Or maybe it’s just that the human race has, finally, overreached itself and is heading lemming-like to the cliff edge of its extinction.

  • A Thorpe

    Good luck with trying to work out why we are in this situation. First of all, who are our Rulers. It doesn’t seem to be our democratically elected leaders. I cannot see any co-ordinated effort to destroy our societies, or for that matter any effort to prevent them being destroyed. It might be a case of our elected leaders being too weak and having no plans for anything significant.

    It could be argued that the Irish Plan is just a response to events they have no control over. The mass immigration is due to failed leadership in some countries that has created unacceptable lives for their people. The west hasn’t helped with armed intervention. Who can blame people for wanting to leave and find a better life?

    When have we seen stable and steadily improving civilisations in human history and with cooperation between then? The last 70 years has been conflict free for the west, all the conflicts have been carried out abroad. More importantly we have seen big technological advances that could not have been imagined when I was born. The west believes this will continue. Today, we have globalisation which is relatively new. The UK led the world because its success was based on coal, iron and the newly invented steam power. Now we do not have the natural resources or the energy to compete with many other countries, China being the obvious example. We cannot even provide all the food we need. Our basics needs of food and shelter have been replaced with importance on luxuries. The UK is living on debt and our leaders believe this can continue because they convince themselves that governments can have unlimited debt.

    IanJ is concerned about the lack of manufacturing. This happened because some of our products were poor quality, cars especially, but the main factor was that we expected high incomes and globalisation meant that others would do the same or better for less. We still expect a high standard of living, especially health care, but for most people it has to be paid for by somebody else. Our problems are because of our own attitude. Leaders cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

    My biggest concern is that the west has given up on rational thinking and science and believes that love is all we need. When you have got a solution to these issues, you know the song to be played.

  • Judd

    IanJ, we need massive immigration of people who can’t be assimilated for one simple reason, to divide and rule a people who were previously quite settled in their lives with generally peaceful communities in a country it was usually safe to raise your children in…for those rare child killers/abusers the old bill and courts knew how to deal with them, and it wasn’t by looking the other way it was by letting brick outhouse build coppers do the right thing.

    The Blair regime followed this creed, look at the great diverse joy it has brought to England especially, no need to list the downsides we’d be here all day tiptoeing around the edges of hate speech, the upsides of this almost religious creed no one has yet told us and the average normal Brit can’t think of one positive aspect.

    We can’t say we weren’t told what would happen, a certain chap called Enoch made it plain as day what would happen, oh we listened, but our leaders and betters made sure speaking of such things would be career ending, and if you were lucky no further action, so those with voices that could be heard publicly kept schtum and continued filling their pockets.

    It’s only since the advent of the internet and voices like our host have a platform that the truth is once more being heard again, sadly the rot is instilled deep into the brains of those born since the mid 60’s, let alone the mental wrecks that comprise so many millenials who seem increasingly automated, incapable of rational thought of their own.

    I have Irish heritage, half Irish myself, we never minded the jokes because generally they were meant in a kindly way, most people love the genuine Irish that don’t travel in caravans, maybe some younger Irish take offense but like the vast majority of older English people the older Irish generation never lost their sense of humour, nor did we oldies of either land take ourselves quite as seriously as the new breed, who seem to have no sense of humour at all unless someone is being genuinely hurt.

    I will be sorry to see Ireland destroyed as planned, the best thing the Irish could do is follow us and leave (eventually) the EU, chuck that Global Migration Compact national suicide agreement in the skip, along with the fools who signed it and dreamed up Ireland’s planned takeover.

  • William Boreham

    How ironic it is that the lowest birth-rate figures amongst the very low European birth-rate statistics seem to come from the once devout Catholic countries, like Spain, Italy, Ireland etc. An elderly Irish lady once told me that she’d only been married 8 months when the priest called around asking her why she wasn’t yet pregnant! How times change, millions of Irish have died over the centuries, willing to die to gain freedom from English rule and then handed over their sovereignty to the EU. Heard an unsettling report on the radio yesterday; not only are English women having even less babies now than ever, those they do have are being born to women in their later child producing years. Women who have babies in, say, their early 20’s produce healthier, fitter babies, far less likely to have any medical problems than those born to women in their late 30’s – as ours are. Hopefully most of the millions of ‘Warriors for Allah’ being born in this realm will be of the first cousin retards variety, as precious few ‘Warriors for Christendom’ are being born to oppose them

  • A Thorpe

    Some of the comments on immigration fail to consider the history of the human race. None of us would be in Britain if it wasn’t for human migration, so it was OK when people were settling in areas without any humans. The Europeans don’t have a good track record, but again it was OK when we “discovered” new countries and thought it was acceptable to settle there. When we found there were people already living there we treated them as inferior. We destroyed the Aztec and Inca civilisations. The American Indians, Aborigines and Maoris are still struggling for equality in the countries they settled before us. Michael Portillo reminded us in his new rail journey how mixed race children in Australia were treated appallingly. Many of the migrants now are people escaping from war zones that we have helped to create, or from despotic regimes. We would do exactly the same if those conditions existed in the UK. The problem is really with economic migrants. However, the problem is that they do not bring the money here to support themselves and they should not expect to be supported by us, which is what our politicians allow.

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