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Learn to lie like a “treacherous lying Tory Remoaner liar?”

(weekend blog)

We’re a bit spoilt for stories this weekend. There were a few Germans stabbed and raped by members of Merkel’s migrant millions. Some gentlemen in Sweden, the USA and Germany were arrested for planning terror attacks. And, of course, we had the knife-murderer in Australia who stabbed a few people, killing one, while screaming about his “snackbar” in what the Australian police assure us was definitely not a terror attack.

Suicide or suicided?

Though one of the biggest stories of the week must be Jeffrey Epstein’s departure from the land of the living. The BBC announced this morning that the coroner had concluded that Epstein definitely committed suicide. This may be true. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Though hopefully some readers watched the video I posted yesterday which analysed the deaths of 46 people connected with the Clintons. Many died by apparent suicide whereas common sense would suggest they were ‘suicided’ like the man who shot himself in the head from 4 foot away and the pregnant woman (who claimed she had an affair with Cigar Bill) and shot herself in the back of the head just after packing her bags to go away somewhere.

I found a 25-minute video in which Stefan Molyneux interviews an A&E doctor with over 25 years’ experience. In the video, the doctor explains that there are two main ways of dying from hanging – slow asphyxiation from blocking the air passages and the more rapid broken neck. Most people sentenced to death by hanging die from a broken neck due to the several foot drop. When hangings go wrong, the bones in neck are not broken and the condemned person dies from the slower asphyxiation.

Robin Williams, who tied a belt round his neck and then attached it to a door, died from asphyxiation with no broken bones in the neck. However, the six-foot Jeffrey Epstein supposedly managed to replicate the effects of a judicial hanging – broken bones in the neck – using a sheet and a bunk bed.

Suicide or suicided? I guess we’ll never know.

Nobody lies like a “lying Tory Remoaner”?

But let’s move closer to home and look at the honesty or otherwise of one of the Tory MPs trying desperately to keep us in their beloved EU.

Here’s Sarah Wollaston with Jo Swinson as they both celebrate Wollaston’s defection from the Conservatives to the Change UK or the Independent Group or whatever that rabble was called and then her next defection to the LibDems:

There are two issues with Wollaston’s double defection:

  1. Why did she join the LibDems? Explaining her decision to join the Lib Dems on Wednesday night, Dr Wollaston said: “As the strongest party for Remainers, we will lead the fight to stop Brexit.”
  2. Why didn’t she call a by-election? Sarah Wollaston is on record as having lobbied for automatic by-elections for MPs who switch parties. But having now switched parties twice in a year, she seems curiously reluctant to face one herself possibly due to the fact that the LibDems only got 13% of the vote in her constituency in the 2017 General Election.

During a grilling by BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire on her show, Dr Wollaston was asked whether she would describe herself as principled: “Er, well, I would describe myself as principled but…” Ms Derbyshire interrupted: “So when are you holding a by-election in your constituency?” to which Dr Wollaston replied: “That should be part of a general election.”

So, let’s look at what the great Dr Wollaston promised her long-suffering constituents in a hustings before the 2017 General Election. No mention of “As the strongest party for Remainers, we will lead the fight to stop Brexit.”
In fact, in 2017 she absolutely promises to support delivering Brexit. Oooops!
I hope you’ve got something ready in case you feel sick watching this (in my humble opinion) ‘lying remoaner liar’:

3 comments to Learn to lie like a “treacherous lying Tory Remoaner liar?”

  • A Thorpe

    I think it is bit unfair to single out just a few MPs. Remember the test to determine when an MP is lying – when their lips are moving. Wollaston is one I would like to see the back of after reading her views on assisted dying years ago. There isn’t one MP that thinks we have the intelligence to make decisions for ourselves.

    It is not just the MPs, it is the media as well. All we get is weasel words that sound good but are meaningless. How many times do we hear them talking about uniting the country and a government of national unity? The country has always been split but in different ways. On Brexit how can they unite people that have completely opposite views of the EU? Even parliament is split, but on one thing they will be united and that is to regain the power over us. They agreed to hold a referendum, they agreed the question and they agreed to implement the result of the vote. They only did this because they thought we would vote to remain. Now most of them are trying to reverse the decision and those that don’t have to deal with the chaos created by Mrs May.

    We will never be free from them or control them because it is democracy that prevents it. It is a system that allows them to buy our vote on the basis of promises they never deliver. Their objective is to retain or achieve power and continually increase the size of the state. It is time we talked about freedom from them and that means cutting down the state to a bare minimum.

  • loppoman

    Are there no laws in this country that declare traitors must be dragged out of office?
    You’re right – it’s not only her. There are scores of others who promised to deliver because, as you say, they were sure that remain would carry the vote.
    Cameron, too, was confident that we would vote to stay otherwise a referendum would not have taken place. Another traitor backed up by Obama.

  • leila

    It is the lack of understanding by the MPs of the corruptness and bankruptcy, both morally and financially of the EU that astounds me. German tank sales worth billions forced upon Greece but gold plundered from Greece’s Central bank by the Germans in WW2 never repaid despite Greece’s dire financial situation- better stop here as there so many examples one fill a book!

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