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Why Arabs don’t want to live in Arab hell-holes?

(Thursday blog)

A tale of two shooters (continued)

First, just a quick continuation of yesterday’s blog about US mass shootings and British media bias.

In the BBC News report yesterday evening, they finally mentioned that there had actually been two mass shootings recently in the US and not just the El Paso shooting by a white supremacist. Does this mean we actually got an unbiased report from the BBC? Well, no actually. The two shootings used in the BBC report were the El Paso one and one from July 28 at a food festival in a town called Gilroy (California). Both these shootings were carried out by white, right-wing extremists. The BBC made no mention at all of the most recent US mass shooting – the one in Dayton – the one carried out by a Democrat-supporting, Elizabeth Warren-supporting, Climate-Change-believing, pro-gun-control, immigrant-loving, open-borders lefty.

By choosing to only mention the two shootings done by white, right-wing extremists (and ignoring the one done by a left-wing extremist) the BBC was able to spin the whole story into a vituperative attack on the supposedly ‘racist’ Trump. The BBC managed to reinforce the idea that Trump was responsible by interviewing two nurses from a hospital in El Paso who both were prompted to say that Trump was not welcome in their town.

Surely it must soon be time to make the BBC a subscription-only service and then let Guardian-readers pay for a useless, bloated, self-serving, libtard organisation that is becoming increasingly irrelevant to most people’s lives?

Why Arabs don’t want to live in Arab hell-holes?

The progressive libtards and lefties never miss an opportunity to vomit their loathing of tiny, democratic, technologically-advanced, hard-working Israel. Usually they accuse tiny Israel of being a fascist, apartheid, militaristic state that oppresses Arabs and is the cause of all the misery and backwardness throughout the Arab world even though the surface area of tiny Israel is just 20,770 km2 and it has a population of 8.7 million while the Arab world is over 600 times larger at 13,132,327 km2  and has a population of 423 million:

Only brainwashed, Izlumophiliac, West-hating lefties, the Labour Party and the BBC and C4 News could seriously believe that tiny Israel (the little red patch on the above map) could really be responsible for the violence, poverty and misery of the Arab world (the huge bit in green).

And many thick-as-sh*t lefties in Europe, the UK and the US have claimed that Israel’s treatment of its Arab population is just like the Nazis’ treatment of Jews.

So, I thought it might be useful to bring you a link to a very short (2 minutes) video of an interview with an Israeli Arab who went off to fight for ISIS.

In the video, the first minute or so consists of a couple of questions in Arabic (there are subtitles) about the situation in ISIS. Then the ISIS fighter makes an appeal in Hebrew to the Israeli prime minister. He admits he was misled and begs to be allowed back into Israel. Why does he want to go back to Israel? Because he says it’s democratic and treats people from all backgrounds and religions as equals.

Could the lefties please explain why this gentleman doesn’t really fancy going to live in any of the backwards, excrement-covered, poverty-stricken, over-populated, stinking, undemocratic hell-holes created by his own people? Could they also enlighten me on why this gentleman wants to return to a country where (the lefties claim) Arabs are treated just like the Nazis treated the Jews?

Silence from the idiotic lefties?

Here’s the link:

9 comments to Why Arabs don’t want to live in Arab hell-holes?

  • Julia Green

    And the British DimLibs want uncontrolled, unvetted immigration from the 3rd World? Probably the most stupid people in Britain today. Lots of them. All brainwashed by the BBC and the leftist establishment.

  • Hardcastle

    And they think they are the intelligent,educated ones.If they cannot see the obvious results and conclusion of their enlightened views and policies,they are exceedingly thick.I hope they don’t expect to be spared from the results of their folly.

  • loppoman

    Re: A tale of two shooters.
    ITV news at ten last night – exactly as you say. No mention of the Dayton shooting but all about the El Paso one and protests about Trump.
    This channel is as bad as the BBC but, again, they’re not fooling me.
    Pity that many of the population just don’t get it.

  • loppoman

    Re: Israel.
    Do you think there are some intelligent Arabs who look at Israel and say to themselves – how come these guys have got it so good? What are we doing wrong?

  • David Craig

    I will resist the temptation to write that “intelligent Arabs” may be an oxymoron as I would totally reject such a politically-incorrect assertion.

  • William Boreham

    I venture the state of Israel wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes had it not been the unconditional, absolute support from Israel’s bitch, the ‘mighty’ USA. The reason for that is not hard to find; the Jews run America. In total control of all the media, Hollywood, TV, newspapers etc., they also dominate Wall Street and run the US Federal Reserve. The US Congress itself is Israeli controlled territory, there is no authority in America independent of the all-powerful Jewish lobby that could give the American people back the freedom to have a foreign policy that actually favours the American nation. At Israel’s behest, US intervention into Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan have been unmitigated disasters resulting in millions dead, more millions refugees, chaos, civil war and anarchy. Just because the Jews are equally antagonists against the great threat to our future existence, Islam – that doesn’t equally mean they are allies of we in the West., anymore than Stalin was a genuine ally of our Western democracies during WW2, despite we were both fighting Hitler.

  • David Craig

    I strongly distance myself from the above reader’s comments claiming that “the Jews run America” and this is why the US supports Israel. I suspect the real reason the US supports Israel is that Americans feel a greater affinity with a successful democratic country like Israel rather than Israel’s howling, screaming, mouth-frothing undemocratic, religiously-backwards bloodthirsty enemies.

  • A Thorpe

    Human knowledge is remarkable but with unpredictable outcomes. The mass killings by one person would not be possible without automatic weapons and explosives. Even passenger planes have been weaponised. Our knowledge of the structure of matter resulted in nuclear weapons but it also has peaceful applications. Our discoveries give us a high standard of living but corruption and violence keep many parts of the world in poverty. Our general lack of understanding of the discoveries allows the nonsense of human caused climate change to spread to every part of the world and to be embraced and adopted as real by politicians in every country. It seems to me that of knowledge will be our downfall if we do not understand how to use it and control it for the benefit of all.

  • Ahcmed Hamid Mohamid Amed

    This knowledge stuff should be ditched as soon as possible.
    Anyhow, it will never catch on.

    I do however look forward to seeing the first pea shooter that can fire round corners.

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