June 2024

Britain signs up to race replacement or how to commit national suicide?

(Wednesday blog)

Hopefully readers know that on 10 and 11 December in Marrakesh Britain will sign a UN agreement called the “UN Compact for Migration”.

You may wonder what it’s all about? Well, to give you a better idea, here’s the full title: “GLOBAL COMPACT FOR SAFE, ORDERLY AND REGULAR MIGRATION”

There are a few key words here. Firstly, this document is not about people seeking ‘asylum’, it’s about helping people ‘migrate‘. Secondly, the Compact is “for migration” – that means it’s there to help facilitate ever-increasing migration. Thirdly, it states that migration should be “safe, orderly and regular” – it seeks to actively encourage migration. In fact, the agreement makes migration a Yuman Right!

Here’s a link to the full document:

This dreadful agreement is based on the following principle: “Migration has been part of the human experience throughout history, and we recognize that it is a source of prosperity, innovation and sustainable development in our globalized world, and that these positive impacts can be optimized by improving migration governance”.

Though, any of the thousands of Europeans who have been killed or maimed by terrorist attacks:

or raped:

or just been victims of migrant crime might be tempted to disagree with the UN’s claims of the “positive impacts” of migration.

Some countries have realised that this ghastly document is little short of surrendering national sovereignty, control of borders and agreeing to full race replacement. So far, countries that have pulled out are the United States, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Israel, and Estonia, with Australia, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland likely to follow.

Britain will, of course sign.

The video below, at almost 14 minutes, is longer than I usually recommend. But it’s the best one I’ve found so far explaining this total disaster – a total disaster that nobody in the mainstream media seems particularly interested in discussing. I wonder why not?

May God help us because we’re doing nothing to help ourselves.

5 comments to Britain signs up to race replacement or how to commit national suicide?

  • Stillreading

    This is utterly appalling. Who decided that the UK should sign up to this? Why have we not heard about it? Has it been debated in Parliament? Above all, what can we ordinary citizens who value our national identity do to prevent it? Answers anyone?

  • William Boreham

    One despairs.
    Search: ‘SteynPost #15: Tomorrow by the Numbers’ on youtube for an alarming ‘chat’ on the planet’s population explosion – all Muslim and sub-Saharan African.

  • loppoman

    How does this square with Mrs. May’s plan that free movement will end?
    We’re heading for civil war.

  • Jean Ash

    What can be done to get this into the news, ie the TV, newspapers, radio?? How can we trust our politicians??

  • Already our government,security services and police are unable to monitor and control all of the immigrants/offspring of immigrants who have settled in Britain with the sole intent of forcing their violent undemocratic cult and beliefs on all. Statistics clearly show their presence puts indigenous people in danger of acts of terrorism. Rapes rise drastically in the areas they settle against the will of the majority of people, as do acts of paedophilia. Employment figures clearly show that more of them are state burdens than contributing workers. Birth records show most of them overbreed, whether they are able to support their offsprings or not. It’s beyond stupid to continue to allow even more immigrants to come and further destroy our once safe country. It is the responsibility of the governments of the immigrants birth countries to look after their well being. British people were not put on the good Lords earth to work to keep immigrants from third world countries. This immigration nonsence and appeasement must stop. Britain should be deporting the immigrants who threaten the safety and security of others,immigrants who have broken our laws, all workshy immigrants, all immigrants who refuse to accept OUR laws and OUR way of life, not importing more of the same.

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