June 2024

Britain’s suicide by immigration – Part 2

(Thursday blog)

I’d like to stay on the subject of the UN Global Compact for Migration for at least one more day. Why? Because it’s probably one of the most important agreements Britain will ever sign. Yet it has mysteriously not been mentioned by any politicians, not been debated in parliament and not been covered by any of the mainstream media. I wonder why not?

As far as I understand the UN Global Compact for Migration, anyone arriving in a Western signatory country can (of course with the help of lefty, no-borders, probably George Soros-funded lawyers) sue the government of that country if they are not given immediate access to free healthcare, free housing, free education, free food, free everything. It doesn’t matter if that person is an asylum seeker, an economic migrant or even a terrorist threat. According to the UN Global Compact for Migration they must be given everything they want.

In the US, when democratically-elected President Trump tried to protect the USA by restricting travel from certain countries, lefty lawyers got this decree blocked by the courts. And just this week, when Trump issued a decree that people entering the USA illegally cannot claim asylum, once again lefty lawyers got this decree blocked by the courts.

These episodes demonstrate how national governments are losing control over their laws and borders and the USA isn’t even a signatory to the dreadful UN Global Compact for Migration

Below is a 6-minute video of a speech in the German parliament from an AfD politician. In it, he exposes what a catastrophe the supposedly wonderful UN Global Compact for Migration is and how it is a complete betrayal of national sovereignty. But our politicians will sign this document as they have forgotten that they were elected to protect the interests of their own populations and not the interests of the globalist, country-hating, patriotism-loathing elites.

When civil war breaks out in the countries that sign up to the UN Global Compact for Migration, the politicians and journalists who have foisted this catastrophe on us will have long since retired to their luxury, gated, well-protected communities. As for the rest of us, as the slaughter erupts around us, we’ll wonder how we allowed ourselves to become unprotected, vulnerable minorities in our own country.

But no problem, we’re dispensable as we’re going to be replaced by the violent, illiterate, often low-IQ, unemployable, parasitic, Third-World hordes that our rulers prefer to us.

6 comments to Britain’s suicide by immigration – Part 2

  • A Thorpe

    It’s good news for all the immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. They can all go back home and get what they came here for.

  • Robert Shatwell

    The answer is for Britain to leave the EU, UN and NATO, then declare we are a neutral country. That way we can give the Churchill salute to everyone.

  • William Boreham

    I found the English were too dumb to survive way back in the 1970’s when I was canvassing for the National Front in the Tower Hamlets area of London. All I got on the doorsteps was that we were ‘racists and fascists.’ I pointed out the Muslim immigrants starting to settle in their community – were they happy and welcoming to see increasing numbers of them, clearly totally alien, but sneaking into their centuries old culture? No, they were angry and alarmed. I then pointed out quite rationally, whether we are a racist and fascist party is quite irrelevant – we are the ONLY party willing to end ALL immigration right away and send those already here back. I admitted our party is unlikely to even get a single MP in office, BUT if enough of you and all English people vote for us, predictably the numbers will make the government of the day panic and they will cut immigration numbers considerably, which will be a start at least. But no, the brainwashed masses voted as usual, Labour in that area – and now there are 40 mosques in Tower hamlets and few white faces. The English are their own worst enemy.

  • Gloria

    This is very troubling on so many fronts…..I’m most concerned for what little future I have left but, on the upside, the young lefties and gormless snowflakes deserve all the turmoil they’ve got coming their way.

  • david brown

    watch on you tube – the plan to flood us with Africans

  • Peter

    I assume the UN pact on migration is a two way thing.Millions of us can upsticks and turn up in Zimbabwe and claim asylum.Think of the success we could make of a country so rich in natural resources.Oh I forgot we have done this once but threw it away.I bet we could do it again and leave poor old UK to the immigrants and snowflakes and see who is the more successful.

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