June 2024

“I’m a f**king international lawyer you f**king c**ts!”

(weekend blog)

I wanted to do a story about diversity this weekend. But then I came across this wonderful short (2 minutes) video which all readers really should see. (Apologies if you’ve already seen it)

One effect of alcohol is that it often brings out our real characters: whether, for example, we’re calm and relaxed, at peace with ourselves and just enjoy a few drinks and laughs with friends; whether we’re pig-ignorant, violent, frustrated scrotes spoiling for a fight; or whether we’re arrogant, self-righteous, elitist bullies who treat all those we consider our inferiors with contempt.

That brings us to Simone O’Broin, 50, who is apparently some kind of Yuman Rights lawyer or barrister or whatever who had apparently worked for several supposedly ‘oppressed’ people including the Palestinians.

The fragrant Simone was filmed using a string of four-letter words when staff would not let her have more wine when she was travelling in business class on a flight from Mumbai to London.

This Yuman Rights lawyer’s verbal assault could even be seen as rather racist, when she told the Indian flight crew, who remained impeccably calm throughout: “I work for all you f***ing people. … ‘The f***ing Rohingyas, the f***ing people of all Asia, for you, I’m an international criminal lawyer. Don’t get any money for it by the way. But you won’t give me a f***ing glass of wine, is that correct?”

She then called a female crew member “Indian f***ing money grabbing bastard,” shouting that she will “turn you inside f***ing out, you f***ing stupid c***s.”

The lovely Simone can also be seen waving her arms about and turning her anger on her fellow business class passengers, attacking them for not “standing up against injustice”.

I believe that, at one point, sexy Simone shouts “this will be all over the f**king news!” Well, the (IMHO) loudmouthed, self-important, sanctimonious, lefty scumbag at least got that right. Though perhaps the incident was not “all over the f**king news” in the way she had hoped?

I think we should all thank the sensuous, slinky Simone for showing us what so many (IMHO) arrogant, holier-than-thou, self-righteous, intolerant, lefty libtards are really like:

7 comments to “I’m a f**king international lawyer you f**king c**ts!”

  • Stuz graz

    Very woke. But think on this occasion she was possibly triggered by something Trump said.

  • David Craig

    Or was it Climate Change?

  • brian rodney

    I was very impressed by the male attendant who coolly leaned one elbow on some ledge and didn’t even bother to uncross his legs. He exited with an amused smile.Well done that man !

  • William Boreham

    Not only is she exposed as a foul mouthed slut, she must also be a thick as two planks not to have appreciated the fact that virtually everybody has a camera handy in this day and age. I recall when it was first mooted about cameras on phones, I dismissed the idea as daft and would never happen. Shows what I know about technology.

  • Peter Williams

    I wonder why this story did not make the BBC news, with its impeccable world reknowned repuation For impartiality and truth telling

  • Stillreading

    For some now we have lived in a world of vulgarity verging into overt indecency. This supposedly highly educated female is a disgrace not only to her sex but the entire human race. To speak as she did to someone whose employment function was to provide her with a service and consequently was obliged to listen to her demonstrates merely her innate contempt for her fellow humans and how ludicrously inappropriate it is that she should be a Human Rights lawyer. But that’s the way so many people now behave, from posting world-wide on social network sites selfies of themselves with their tongues hanging out, to exposing in the street indecent quantities of far from attractive tattooed flesh punctuated with sundry bits of metal, to conducting phone conversations at top volume in restaurants, coffee shops and public transport. I avoid TV ads as far as possible, but when I do see them it frequently seems to me that loudness, vulgarity, ugliness is positively lauded as desirable.

  • Dissident Aggressor

    This is the true face of the loony liberal-left: frothing mouth, spitting venom, and always entrenched in a continual state of self-righteous apoplexy.

    To use her words: what a stupid f*****g c**t.

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