June 2024

We demand more diversity! Diversity makes us stronger!

(Monday blog)

Alice Roberts and Jeremy Corbyn

Before I get into today’s blog, I just wanted to share a photo with you. I read an article about Professor Alice Roberts fronting a Humanist UK campaign to stop all government funding for faith-based schools. The most recent research has shown faith-based schools – particularly Catholic, Jewish and Church of England – tend to achieve much better educational results than most other schools.

Anyway, I started to wonder why a highly-educated woman like Professor Roberts would want to drag these high-achieving faith-based schools down to the dismal standard of most non-faith schools. So, I tried to find out if perhaps Professor Alice Roberts was a Jeremy Corbyn supporter. Then I found this photo of Professor Roberts and Jeremy Corbyn together:

I think that’s definite proof of Alice Roberts supporting our Jeremy

Oh, and here’s another nice photo to cheer us up on this cold Monday morning. It features one of France’s and Europe’s most famous granny-grabbers showing great affection for yet another older woman:

We demand more diversity!

I want you to repeat after me:

“We demand more diversity! Diversity makes us stronger! We demand more diversity! Diversity makes us stronger! We demand more diversity! Diversity makes us stronger! We demand more diversity! Diversity makes us stronger! We demand more diversity! Diversity makes us stronger!”

Please keep repeating this until you start to believe it.

Anyway, here’s the subject of today’s blog – one of the most popular spectator sports in that filthy, backwards, excrement-covered, primitive, hell-hole Crapistan.

I hope you all have strong stomachs.

I believe this wonderful cultural festival is already being slowly introduced in certain areas of Britain, France and Belgium. Hooray for diversity! Hooray for multi-culturalism!

6 comments to We demand more diversity! Diversity makes us stronger!

  • Stillreading

    It’s acceptable in the sorry state of education in the UK today to abhor in principle the concept of faith schools, whilst doing everything possible to secure a place in one for a child whose future depends upon receiving a decent education. Regular Church attendance and participation in Church-based activities is demanded in return for the local priest’s endorsement. In short, hypocrisy is the order of the day. That’s probably what Dr. Alice Roberts was thinking when she stated that Government funding for such schools should cease. She’s right – provided the money goes instead to improving standards in non-faith State schools and also that schools receiving additional funding impose the higher standards of pupil behaviour generally found in Faith schools. I refer here to Jewish and Christian faith schools. What goes on in Islamic schools, some of which may well be breeding grounds for fundamentalism and terrorism, is another matter. That our Gvt. should be funding these at all is deplorable. And why, in a country where education between 5 and 18 is compulsory, do these hidden, illegal schools exist? Why aren’t local authorities chasing up all children nationwide and insisting that regularly attend a UK State-approved school?

  • A Thorpe

    I think the comments about Alice Roberts are unfair. She is a patron of Humanists UK. There is nothing wrong with that. She has stated that she could not get her children into state schools and had no other choice but to send them to a faith school. What this reveals is the poor state of education in this country when parents are not able to get their children into a school of their choice.

  • William Boreham

    I had a foretaste of the future donkeys years ago when working on tramp steamers and we had Somalis working in the engine room. They used to cut the throats of live goats on deck, screaming their ‘Allahhu Akbar!’ We’d look on in disgust, never imagining in a million years that millions of those cretinous creatures would become British citizens and we’d be obliged to eat meat slaughtered in the same fashion.

  • leila young

    No difference in the faces of the 3 savages discussing the slaughter and the child rapists of Rotherham, Leeds, Oxford etc etc The carnage is on an unbelievable level. Almost beyond comprehension is the fact we have them living here

  • Stillreading

    Such savagery has no place anywhere in the world and, along with official halal slaughter, should be banned completely throughout Europe, whose citizens rather like to think themselves civilized.
    And while we are tolerating such butchery in the name of multiculturalism (what the video shows is only a tad worse than UK approved halal slaughter) our yellow-bellied government still can’t summon up the courage to offer asylum to Aasia Bibi!

  • Mohamed

    Those are Indian Sikhs not Muslims requirements for halal meat are similar to the Jewish kosher laws. You have to cut the throat to let the blood flow out.
    Speaking as an atheist and a carnivore I don’t see the Biggie about animal slaughter in the enlightened way of our various new cultures who are enriching the UK. Anyone who has been in a pigshed or an abatoir will get what I mean.

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