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“Pearl Harbour – nothing to do with Japan” say BBC, C4 News, the Guardian…..

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Last December, Saeed Noori, an Afghan alleged Muslim jihadist plowed his vehicle into pedestrians at one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections:

Passers-by claimed that, as he was arrested by an off-duty policeman, the driver shouted “Allahu Akbar” several times.

At the time, the Australian authorities claimed that the attack was NOT terrorist and had “nothing to do with Izlum”. This claim was, of course, faithfully parrotted by the Izlumophiliac mainstream media like the BBC, C4 News, the Guardian and the New York Times (run by former BBC boss Mark Thompson):

All these lefty, Jihad-loving media chose to not mention the fact that Saeed Noori had shouted about loving his snackbar after his attack.

But now, 9 months after the incident, as the alleged perpetrator appears in court, the truth is finally leaking out.

Saeed Noori allegedly drove his mother’s Suzuki SUV into pedestrians outside Flinders Street Station, including one elderly man who later died. Prosecutors also allege Noori’s computer was found to have images of car terror attacks from around the world.

The 33-year-old has faced the first day of a Melbourne Magistrates Court committal hearing charged with one count of murder and 15 counts of attempted murder. Noori allegedly hit 16 pedestrians at the busy crossing at Flinders and Elizabeth streets, while other people were struck by flying bodies in chaotic scenes.

A reconstruction of the scene determined the SUV was travelling between 47 km/h and 53 km/h when Noori allegedly drove through a red light and into pedestrians about 4.30pm that Thursday. Northcote man Antonios “Anton” Crocaris, 83, died eight days later from head injuries.

Before the incident, Noori visited two hire car outlets and inquired about SUVs but could not rent one because of bank card issues, prosecutors say. He then visited his mother’s Oak Park home, leaving in her car and driving to the place where he carried out the alleged attack.

Also that day, Noori went to a bank to withdraw $7000, later depositing $3000 into his mother’s bank account. Noori came to Australia from Afghanistan as a refugee in 2004 and is now an Australian citizen.

No doubt, if the Pearl Harbour attack took place today, the BBC, C4 News, the Guardian and the New York Times would be rushing to tell us that it wasn’t an “attack” and that the incident “had nothing to do with Japan”:

And no doubt, if Pearl Harbour happened today, we’d have the likes of Jon Snow and Kathy Newman and Krishnan Whatever and Fiona Bruce all enthusiastically rushing to blame Donald Trump. And, of course, progressive celebs like Geldorf and Lineker and Lily Allen (who is currently trying to flog a book about her life) and Emma Thompson and JK Rowling would jump on the bandwagon and also be all over our TV studios lambasting Trump for being beastly and waaaccciisssst to the poor, downtrodden Japanese.

And, equally predictably, the British police would be desperately scouring the Internet for anyone who could be accused of making “Japophobic” comments (by telling the truth about the attack). While our politicians would be getting their ugly mugs on TV also denying terrorism, denying Japan’s involvement and talking about the huge contribution Japanese immigrants had made to our society.

And, doubtless there would be a massive pro-Japan, anti-Trump demonstration in London by the usual braindead, progressive, lefty, snowflake idiots with impassioned anti-Trump speeches by the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott.

5 comments to “Pearl Harbour – nothing to do with Japan” say BBC, C4 News, the Guardian…..

  • William Boreham

    Why we’ll lose in the long run, read the other day that some blood donated here in Britain by NHS blood donors, ended up being sent to save the lives of wounded Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan, no doubt to enable them to recover and carry on placing road bombs to kill our own troops.

    Mark Steyn’s Brilliant (and Funny) Critique of Multiculturalism and our relationship with Europe (EU)

  • Tony Potter

    The latest from

    For talking into his mobile phone, Tommy is now being taken to the highest court in the land.The injustice of this countries leadership is beyond compare in Totalitarian Britain.A “Show Trial “would be a better description.

    “Telling the truth really is a revolutionary Act”

    Of course it takes an American to speak out about the Injustice.
    Nobody in the UK press has the guts to stand and speak up for Tommy,too busy like the Beeb,PBS,Sky, being presstitutes for the Elite that rule us, good little lapdogs that yap on command, Britain the “Lion that Squeaked.”

  • Walter

    How HFT’s and Algos control the markets of everything.

  • Tony Pots

    These 5 Censored Books Tell a History the Establishment Wants Hidden.

    The Phoenix Program.
    (CIA honed the war on terror population control program in South Vietnam)
    Lords of Creation.
    (Story of the 1% that rule)

    Plus lists of others they don’t want read.

  • Huev

    Actually I rather enjoyed the japan analogy and the ‘picture’ of the possible news headline. Also the Mark Steyn critique

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