June 2024

Poor migrant has to work hard to earn a living

(Wednesday blog)

It really annoys me when I hear cynical, xenophobic, waaaccciiiisssstttts complaining that the 3 to 4 million Third-Worlders who have already poured across Europe’s non-existent borders (and the 10 to 20 million more who are on their way to Europe) are mostly illiterate, ignorant, low-IQ, often inbred, violent, parasitic spongers who won’t work and won’t integrate.

I almost can’t tell you how angry I get. Very very angry indeed. In fact, this distortion of the truth makes me totally furious.

So, to counter such bigoted, right-wing, fascist, Nazi lies, here is a very brief piece of film from Spain showing just one of our African friends – I believe he’s a highly-educated physicist or a brain surgeon – working hard to earn an honest living.

I think this proves once and for all what a wonderful contribution the invading migrant armies are making to our continent!!!!!

Hopefully the BBC and C4 News will soon be showing this piece of film!

(click on the link below to admire this hard-working gentleman at work)

2 comments to Poor migrant has to work hard to earn a living

  • Stillreading

    BBC R4 whinging on at this moment about the decrease in rescue vessels and how inhumane it is to return would-be migrants to Libya etc. etc. etc. At the same time admitting that since Italy started to show a bit of muscle, the number of migrants taking to the sea in hope of a free ferry crossing to Europe has decreased significantly. Yes – conditions in these African and Middle-Eastern hell holes are doubtless appalling, but is the BBC and its army of libtard reporters genuinely unable to see that opening the doors of Europe to unbridled immigration from such places will result inevitably in reducing our civilized nations to the same level?

  • William Boreham

    In the list of IQ for 102 countries, the top 3 being Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea at 108, (UK 100) the bottom 10 countries by average IQ are:
    93. Kenya (as well as Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania) (72)
    94. Zimbabwe (72)
    95. Botswana (71)
    96. Ghana (71)
    97. Zambia (71)
    98. Nigeria (69)
    99. Swaziland (68)
    100. Lesotho (67)
    101. Mozambique (64)
    102. Malawi (60)
    Split the difference, the average UK IQ in a few generations time will be about 80 if we’re lucky. But then we have to add many millions of UK residents who are sub-normal retards due to generations of marrying their first cousins.

    Just a reminder of how great Britain once was – what happened?

    In 1851, the population of Britain was 20,959,477, just 1.6 per cent of the world total.
    That 1.6 per cent produced half the world’s coal and iron, controlled nearly two thirds of the world’s shipping and engaged in one third of the world’s trade.
    Virtually all the world’s finished cotton was produced in British mills on machines invented and built in Britain.
    London banks had more money on deposit than all the other financial centres of the world put together.
    London was at the heart of a huge and growing empire that would at its peak cover 11.5 million square miles and would rule a quarter of the world’s people.
    Britain led the world in virtually every measurable category, it was the richest, most innovative and most accomplished nation of its age.

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