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Over 80% of Swedes vote for their own destruction

(Tuesday blog)

The big story from Sunday’s Swedish elections is not that about 18% voted for the anti-immigration party.

No, the big story is that 82% of votes went to political parties who want to destroy Sweden and hand over their country to the Third-World invading armies:

We should congratulate the Swedish politicians, media and education system for so successfully brainwashing their people and turning them into such spineless, limp-wristed, virtue-signalling, docile cowards:

In spite of media and political censorship, surely some Swedes must have had some vague idea that all was not well in their Scandinavian welfare paradise?

Surely the fact that over 90% of rapes, especially the violent ones, were committed by recent arrivals should have set a few alarm bells ringing? Here are some of the lucky women – they survived their rapes:

Not all are quite so fortunate:

As for Swedish men. They seem to have been completely emasculated. They’re afraid to protect their own girls and women:

And on the very very rare occasion when a real man (in this case the son of an Eastern Europe migrant, not a Swede) dares to try to prevent Swedish girls being sexually harassed, the migrants kill him:

Or if any Swede finds the courage to speak the truth about what’s happening in their country, they are immediately destroyed:

Swedes, what have you done to your once wonderful, peaceful country?

To try and give you an insight into the stupidity of Swedish media and politicians, here’s what a former Swedish prime minister said:

And here’s a 1-minute video of the former leader of the largest Swedish political party explaining that all Sweden’s problems are due to the white majority and have nothing to do with the invading Third-Worlders.

Sweden is finished!

Let’s hope Denmark, Norway and Finland learn something from Sweden’s suicide!!!!

7 comments to Over 80% of Swedes vote for their own destruction

  • Julia Green

    Unbelievable. Don’t women understand what’s happening?

  • William Boreham

    I wonder if the fact that Sweden has had a policy of neutrality since the Napoleonic Wars, resulting in them uninvolved in both WW1 and WW2 has something to do with the emasculation of Swedish men. What remains is a country where the women dominate at government level and the men are all pansies, pacifists and ‘conscientious objectors’. Men thrive in adversity, I read today, Britain’s male sperm count has fallen 60 percent. Totally inexplicable, but that may explain this modern generation of British have so few ‘right-wing extremists’ in their midst (i.e. those who built the Empire and won two world wars) and sit back passively while our country has also been successfully invaded by third world and Muslim hordes.

  • tom

    Sadly this doesnt surprise me as I think the left have completely brainwashed the people once known to be vikings and has turned them into snowflakes. There is no comeback for Sweden, my neighbour is Swedish but is now living in Blighty. I wonder if the Swedish media actually reports on what is going on or hushes it all up like our news does over child grooming. Do ordinary Swedes that dont live in places like Malmo know exactly what is going on? As indigenous Swedes are forced out of their towns/suburbs and yield more of their culture/identity in the name of one sided diversity surely they must realise that they are effectively sentencing their country to death, it will cease to exist as Sweden, when I used to think of Sweden it conjured up images of lovely blondes, like Agnetha from Abba, Ikea, Volvo, SAAB, modern design, clean air, tidy picturesque cities, colourful national dress, mountains, pine forests. Now I think of fires, grenades, no go zones, rising crime. Similar to how I see London. How sad.

  • Alan Thorpe

    It isn’t just Denmark, Norway and Finland, it is the whole of Europe that has to wake up. I don’t see that happening. We now have David Gauke wanting all prisoners to be given mobile phones. What has happened to our politicians?

  • Stillreading

    I’ve concluded that nothing can be done now to alter the minds of the young. It is they who mainly support the influx of immigrants from alien cultures, aided and abetted by idiots like the Swedish woman, fifth columnists in effect, who presumably have their own covert agendas. Throughout Western Europe there’s no one below the age of about 75 (other than members of the armed services who have made positive choices to fight for their countries) who know what it is to feel imminently under threat from enemy invasion. I know; I was born just before WW2 and by the age of five I could distinguish the sound of an RAF bomber from a Spitfire, had seen a doodlebug and at the height of the war spent most of my nights with my mother and sister in the Anderson shelter, hoping our home wouldn’t be bombed. I was raised to be proud of my country, as were my contemporaries. I wish I could still feel proud of it now. In the main it was we oldies, often followed by our middle-aged to elderly children and their generation, who voted for Brexit and who deplore uncontrolled immigration. The young, who don’t start work until they are over 20, who bewail university tuition fees and consider themselves deprived if they can’t have the latest designer gear or the most recent electronic gizmo, don’t yet know what life is truly about. By the time they discover it and what they have been complicit in permitting in their various European countries of birth, it will be far too late. They will have to deal with it as best they can, which will probably be succumbing to majority pressure. I leave it to readers to deduce what that will be. However, I and probably my children’s generation will be dead and gone. I grieve for my grandchildren and the children they will have, but they are the ones who will have brought the worst upon themselves.

  • John G Fields

    When you read of the surrender of the Swedes, and a lot of our own crap M.P.s, I think that there is
    need for close examination of the selection procedure.
    M.P’s are there to serve the PEOPLE. This is not
    happening. The mess over Brexit is because many M.P.s
    are against it. It is time that they got it through
    their thick heads, that we, the gallant 17.4 million
    will not be brow-beaten or change our minds.

  • Theresa O

    Much of the oestrogen in female contraceptives and in hormones used to get dairy cows to ovulate ends up in our water supply. They can’t filter it out. I think that explains a lot.

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