June 2024

Climate scientists’ cum and brainwashing children

(Friday blog)

Two unconnected subjects today:

1. Climate scientists cum to B*ngk*k

Thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday about ‘Johnson CO2 Generators’. All I was trying to do was expose once again the bias in all climate discussion in that the Greenies never mention the beneficial effects of increasing CO2 on agriculture.

Your points were all valid – for example, the fact that CO2 is measured in “parts per million”, so a small increase in CO2 is infintessimal when compared to the total make-up of the atmosphere and the fact that, while the UK is destroying what’s left of our industry due to the (IMHO) retard Ed Miliband’s ridiculous Climate Change Act, much larger countries are rapidly building new coal-fired power stations.

Moreover, while the BBC and C4 News blame a hot summer in the UK for pushing up prices of some foods and use this as evidence of Climate Change, they fail to mention how record crops of corn and soybean in the US and of coffee and sugar in Brazil are pushing down global prices.

Anyway, the supposed ‘climate scientists’ are busy this week cooking up some more scare stories. They’re all off to a massive boondoggle in B*ngk*k from 4th to 9th September for “The United Nations Climate Change Conference comprising the resumed forty-eighth sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation and the sixth part of the first session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement”.

I’m not sure why all these clever, hard-working ‘climate scientists’ chose B*ngk*k for their cum-together. Can you think of any reason?

Maybe the ‘scientists’ have chosen B*ngk*k because the fact that so many available young girls (and available lithe young boys) there don’t wear clothes is definite proof of Global Warming?

After this important ‘scientific’ meeting, no doubt the BBC and C4 News and, of course, climate expert Emma Thompson will bombard us with the usual dire warnings (which never happen) – glaciers melting, sea levels rising, polar bears disappearing, ice-free Arctic etc etc

As for the partners of these busy mongering and scaremongering ‘scientists’, I suggest you send your loved one for a HIV test before allowing any penetrative sex.

2. How the Germans brainwash their children

Please don’t vomit when you watch the short video below. It shows how Nazi (sorry, I meant “German”) rulers are brainwashing their children. It features a little girl and how she and her family are busy making things to sell to raise money for the ‘poor refugees’. She doesn’t seem to be aware that her family are already paying ever-increasing taxes to keep the parasitic, often violent, often low-IQ economic migrants in a life of luxury they couldn’t have imagined in the sh*t-h*les they’ve come from.

Nor does she seem aware that many German pensioners are living in poverty because Adolf Merkel’s government has decided they don’t deserve as much money as the parasitic, often criminal rapefugees. And maybe nobody has told the girl how many Germans have been evicted from their homes to make room for the grasping often illiterate, often unemployable Third-Worlders?

Perhaps in a few years, when she’s being gang-raped by these ‘poor refugees’, she might change her mind about how wonderful they are? Or perhaps, she’ll be so brainwashed that she won’t even report her rape? Or maybe, like so many Swedish girls and women nowadays, she’ll willingly lay down her body to be raped, sodomised, punched, kicked and burnt with cigarettes for her progressive, liberal, libtard beliefs?

Enjoy the video and weep for our once great civilisation:

(By the way, if you click on the YouTube on the right-hand base of the video, you’ll find some wonderful comments such as “They don’t tell you about the story when the naive girl goes to a migrant center looking for friends and gets raped and killed by 10 bearded “unaccompanied youths” and “Waste of money, she should have bought a stab vest”)

4 comments to Climate scientists’ cum and brainwashing children

  • Stillreading

    Not totally unrelated topics, in that the increase in the UK population consequent upon uncontrolled immigration has undoubtedly increased our overall emission of CO2 and other more toxic gases, as ever more vehicles take to the streets. That’s apart from the destruction of woodland and other green areas as ever more housing and related infrastructure has to be accommodated.

    As for the latest “Climate Change” jaunt, isn’t it extraordinary how these tree-hugging, “get on your bike, don’t drive anywhere” proselytizers always manage to have their jollies somewhere which involves getting on a long-haul flight, thus using in a few hours my and my entire family’s annual carbon footprint? And don’t they deserve the additional “attractions” of Thailand? Think how hard they’ll be working for it. Just unpicking the description of what it’s all about gives me brain ache! Plain English anyone?

  • William Boreham

    The massive post war ‘denazification’ programme in Germany was so successful, it threw the baby out with the bathwater. The brow-beaten Germans were so mortally afraid of being called a Nazi and a racist if they spoke out against the prevailing pro-immigrant political orthodoxy, they no longer had the courage to claim their country, their people and/or their cultural heritage. Sound familiar about another country closer to home? But unlike us, there are signs of a return of national pride as a new right-wing party, (AfD) only formed 5 years ago, is now the third largest political party in Germany. We have nothing like a right-wing political party in this country to represent the indigenous population, the Tories now indistinguishable from the Lib/Dems.

  • David Craig

    Our problem in Britain is that we don’t have proportional representation. If we did, UKIP would have long since held 60-70 seats in Westminster which they could have built on and become a serious political party. But our “first past the post” system makes it almost impossible for a new party like AfD to be formed in Britain.

  • Alan Thorpe

    David, I voted UKIP in the European Elections because they want to get us out of the EU and also because their MEPs are not working to help the EU. Farage seems the only sensible one and I will never vote for them in Westminster or council elections.

    The only way we will get better politicians is with a changed first past the post system. Nobody gets elected unless they get 50% of the registered voters. That will make then come up with policies that a majority of people support. Better to have no MPs in Westminster while they work out the suitable policies.

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