June 2024

Overpopulation and corruption kill! Monsoons don’t! Ebola doesn’t! Famines don’t!

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Was it the monsoon wot did it?

Here we go again. It’s monsoon season and there are floods – floods of water pouring down the hills and floods of tears as the BBC and C4 News interview survivors whose family members have supposedly been “killed by the monsoon”. And, of course, the rising number of deaths each year are used as proof of Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it’s called this week.

I’m not unsympathetic. But I don’t believe anyone was killed by the monsoon. Population growth in India is completely out of control. There are over 1,250,000,000 Indians and that number is increasing by about 15 million a year:

India is full and getting fuller by the day:

Moreover, corruption is everywhere in India. Thus the need to house India’s ever-growing population leads to massive illegal deforestation and illegal building.

So, when it rains, what happens? Unable to soak into the ground, the monsoon rains form into floods which destroy homes and lives. But what is really doing the killing – the rain or the overpopulation and the corruption which have led to the monsoons becoming ever more deadly?

I suspect it’s the overpopulation and the corruption.

Can I prove this? No. But here are some things I can prove:

Ebola deaths caused by corruption?

Remember the 2014 Ebola outbreak? Remember how we were all asked by the charities to give generously? Remember how British health workers risked their lives going to Africa to help treat the ebola victims? But there’s one crucial fact you probably don’t remember because nobody told you. In 2013, about €60m of EU taxpayers’ money (including British aid money) was donated to Liberia to build clinics and train health workers. Of this €60m, about €3m actually reached the Liberian Ministry of Health. As for the other €57m, that was stolen by corrupt Liberian politicians and bureaucrats.

Liberia was the African country with the highest death rate from ebola partly due to a lack of clinics and health workers.

Tsunami deaths caused by corruption?

Or how about the 2004 disastrous Asian tsunami? Once again, we all generously donated money to help the poor victims. We were so generous that many corrupt Asian politicians and bureaucrats must have thought it was Christmas. For example, in utterly venal Sri Lanka corrupt customs officers impounded vehicles and medical supplies we sent to help Sri Lanka’s 516,000 displaced tsunami victims and the families of the 35,000 who died. The customs officers and their political bosses would only release the vehicles and medical supplies in return for an immediate payment of $1m in cash bribes and a further $2m, also in cash.

As for the 35,000 who did actually die, were they killed by the tsunami or by the fact that their houses were just shacks because they lived in poverty while their rulers became billionaires?

Does malaria really kill?

Or let’s go to Cambodia. In 2013, about $20m was given in aid to buy mosquito nets for poorer families. Of this $20m, about $3m was paid in bribes to officials at the country’s National Malaria Centre. The other $17m was wasted because the corrupt businessmen given the contracts to produce the nets made more profit by not treating the nest with insecticide and so the original nets had to be scrapped and replaced using even more aid money.

Oh look, it’s another Ethiopian famine! Quelle surprise!

Now let’s go the the biggest basket case of all – Ethiopia

There’s a famine in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan etc) ever 7 to 10 years due to a lack of rain and ensuing crop failures. That’s why, for the last 60+ years we’ve been pouring our aid money into these countries.

Yet things never seem to get better. I wonder why not.

Here’s a clue – the population of Ethiopia was around 40 million when Saint Bob Geldorf did his BandAid thingy. It’s now close to 100 million:

So, if Ethiopia couldn’t feed 40 million 34 years ago, how is it meant to feed about 100 million now and then about 200 million by 2040?

As for corruption, according to Transparency International Ethiopia’s elites loot over $2bn a year from their supposedly ‘poor’ country. And I believe that Ethiopia’s top ten families are worth around $24bn+. If Ethiopia wasn’t so totally corrupt, it could afford to provide water and food and hospitals and roads and education and electricity for its own people and wouldn’t need any of our aid.

It’s Christmas every day for Africa’s rulers

And for any newer readers who haven’t seen it, here’s a video a reader made for me about what really happens with our foreign aid billions:

5 comments to Overpopulation and corruption kill! Monsoons don’t! Ebola doesn’t! Famines don’t!

  • William Boreham

    Mark Steyn puts it in a nutshell:

  • Alan Thorpe

    The West sees corruption in Africa, but it does not see corruption on its own doorstep. The West and Africa have a lot in common. All the leaders are doing exactly the same thing. They have no respect for our private property. Western leaders have given themselves the right to help themselves to our property. If we help ourselves to the property of others we end up in jail. This is where our politicians should be. Who is the worst? African leaders would not have aid money if our leaders had not first stolen our money to give to them.

  • Julia Green

    Don’t worry, millionaire Bob Geldof will feed all the starving Africans with his vast wealth and billionaire Bill Gates will do his best to help them stay alive and keep breeding.

  • loppoman

    This is a very serious matter as explained by Mark.
    We should not be flippant about it.
    I don’t have the answer as to how to restrict African population growth. Hopefully, many will die of hunger and Mark’s graph will not be realized.
    Otherwise, it’s true, they will overwhelm us and take over Europe.
    We will need to organize ourselves and fight a war if we want to survive as we are.
    Time to think about it NOW.

  • NoMore

    We need first and foremost populist governments across Europe and no more EU/globalists/Kalergists running the show.Then drastically curtailed Foreign Aid and any UK charity wanting to spend money in Africa should use British firms and all monies should be linked to fertility rates. Over 2 per woman and not a bean for that country. Rather than people starving to death which is cruel it would be better to pay them not to breed in the first place and put themselves in that position. Money for having the snip for example.

    The threat is from our rulers and left-witted traitors more than from the Africans – they are tribal so disunified, disorganised, unintelligent, undisciplined and poorly led. Without Western money, medicine and science they are nothing.

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