June 2024

How to make a snowflake?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

You’ll all have seen pictures of the usual lefty, libtard, progressive, snowflakes proudly marching with their “Refugees Welcome” banners:

But have you ever wondered? Have you ever wondered how anyone could be so stupid as to welcome these people? Have you wondered how Europeans, especially women, can welcome the rapefugees:

After all, women will be the main victims of mass migration:



We used to be taught that all snowflakes are unique and different. But actually, I think they’re all the same.

Anyway, have you ever wondered how to make a lefty, libtard, progressive snowflake?

Not being a snowflake, you might suspect that:

  • Most of these supposed ‘refugees’ are just illegal immigrants
  • Most of the ‘unaccompanied children’ are actually in their mid to late twenties
  • Most (according to scientific evidence) have an IQ level that is too low for them to function in an advanced Western society
  • Most are backward, illiterate, unemployable violent parasites who will live off welfare and criminality
  • We can better help these people in their own countries if we could cut corruption and misrule
  • Migrant-welcoming Sweden is descending into chaos because of the number of illegal migrants
  • What we are seeing is not migration but an invading army of millions that could destroy Western civilisation

Given all this, how can anyone in the West welcome what is happening? How can anyone believe we can solve the Third World’s problems by bringing the Third World into the West?

How can anyone be a lefty, libtard, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling snowflake?

Well, here is somebody much more intelligent than me explaining how to make a snowflake:

4 comments to How to make a snowflake?

  • Alan Thorpe

    Always refreshing to hear what Jordan Peterson has to say. I cannot help but feel that the Frankfurt School is alive and well and has been working behind the scenes in all developed countries. It seem on the point of achieving all its objectives.

    I recommend Thomas DiLorenzo, “The Problem with Socialism” which also deals with state education.

    On the news this morning is also the plans to increase the number of foreign nurses and doctors. How can the UK claim to be an advanced economy when it cannot provide its own specialist. The snowflakes do not see this as a problem. We will wake up when the specialist here start deserting the sinking ship.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Watched the various BBC news broadcasts re the Italians turning away the so-called refugee ships. Of course, the BBC tore at the heart strings by saying how many women and children were onboard but unfortunately failed to photoshop / edit the actual films which for some reason only showed shed-loads of young men milling around the ship and the quaysides. Unfortunately, of course, most of the libtard snowflakes will not have noticed little details like that !!

  • Joe Kinnear

    Snowflakes’ brains are not fully switched on. Only their phones. They will look back once they’ve acquired life’s experiences and wonder how on earth they thought they were right. By this time, it will be too late, of course.
    You’re right – media, universities and such are all to blame. Until you’ve been around for a few years, you’re just not aware that your brain was once mince.

  • Stillreading

    State education over many years has managed to create a population of barely literate, scarcely numerate, screen-addicted youngsters incapable of independant thought. Add the evils of “social media” to the mix and the only way is down! When confronted with a situation where they are required to think for themselves or to marshal logical arguments, they run for the hills – aka the “safe spaces” which are apparently now being provided in universities. Almost two decades ago a retired university Lecturer told me that youngsters presenting to read English as their main subject, having already obtained A Levels in the subject, required a crash course in grammar before they could write an acceptable essay. Things haven’t improved since then. An ill-educated population, able only to trot out politically correct mantras, which melts when its views are challenged, is easy to manipulate and control. The indoctrination starts at nursery school; I’ve observed it with my grandchildren.

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