June 2024

Why I suppose I must be “far right”

(Sunday/Monday blog)

I would like to recommend a 3-minute YouTube video called “How I*sl*m is destroying Europe” by Dismantle the Matrix from 22 July 2016. But to do that would probably be considered a ‘hate crime’, so I won’t mention it.

I would like to recommend Pat Condell’s video “Europe is killing itself” from 7 September 2017. But to do that would probably be considered a ‘hate crime’, so I won’t mention it.

I would like to recommend……………..But to do anything that conflicts with the globalist, progressive, liberal, holier-than-thou views of the ruling elites and their sycophants in the mainstream media would probably be considered a ‘hate crime’, so I won’t mention anything.

OK, I admit it. I confess:

  • I am white – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I am male – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I am British – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I am proud to be British – so I definitely must be “Far Right”
  • I believe in patriotism – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I am heterosexual – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe transgenderism is a load of bollox – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe Britain has a culture and freedoms that are worth preserving – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe Europe and Britain can only cope with a restricted level of Third-World immigration – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe some Third-World communities hate us and have no interest in integrating – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe some communities lead a parasitic existence living off our welfare state – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe some communities are inherently intolerant and violent – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe not all British colonialism was necessarily bad – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe imprisoning Tommy Robinson (yet again) was the act of a fascist state – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe the BBC and C4 News are biased and untrustworthy – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe the EU is developing into a repressive, totalitarian, German-controlled dictatorship – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I don’t like our rulers’ policy of race replacement – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I believe our politicians are cowards and traitors who do nothing to protect ordinary British working people – so I must be “Far Right”
  • I’ve (stupidly) worked, paid tax all my life and never committed a criminal offence – so I must be “Far Right”

In fact, given the above list, in the eyes of lefty, progressive, brain-dead, libtard virtue-signallers there’s really very little difference between supposed ‘ghastly bigots’ like myself and Mr Hitler on a bad hair day:

11 comments to Why I suppose I must be “far right”

  • A Thorpe

    I think you can sum this up with a few words – socialism is a poison that is spreading through the civilised world and there is no cure.

  • Stillreading

    You don’t quite get it, do you David? It’s OK to be all of these things, provided as a consequence you continually abase yourself, are “ever so humble”, loudly proclaim “mea culpa” and silently cow-tow to all the demands of the leftie libtards. Implicit in the above is, naturally, that you can’t wait to see our once proud nation terminally ground into the merde, never to rise again. Meanwhile the joys of multiculturalism ae daily manifest by the proliferation of gang-generated knife attacks in our towns and cities.

  • Alan Thorpe

    This morning the news is that we have an increased threat of terrorist attacks perhaps for the next two years. The reason given is a failure to integrate. Is this our failure to integrate with Islam? It is looking that way.

  • twi5ted

    Globalist agenda to divide and rule. Ensure zero opposition to unlimited cheap labour, endless profitable wars and the illusion of growth from rising populations. Careful to turn a blind eye to rising debt levels and rising crime and overcrowding etc etc etc. Not really a problem if your life is supranational and/or protected by security 24/7.

    But sad, if not surprising, to see the blairite metro lefties now openly aligning with the globalists. This week on have i got news for you one of the participants was even busy defending Soros.

  • Saffron

    I do sometimes wonder whether we are heading for another “Peasants’ Revolt” (1381). The last time it ended badly for the peasants though by trusting in the word of those in power. A lesson to be learned perhaps?

  • Stillreading

    According to a BBC survey published today, it is mainly the older generation (over about 65) who still feel pride in being English. The majority of the young do not. In fact some appear to be ashamed of their nationality. So the traitorous politicians with their endless lauding of multiculturalism, the left-wing academic establishments with their selective history teaching, together with the Eurocrats, will have their way in due course. What’s that song? Something about “You only know what’s lost when it’s gone”? That is something “the young” will discover somewhat too late, when England has become a mere satellite of Germany and France (aka “Europe”), whose citizens are still proud of their nationalities.

  • Mr J G Fields

    Thank you Mr Craig for pointing out all my virtues.
    I am 91 and once upon a time I was a proud Englishman.
    Islam is not our only problem. Look at the Establishment.
    A government with a Remainer as leader, who, since the
    23 June, 2016, has done nothing but run round in circles.
    An opposition with a terrorist lover as leader. An
    unelected House of Lords with contempt for the will of
    the people. Is it any wonder we are in a mess.
    Just as a passing comment have you noticed our
    National Debt is close on £2 trillion!

  • Stillreading

    Just history repeating itself, Mr J G Fields. All the great civilisations of history – the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans – reached what was (for them, in the context of the then current scientific and medical understanding) the zenith of their achievements, became degenerate in a variety of ways, as seems inevitable when life becomes too easy, then succumbed to the consequences of that degeneracy and their own complaisance, meaning they either just died out and were absorbed into other cultures, as happened with the Romans in Britain, or were conquered by invading hoards who were more aggressive, had no qualms about slaughtering anyone who got in their way and were determined to prevail. Religious bigotry at work on an apathetic population makes the outcome both predictable and inevitable. Need I say more?

  • chris

    Truth ????
    The propaganist media is fomenting shame division and conflict to make us disunited and malleable.
    We need to look beyond and see a “Bigger Plan”
    Are we really alone? in the universe
    Apart from spying and killing why has there been no real technological progress in 90 years?
    Why haven’t we started to colonise our solar system
    Who has hijacked control of the secret cancer cure, free transport, lifespan extension, nutrition, information, gravitational propusion?
    Who planted explosives at WTC 7 so Larry Silverstein could “pull” the building and claim $billions?
    These “shadow rich” people are evil.
    Our future is both on and off the Earth.
    Stephen Hawking was right.
    Boom ????

  • william boreham

    Mentioning Hitler, his comments after Dunkirk don’t seem to have appeared in any recent movie on the subject.

    General von Blumentritt:
    “He (Hitler) then astonished us by speaking with admiration of the British Empire, the necessity of its existence and of the civilisation that Britain had brought into the world…he compared the British Empire with the Catholic Church saying they were both elements of stability in the world. He said all he wanted from Britain was that she should acknowledge Germany’s position on the Continent. The return of Germany’s colonies would be desirable but not essential, and he would even offer to support Britain with troops if she should be involved in difficulties elsewhere.”

    Now of course, on birth-rate alone, the English people will have virtually vanished come 2100 or soon thereafter.

  • Alan Thorpe

    @Saffron – 1381 was a very different time and now the people in power are the people we elect supposedly to act on our behalf. The post today about smart meters tells us who is in power – the unelected EU bureaucrats.

    The problem is democracy. The political system that most people belief is the best system. But it is controlled by the political parties who have only one objective and that is to be in power. The peasants are effectively in charge because they vote for the party that will give them the most benefits and so to get elected this is the game that all parties have to play. They are all socialist now and you know what happens in the countries that have tried socialism. Of course we still think that we have different parties but we do not. The ones who call themselves by other names now adopt the new route to socialism – egalitarianism and human rights. Proof again in today’s post about gay marriage.

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