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I bet you didn’t know about the 2018 Marrakesh Declaration!

(Thursday blog)

Trying to finish proof-reading my next book, so I don’t have time to research and write a blog. But I can still mention something I bet the BBC and C4 News ‘forgot’ to tell you about. It’s the May 2018 Marrakesh Declaration.

What? Didn’t you know about it? Did the mainstream media ‘forget’ to mention this? Omg, omg, omg I am so surprised!

Here’s a link to the actual document just to prove I’m not making this up:

It’s just a load of bureaucratic gobbledigook. Even if anyone actually read it, they probably wouldn’t understand much of it.

So, what’s it all about? It’s all about increasing the number of (IMHPCO)* definitely not inbred, definitely not low-IQ, definitely not illiterate, definitely not violent, definitely not backward, definitely not unemployable, definitely not deeply criminal, definitely not subhuman, definitely wonderful human beings from countries that are (IMHPCO)* definitely not total sh*th*les into Europe.

*(IMHPCO = In My Humble Politically-Correct Opinion)

Here’s Black Pigeon explaining what’s really going on. Small wonder that our rulers and their sycophantically obedient mainstream media decided to not mention the Marrakesh Declaration 2018 to us.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Britain was one of the signatories of the 2018 Marrakesh declaration, Hungary refused to sign!


35 comments to I bet you didn’t know about the 2018 Marrakesh Declaration!

  • Stillreading

    So now we know that our Government has officially signed up to virtually unlimited immigration from third world countries. No wonder they’ve kept it quiet. Thank you once again for your patient investigative work.

  • Gloria

    Very worrying, very worrying indeed. Our leaders are taking the reasonably nice world we live in and inviting others to overwhelm and destroy it…..why?

  • Mr J G Fields

    If we are leaving the EU why bother to sign a
    declaration that is irrelevant to our nation in the future. This is just another clue that Mrs May has
    no intention of honouring the Brexit referendum.

  • Elizabeth Samways

    THE BARCELONA DECLARATION CAME FIRST IN 1995 – CONSERVATIVE AGAIN IN LINE WITH THE EU!-I researched it, and read the whole thing, dissected each paragraph and it hit me with shock. Took me all night, but by the morning I knew I had to put it out there and get everyone possible to read it. It started with the Exchange Students Programme to get our children to see other cultures and get used to them. The main aim was to flood Europe with immigrants. They even had meetings about strategy to cope with terrorism, crime etc. which they knew would ensue. The taking over of our water, electric, gas supplies etc. It is THE MOST EVIL DOCUMENT I have ever read and MALCOLM RIFKIND, THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY MP FOR KENSINGTON, was party to it all! HE SOLD US ALL DOWN THE RIVER. It is not the easiest document to read because they hide, or try to hide, what they really mean between the lines. It would seem that they are doing it with a lot of Arab money! They don’t fool me and, after reading it, they won’t be fooling anyone else! This is all why they are appeasing the muslims! IT IS ALL ABOUT DOMINATION AND CONTROL – EVIL, EVIL PEOPLE FOR EVEN THINKING ABOUT DOING IT AND OUR OWN CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT WERE TOTALLY COMPLICIT. IT IS BECAUSE OF THIS BARCELONA DECLARATION THAT T.MAY IS NOT GETTING BREXIT DONE AND DUSTER – IT WAS THE CONSERVATIVES WHO SIGNED US ALL UP TO IT. THIS IS THE SECRET THAT MADE THE EFFLUENT HIT THE FAN WHEN WE VOTED ‘OUT’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, the next question is, WHAT DO WE ALL DO ABOUT IT?.

  • Donal Harrison

    We need a revolution if May does not resign. We all know she is a remainer.
    There is one thing needs due consideration and that is the Grand Solar Minimum which has begun. This is a cycle of the sun where the sun effectively has little if no output to our planet and the result is a cooling period for the earth with lots of intense weather, earthquake, volcanic activity. The cooler weather means there is crop losses and this intensifies as we go further on. So where will all these insane plans by these countries be then.

  • Mark turnbull

    This is white genocide that’s the truth of the mater death to white Europeans these disgusting eu b*******s and are spineless corrupted politicians have sold the British people out no wonder they don’t care about the rape epidemic they have brought to Europe with inbred backward brainwashed ******** filth we need to hunt these politicians down its are children and grandchildren they ruined there lives and women can’t walk the streets alone just now what going to be like when the numbers are 100 times what we got just now Theresa May should be hanged for treason there is no brexit the ************* time for the Europeans to take are countries back we need to cut out that cancer they call the European Union sick leftist Marxist state government bullies who sold out every single person in Europe heads must roll for this betrayal of the people.

  • Lincoln

    Will be “made” to understand, Well it’s all right there!!

  • Utter betrayal of the British people.

  • This is a massive scandal and slap in the face for democratic nation’s. Esp Christian countties.

  • JD Bichard

    Well blow me down if May has exposed the fact that she will ignore Brexit.
    She should not have signed that thing if she was going to carry out Brexit.

  • Lorraine Nelis

    We need a man like President Trump to deliver us from this sinister and wicked plan that constrews our destruction.

  • Theresa May had no intention of ever allow Brexit to be a reality.. ..She has been dragging her feet ever since she was asked to get the ball rolling…. This woman as with Merkle is what is harming the free world….. No way… will we allow agenda 21- 2030…. to take over UK and Europe… Nothing good.. ever come from evil intentions….May and co… best take note… never will we satnd by and watch/allow them to cripple Europe / UK ….

  • robert loake

    Sadly the British People have become sheep . Following a known trail is easier than thinking which requires effort. The British people will lose their Country by default . They have become lazy in thought, word and deed, otherwise after all the efforts of face book writers who have been trying to rouse the Brits its all been a waste of time. Years ago in our parents time knowledge of an Islamic invasion under the guise of immigration would have had thousands on the streets clamoring for the Prime Minsters head.May has watched while thousands of young girls some as young as eight have been groomed and raped in Towns and Cities all over Britain. Most of the news has been blacked out as all media. Still the DOOR ARE WIDE OPEN TO ISLAMIC IMMIGRANTS NO MATTER THEIR SKILLS . THEY JUST WANT NUMBERS TO Overwhelm THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

  • Janice Snelgrove

    Although this was obvious to most of us it is still so hard to take in. I’m a pensioner but I worry for my family. I have been on a march with my husband but we had no coverage on the news and we knew we wouldn’t. Trying to keep people in the dark still.
    The rapes,assaults and murders all over Europe. These governors can’t be allowed to get away with this. Their inhuman. Mrs traitor May needs to hang her he@d in shame. A Vicars daughter. Her father would be so proud of her NOT.
    Please God something is done before it is to late for us all. Although it feels like it’s to late already.

  • Mike Clark

    You only have to look at the recent Lewisham By-election to see the huge uphill battle we have to ‘educate’ the masses! Every candidate standing on a ticket of nationalism and anti-Islam got less than 500 votes. The ‘great unwashed’ have been brainwashed with all this multi-culti BS to the point where they can’t see, or don’t care, that their country is being destroyed from within. Cultural Marxist, PC driven, Common Purpose ‘education’ over the last 40+ years has seen to that!

  • Bernard McCormack

    The treacherous snakes you can not trust any of them.
    Pity Garage did not get more support he is the only one to trust with our borders. Why do these idiot conniving hits want to destroy our country and it’s great culture and countryside. We must not let it happen if only for the sake of our kids.

  • polka099

    Ok but could you please indicate mi where is this huge islamic emigration described i Barcelona Declaration.
    Iknow, that UE is ******** communist creation but in BarcelonaDeclaration I cannot see any reference to huge emigration and islamic issues.

  • Its the 1922 Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi , pan national european plan .
    Read up on it at

    ITS BEEN HIDDEN FROM US,ALL FOR 68 YEARS , Rothschilds and city of london arebehind this the puppet masters .behind uk gov causing destruction of every counyry in the world

  • polka099

    A. Richards

    I know this Plan but in the Barcelon or Maracesch declaration there is no clear reference to global emigration and white people destruction etc.
    For that reason I put a link above with Barcelona Declaration.
    Many people based on news but do not read direct document.
    I am definately not on EU side, I just want to be critical based on facts especially when discuss with some brainwashed UE fan.

  • Carole keele

    I have just read the kalergi plan it is soul destroying

  • JD Bichard

    What , as British people are we going to do about this terrible attempt to replace the population of Europe with African/Middle Easterners and get us to mate over the years.
    It just wont happen – there is so much opposition to this idea. These kind of people just wont get along – now way will they. I have some thoughts:
    1) Politically – the people who will make a difference for Britain are “For Britain” – Ann Marie Waters party, and UKip – Gerrard Batten leads this party.
    Personally I think Labour and the Tories have had it.
    Failing this we need an uprising
    2)Revolution – easier said than done.

    Just some idle thoughts

  • I recently found time on my hands after an injury, and started researching the Barcelona Declaration. I was horrified, but what horrifies me more is how few people want to listen, or will accept the reality of it. That to me is the scary part. The EU are EVIL! They should be hung for treason, why is there nobody out there with the powers to overpower them? They have had a 40+ year old plan to deliberately destroy Europe…and that is treason, yet everyone just sits back, and accepts it. The EU must be destroyed! And as for May…what an evil, evil woman. That sweet little ‘butter would not melt in my mouth’smile…is despicable! How the hell she sleeps at night amazes me! We need to get rid of all our current politicians and start again with ones we can trust…May will NEVER deliver Brexit, she is too pro Islam and too far up the rear end of the EU….she signed the Marrakech declaration……laughing in the face of the British people…she MUST go! How many of the conservatives, or labour, knew she was going to sign, how many of the British people did she consult? We needed a referendum to ‘try’ and leave the EU, but the signing of this declaration was not even discussed in parliament…that has to make it corrup and treason!

  • Margaret

    This is all terrifying but it makes sense with everything that has happened with mass immigration, proliferation of mosques, grooming of young disenfranchised girls, and the recent resignations of David Davies and boris johnson. How the government lie and hate the people of their own nation.
    Evil kalergi plan, evil barcelona agreement, evil Marrakech agreement.

  • Maurice Milton

    Whether you voted REMAIN or LEAVE the European Union there are three EU documents you need to be aware of, that our ‘so called’ ruling (our masters) for some reason do not want the common masses to know about. I wonder why!

    The three wise monkeys spring to mind. Hear no Evil – See no Evil – Speak no Evil

    Hear no Evil. They must never hear about this until it’s too late.
    The KALERGI PLAN. Google it
    This is the original plan for Europe, it goes right back to 1926. The brain child of
    Count Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi.

    See no Evil. They must be kept in the about this
    The Bilderberg Group. Google it
    Elitist secret club of likeminded people that meets every year in different countries. An award is given each year to the member who has done the most to advance the plan for Europe.
    You will see a long list of elitists (past and present) who have attended their open meetings.
    However the group that are Bilderburg hold their own secret meetings. It’s fair to say that the other high ranking people are only there to give Bilderburg cover for their real agenda.

    Speak no Evil. Political Correctness. Suppressing freedom of speech
    The Marrakech Declaration May 2018. Google it
    Yes in May this year see what our Brexit Means Brexit Prime Minister signed us up to. Didn’t see it debated in Parliament and voted on.

    All MPs The House of Lords The BBC. News Papers and everyone else in the loop must know about the EU plans for our future. Why are they all keeping silent about it?

    What a horrendous future we, our children and grandchildren will face if the European Union succeeds with their ultimate plan for Europe.

    Please pass this on to your friends and family.

  • OkayToBe Fair

    Enoch was right.

  • J D Bichard

    Things are heating up this summer – October will bring some more revelations – will May leave in a hard Brexit or not- most probably not – it seems like she is just revealing that possibility just to calm down the Brexiteers in her party. If she shows weakness then I can see a revolt – if not by her own party then the general public.
    Whey not invite all 17,410,742 people that voted to leave the EU to come to London and sit outside the House of Parliament until A HARD BREXIT is signed and sent to those criminals in Brussels. Personally, I hope Mrs May gets a no-confidence vote and Jacob Rees-Mogg gets to be PM.

  • Janice Snelgrove

    Agree 100%. May has no back bone.

  • Donal Harrison

    This we all needed to know and act on. Hopefully many more will pass this info on. Thank you all.

  • pat

    Someone here wants Jacob Rees Mogg as PM. Please, don’t trust him either. Trust me he too wants to sweep the Iaslam issue under the carpet; when Islam is mentioned he goes coy, and all he can say is “we must be tolerant.”
    He is first and foremost a Tory. Please please dont fall for it.

  • 17.4 million uk people voted for brexit ! Unfortunately they did a half-baked job and did not complete the task by voting for UKIP . If you cannot build a house on sand, you cannot build a brexit without a gov’t that truly believes in it moreover, it now seems likely that this ‘ brexit” is not going to happen in anything other than name only and, it will be delayed again and again and again until the next election which will likely give victory to Corbyn which in turn will trigger a second referendum and this time, the EU migrants who live here will be invited to take part and, this will over-rule the brexit voters whom many are likely to not bother voting again. Sorry folks, you have yet again blown your golden chance to brexit and save Britain from the Westminster traitors however, you sheeple just cannot join up the dots and just for once, give UKIP 17+ million votes to finish our EUSSR membership off for good. It gives me no pleasure to say what I believe to be true however, I see no sign of either the people doing their tactical vote planning or, the ruling elites allowing the UK to leave; perhaps the only way out now is for systemic economic collapse of the entire facade is now the only real solution. Regards……Abe ( uk)

  • Chris

    I read and am not happy but all the talk on here just goes un noticed what are we to do about getting it out there if no one in high places does anything about it.

  • kenton88

    The EU is costing Britain £118bn according to this Telegraph article from 2009

    UK faces £34bn bill for black hole in EU budget
    EU to set up euro-election ‘troll patrol’ to tackle Eurosceptic surge

    According to this report from The Freedom Association, the BBC is using £3m from the EU to manipulate public opinion and not disclosing it

    EU wants power to sack journalists:

    EU to spend £225,000,000 on 1000 spin doctors promoting EU

    In an Orwellian attempt, the Foreign Office gagged the winner of the Brexit prize from speaking to the media.

    According to this Telegraph article, the EU is using taxpayers money to deploy sock puppets in a propaganda war

    According to this Forbes article, the EU is the world’s largest sock puppet operation

    LibDems attack UKIP over TTIP

  • […] banner apparently refers to the May 2018 Marrakech Political Declaration. Black Pigeon Speaks describes the intent of Marrakech as “to massively increase immigration […]

  • Robin

    Yes but the backlash against the greed-globalist ideology is now rapidly building across Europe. And unstoppable. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Every journey begins with one step.

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