June 2024

Third-World Britain needs more police and real police

(Thursday blog)

Some of you may have watched Panorama last night. If so, you were exposed to sixty minutes of police bosses moaning that they didn’t have sufficient policepersons (is that the acceptable gender-neutral word?). And it’s true that under Home Secretary, Theresa “Dithering Doris” May, police numbers were drastically cut.

But let’s not exaggerate the effects of the cuts too much. In 2000, just before New Labour went on a massive public-spending blow-out, there were 124,170 policepersons in England and Wales. (I don’t know how many there were in Scrotland and don’t really care). Then, under Blair and Brown, the police went on a huge recruiting drive (usually hiring some of the fattest females around?) and by 2010, the number of policepersons had risen by 19,630 to 143,800. Then came supposed ‘austerity’ and police numbers were reduced to 128,800 by 2015:

There are now 123,142 in England and Wales. So, although there was much bleating and moaning by senior cops on Panorama last night, actually the number of policepersons is only 1,028 below the 2000 level.

So, why is there such a big rise in crime and such a huge drop in solved crimes?

There are probably two main reasons:

Third-World invasion

Every month around 46,000 people arrive in Britain and 20,000 leave. It’s likely that most of those arriving here have low IQs, low educational levels and few prospects of gainful employment. In addition, many will come from Third-World countries where violence and criminality are more usual than honest hard work.

On the other hand, it is likely that most of those leaving are highly-educated, law-abiding professional people who can get a proper job in the countries they are going to. As part of our government’s policy of race replacement we are losing some of our best people and bringing in some of the Third-World’s deeply criminal, dangerous garbage.

No wonder crime – especially violent crime – is shooting ever upwards. No wonder our police have lost control of our streets


Then, of course, there’s political correctness which has led to thousands of policepersons being taken away from frontline policing to trawl the Internet in search of supposed ‘hate crimes’ by bloggers and twitterers and suchlike. I know. When I made some disobliging comments on my blog about a (IMHO) publicity-seeking public figure, no fewer than 3 useless plods were assigned to visit me to bully me into ‘ceasing and desisting’. Unfortunately, I was writing my blog from abroad at the time so I believe (from what my neighbours said) the dopey plods had to make several visits to my home wasting much policeperson time.

Moreover, by ignoring the gang rape, gang sodomisation and gang torture of over 50,000 white girls over decades by ‘Asians’, by trying to prosecute dead politicians, by threatening to prosecute anyone criticising the police and by indulging in stupid stunts like male officers painting their nails and walking around in high heels to show their solidarity with the LGBTWXPHR (or whatever they’re called today) community while there are almost daily gang stabbings and shootings on our streets, the police have turned themselves into a laughing stock.

Here’s a link to a Met police website where they proudly boast about the 900+ specialised policepersons assigned to “dedicated hate crime Community Safety Units” supposedly ‘fighting hate crime’. For the (IMHO) utterly worthless Met police under Cressida Dickless’s ‘leadership’ racist crime and homophobic crime – not burglaries, muggings, stabbings and shootings – “are one of our highest priorities”

Read it and despair:

2 comments to Third-World Britain needs more police and real police

  • A Thorpe

    I think there are a lot of assumptions here that cannot be justified.

    When politicians discuss this it always seems to come down to police numbers. But how can the number of police prevent crime happening? They would have to be at the location of the crime to see it and if the police are visible then I suspect the crime would not happen. We cannot have a police officers positioned along every street in the hope that it will prevent crimes. with politicians it is always the same they want more of everything – more of our money, more people working for the state and doing very little. They never manage to understand the problem they are trying to solve and when the do something the state generally makes matters worse.

  • Mark M

    Another spot on article!

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