June 2024

Murder! Massacre! Or a pack of the usual Palestinian lies?

(Wednesday blog)

We’ve heard it again and again and again and…..from all the mainstream media. Israel has slaughtered 60 innocent Palestinians and injured around 2,400 others. That sounds like a lot of people killed and injured by the cruel bloodthirsty Israelis in just one day.

But how credible are the Palestinians’ claims of 60 dead and around 2,400 injured?

For the past six weeks, Palestinians have been holding Gaza border demonstrations for the return of Palestinian refugees to areas that are now part of Israel. Israel rejects any right of return, fearing that it would deprive the state of its Jewish majority.

Palestinian medics say 106 Gazans have now been killed since the start of the protests and nearly 11,000 people wounded, about 3,500 of them hit by live fire. Israeli officials dispute those numbers. Again, I wonder if Israeli soldiers have really shot around 3,500 people in just a few days. Our Palestinian friends have a long history of slightly exaggerating the numbers killed and injured in clashes with the Israelis.

Of course, we’ll never know the truth – especially not from the laughably biased and dishonest BBC and C4 News. Though our news channels definitely won’t be reporting that at least 10 of the ‘innocent civilians’ killed were actually Hamas terrorists:

Hamas are caught in a bit of a Catch22 situation. On the one hand they have to lie to the gullible international media wildly exaggerating the number of ‘innocent civilians’ killed. But, on the other hand, Hamas must celebrate their martyrs to encourage ever more inbreds to waste their lives to further enrich Hamas’s ruthless, kleptocratic bosses.

But, whatever the truth, the whole thing has been a PR disaster for the Israelis and a triumph for the utterly corrupt multi-millionaires running Hamas. Though one can perhaps understand the Israelis’ tendency to shoot first and ask questions afterwards when Hamas have pledged to swarm over the border, “tear the Israelis’ hearts out” and slaughter every single Jew.

And, of course, no Western journalist ever asks why the Palestinians haven’t used the billions in aid they have been given over seven decades to build better lives for themselves. And why, despite all the billions the West have given them, they all still live in a shit-covered, backwards cesspit.

But back to the claims of the numbers killed and injured by the ‘evil’ Israelis – here’s a very brief video of one of the Palestinians being injured – by his low-IQ, inbred friend trying to hurl a stone at the Israelis:

No doubt, when he turns up at hospital, he’ll blame the Israelis for his head injuries.

And here’s a Palestinian on a stretcher being carried away from the mayhem. But when he thinks he’s no longer being filmed by sympathetic Western, Israel-hating media, he remarkably recovers and returns to the rioting against the Israelis:

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  • Stillreading

    Speaking as someone to whom my children and grandchildren are by far the most precious and cherished things in my life, whom I would go to the ends of the earth or walk over hot coals to protect, what kind of mother deliberately takes her little children into the battle zone which has constituted Gaza the last couple of days, thus intentionally putting them in danger, then wails and laments on TV news over their dead bodies? I actually heard a Palestinian woman on R4 at the weekend declaring her intention of doing just that! Apparently the Palestinian cause demanded such a sacrifice! I cannot think of an appropriate comment.
    There’s nothing to be done with such people. We all could see them on TV slinging stones, yelling, provoking a response from the Israeli troops, demonstrating themselves to be the violent religious bigots they self-evidently are. This was the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel. By definition therefore, unless those physically fit and active Palestinians chucking stones have been gifted by Allah (or whoever!) with eternal life, they weren’t even born when the small sliver of land which is Israel was gifted to the Jewish nation. A Palestinian male has just declared on R4 that Hamas did not pay Palestinians to confront Israeli troops at the border. Of course they didn’t”! Who could possibly contemplate such a suggestion, even for a moment?

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