June 2024

We’re being intimidated, not enriched

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Beach b*st*rds

At the weekend I was walking along the local beach and noticed several groups of multi-cutural enrichers. They all looked the same – young men, who clearly spent a lot of their time in the gym; with BMWs or Audis; playing music on their car sound systems as loud as they could; lounging around so as to get in the way of anyone trying to walk past and yelling to each other.

They weren’t at the beach to get a suntan. They were there to dominate and intimidate. They were there to display their power over us. They’re there to get ‘respect’. And they were desperately trying to goad someone into complaining so they could start a fight that they would win given their tendency to explode into violence at the slightest perceived insult to their ‘honour’.

And, given the amount of time these enrichers spend in the gym, it’s a wonder they can afford their BMWs and Audis. Perhaps the song I featured in my May 2nd blog is right – unemployed and unemployable enrichers are all given sufficient benefits to buy the cars of their choice – always BMWs and Audis – otherwise they might get violent and take the cars anyway? After all, they’re real men not like emasculated Western supposed ‘males’, their culture is superior to ours and they’ll soon be in charge given our cowardice.

Just another day at the (immigration) office

This brings me on to the subject of today’s blog – the violent, dangerous garbage we are allowing into Europe.

Below is a video (9 minutes, I’m afraid) of an interview with a German woman working in an immigration office. The name and face of this German immigration office employee are hidden for her own safety. Speaking out as she does here against the rude and abusive behavior of ‘entitled’ multi-cultural enriching ‘asylum seekers’ could get her arrested, while putting her at high risk of being physically attacked by those she serves.

Some of the remarks she hears all the time include: “Give my money”; “I am man, I fuck you, you Nazi”; “You don’t wear a hijab, you are not human.” Others will sit right in front of her and masturbate in order to intimidate her and her colleagues. These men, and it’s almost always men, know they can get whatever they want by using their tendency towards violence to intimidate us. For them, intimidation rather than cooperation, is the name of the game.

This is the kind of verbal abuse and disgusting behavior that the employee must endure for her job. It’s no wonder there is a huge shortage of Germans willing to work in this kind of environment:

6 comments to We’re being intimidated, not enriched

  • Nom

    Last week I was on a high street in east London and all the cafes were full of middle eastern north african men as were the outside tables, not one female. It was very intimidating. From just people watching which I like to do non were speaking English, many were loud/boisterous. I have seen videos in France of similar scenes where women have gone to such places and made to feel uncomfortable and even threatened for daring to enter what is now a mans domain. I’m not saying this was the case but call me a cynic.

  • MARK

    I often wonder what would happen if we had another world war, who would go off to fight for the likes of Nick Clegg knowing full well that the country is not safe. How could anyone go off and fight for the UK knowing that your children are exposed to grooming gangs and the country generally not safe.
    Why do our MP depose us so much that they released a third world crime wave on us?

  • Nom

    Every great empire/power is defeated from within, ours is no different, men/women fought for our freedom/independence/sovereignty but our own politicians have given it away. These same politicians wear poppys in November and give it all the respect and sombre behaviour yet they are walking over the graves of our troops. Rank hypocrisy and nobody in th emedia poses that question.

  • william boreham

    In retrospect, Europe died the day we (and the Frogs) declared war on Germany in 1939. A war Pat Buchanan describes in his book as the ‘Unnecessary War’

  • Colin

    ‘Others will sit right in front of her and masturbate in order to intimidate her and her colleagues’.

    Surely they are then arrested and charged with a sex offence?

  • David Craig

    Oh dear, don’t you understand that the elites have decreed that multi-cultural enrichers can NEVER be guilty of sex offences? Just like enrichers can never be guilty of supposed ‘hate crimes’. It’s only white, indigenous Europeans that get arrested and charged.

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