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In memory of Kriss Donald. Who?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Steven Lawrence – the black teenager who was stabbed to death by some white racists. But I doubt many of you will have heard of Kriss Donald:

Kriss Donald – the white teenager who was hideously murdered by some ‘Asian’ men.

Kriss Donald Day? Some hope!!!!

Theresa May announced that there would be a national day of commemoration for Stephen Lawrence on 22 April every year. Perhaps there should also be an annual Kriss Donald Day?

On 15 March 2004, in a crime that shocked Scotland, an ‘Asian’ gang abducted, tortured, and murdered 15-year-old Kriss Donald.

Mr Donald had been singled out by Imran Shahid, 29, known as “Baldy”, after Shahid had been hit with a bottle or glass at Victoria’s nightclub on Sauchiehall Street in central Glasgow the previous evening.

Shahid, a bodybuilder, who at the time sported a distinctive part-shaven, bleached-blond haircut, had pledged to seek revenge for the assault, which he blamed on a rival gang. “Boys from McCulloch Street” had attacked him, the court heard, and he wanted to know which “white bastards” had injured his pride.

Shahid and his four friends set out in a stolen silver Mercedes, cruising the streets of Pollokshaws with a knife, hammer and screwdriver. They came across Kriss Donald, who was a friend of the white men being sought but who was unconnected with the nightclub incident. The car reportedly contained Imran Shahid, his brother, Zeeshan Shahid, nicknamed “Crazy” who was driving, their cousin Daanish Zahid, Mohammed “Becks” Mustaq and Zahid Mohammed.

Their victim was first thrown into the rear footwell of the car despite his vain attempts to grab hold of the car doorframe, and threatened with a knife, punched and kicked, as Imran Shahid shouted: “I’m Baldy, nobody fucks with me.”

A friend who narrowly escaped from the gang, Jamie Wallace, said the schoolboy cried out: “I’m only 15, what did I do?”

 Kriss was taken on a 200 mile journey to Dundee and back by his ‘Asian’ attackers. During the journey the ‘Asian’ gang subjected him to shocking torture. His eyes were poked out and his genitals were cut off. The ‘Asian’ gang finally took Kriss to Celtic’s football training ground where they held him down by his arms and stabbed him thirteen times. At this stage Kriss was still alive. The Asian’ gang then doused Kriss with petrol and set him on fire and left him to die. (Please don’t be surprised by the brutality of these (IMHO) subhuman ‘Asian’ scum. This sort of thing is normal in the violent, backward sh*t-holes they come from)

A passer-by discovered the naked and burnt body of Kriss Donald the following morning. He thought he had found the carcass of a dead animal. 

Kriss Donald: Racially aggravated murder

Days after the murder, Strathclyde Police, and the mainstream media dismissed any racial motivation for the homicide.

Nevertheless, the jury found one of the killers (Daanish Zahid) guilty of the racially aggravated murder of Kriss Donald. The judge jailed Zahid for life. It was the first time in Scotland that anyone had been found guilty of a racially aggravated crime against a white person.

The other defendant, Zahid Mohammed, pleaded guilty to the abduction of Kriss and served only two years of a five-year sentence.The three other members of the gang escaped to Pakistan (surprise, surprise) immediately after the murder.

After a lengthy extradition process, Zeeshan Shadid, Imran Shahid, and Mohammed Mustaq finally faced trial. The jury returned a verdict of guilty of the racially motivated murder and the judge sentenced them to life imprisonment.

Kriss Donald murder trial: Judge’s summing up

The judge, Lord Uist, said:

“You have all been convicted by the jury of the racially aggravated abduction and murder of Kriss Donald, a wholly innocent 15 year old boy of slight build. He was selected as your victim only because he was white and walking in a certain part of the Pollokshields area of Glasgow when you sought out a victim”.

“This murder consisted of the premeditated, cold-blooded execution of your victim by stabbing him 13 times and setting him alight with petrol while he was still in life. It truly was an abomination. The savage and barbaric nature of this notorious crime has rightly shocked and appalled the public”.

“Your victim must have been in a state of extreme terror while held by you during a four hour car journey across Central Scotland and back, and the agony which he must have suffered during the period between being stabbed and set alight and his death is just beyond imagining.”

Kriss Donald murder: Media silence

The mainstream media have largely ignored the Kriss Donald murder. The reason for the under-reporting of this racist murder is simple — Kriss was white and his murderers were ‘Asian’ and, as we’ve found out time and time again, our utterly worthless police let ‘Asians’ do whatever they want – rape, theft, muggings, terrorism, murder – ‘Asians’ can get away with almost anything.

Strathclyde Police were aware of ‘Asian’ gangs operating in Glasgow but abandoned an investigation because of fear of ‘offending ethnic minorities’. The culture of political correctness paralysed Strathclyde Police (and Rotherham police, and Telford police, and Oxford police and pretty much all our useless emasculated police).

Stephen Lawrence has been mentioned in parliament over 2,000 times by more than 400 MPs and peers. Apart from one parliamentary Early Day Motion mentioning Kriss Donald, no MP has ever spoken of this racist murder.

I think we all know why not.

Kriss Donald was just another necessary sacrifice in destroying our once great country through diversity, multi-culturalism and race replacement.

And then, of course, there’s Lee Rigby. But, as he was white and slaughtered by our multi-cultural enriching friends, I don’t suppose Theresa May will be suggesting we have a Lee Rigby Day either.

11 comments to In memory of Kriss Donald. Who?

  • Stillreading

    Utterly appalling abomination of which, I am ashamed to say, I had never heard until now. But then, since reporting was presumably intentionally kept out of mainstream media at the time, how could most of us have known? And to think that one at least of these subhuman perpetrators of what can only be defined as utter evil served only 2 years in gaol! Where is he now and what is he doing? As for the 3 who escaped to Pakistan, how to we know that they haven’t subsequently returned here, to enjoy a spell of rape and anal penetration of underage white girls – even perhaps a bit of ISIS terrorist attack planning to spice things up a bit?
    Due to an internet connection failure, I’ve only today been able to read your Friday and weekend blogs. Rest assured you undoubtedly have far more support and far more regular readers than you know – as the number of responses indicates!

  • A Thorpe

    There were failures to investigate the Lawrence murder and his mother fought hard to get justice for him. But this is not the only case where justice has failed the victims. I do not understand why Theresa May made this decision. Equally pointless are all the shrines appearing in the streets.

  • Judd

    I well recall this event, only because the BNP reported it at length on their website, at the time one of the few alternative sites where news not approved by and censored by the ruling establishment and their media whores could be found.

    That poor boy Kriss, unimaginable his final hours of terror at the hands of heathen utterly useless savages, and as cowards usually are only brave in a mob.

  • David Craig

    Regarding the failures to investigate the Lawrence murder. I know these were conveniently ascribed to supposed ‘institutional racism’ within the Met police. But if I remember correctly the real issue was that the father of one of the accused was very close to some corrupt police officers

  • cogent1

    Stephen Lawrence was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was murdered by a group of thugs, who happened to be white. As a consequence, there was a tremendous outcry, massive press coverage and an upwelling of ‘white guilt’ that has culminated in the introduction of a ‘Stephen Lawrence Day’. The BBC has broadcast several documentary accounts of the affair and more recently a 3-part dramatisation. All of them have gone to great lengths to stress the ‘racist’ aspects of the events. Meanwhile, his mother has been elevated to to the House of Lords for no good reason that most people can fathom.

    Lee Rigby was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was murdered most brutally by two primitive alien thugs, who happened to be black. No ‘Lee Rigby day’, minimal press coverage, no emotive BBC documentaries, no honours bestowed on his parents, no agonised accusations that racism or religion might have been involved.

    This is the cock-a-mamie world of modern Britain.

  • Philip

    I have heard of Kriss Donald case but not of the barbarism involved. My God, the political class and the establishment of this country stink.

  • Gary Payne

    No discrimination applies to all races.
    If you commit a crime, expect to be punished accordingly,irrespective of your colour.

  • Terence Thomas

    Agreed the Lawrence thing has become a whole industry where his mother has become Dame ……it is totally disproportionate …..we all know this ….Terry Thomas

  • Paul Dailey

    Is the story even real? Can anybody name a story that is just fake news? Gobble, gobble is the sound of a turkey eating dung.

  • Carina Williams

    This story unfortunately is very real and very sad. Poor innocent boy he must have been terrified,

  • chris mcmeikan

    Feel sick when think how scared and how much pain he must have felt at the hands of these scumbags. They all deserve slow prolonged deaths.
    Did not know him but feel a connection to him somehow (not because same name)visit his memorial bench when I can just to say hi and hope hes at peace.

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