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The most important pictures you will ever see?

(Weekend blog)

There’s lots of stuff in the mainstream news at the moment – Brexit, Windrush, Korea etc etc. And lots of biased reporting as usual. Perhaps the most disgraceful is the coverage of the North/South Korea meeting. Most media, especially the BBC, are trying to make out that the meeting happened in spite of Trump’s threats to obliterate FatBoy and his concentration camp of a country. Yet surely anyone with more than half a functioning brain (so that excludes progressive, virtue-signalling libtards) realises that it was only because of Trump’s threats and sanctions that FatSlug has been forced to the negotiating table.

It’s somewhat ironic that Obummer got the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing apart from having a great suntan while the real peacemaker, Trump, will never get any credit for his real achievements.

Anyway, as I have quite a few new readers at the moment, I’ll risk boring long-time readers by returning to a story I’ve covered before because it’s the most important story of our lifetimes.

Here’s a simple graph of the projected population growth of Africa vs Europe:

There are around 1.2 billion Africans now. By the end of this century there will be around 3.57 billion. Africa’s population increases by 50 to 60 million every year. That’s around a million more Africans every single week! Let me repeat that in case there are any politically-correct, holier-than-thou, all-rapefugees-welcome libtards reading – each week there are around one million more Africans!!!

Here’s a graph of population growth for a couple of total shit-holes – Ethiopia  and Sudan:

When Saint Bob did his BandAid thing, there were around 39 million Ethiopians. There are now about 100 million. Every year there are around another 5 million Ethiopians. Every 7 to 10 years there is a drought in the Horn of Africa. I think this connected to El Nino. So if Ethiopia can’t feed 39 million people during one of its regular and predictable droughts, how the f*** is it going to feed 100 million now or 200 million in about 20 years?

So, how is Africa going to support its yearly extra 50 million people? By developing, stamping out corruption and producing ever more food and jobs? In your dreams! Or will Africa’s teeming millions be forced to survive by invading and taking over Europe?

And turning Europe into a Third-World, poverty-stricken, excrement-covered, violent hell-hole jut like the one they’ve come from?

(Africans in Italy)

This is the most important story of our time.

This is the story none of the mainstream media would ever dare cover as they’d be accused of waaacccciiisssmmmmm!

9 comments to The most important pictures you will ever see?

  • Julia Green

    Horrifying. Simple solution, get Britain’s libtards and fabulously tax-paid BBC execs to knock down their houses and second homes in Tuscany, send the bricks to Africa then stop eating in fancy restaurants, send the money instead to the soon to be starving. Bit of a typo David, 1100 million?!

  • David Craig

    Julia love, typo already corrected.

  • Stillreading

    And in addition to their endemic corruption, a significant proportion (don’t know the precise percentage) are of the cultural persuasion which practises FGM, subjugation of women and abhors any suggestion that birth control might ease their situation. Why most members of the libtard, snowflake generation appear unable to see the threat to Western European life mystifies me. These youngsters are of course the first Western European generation for several centuries whose parents were not compelled to witness their fathers, their parents or their siblings slaughtered defending their homeland. Their limited understanding of world events and trends comes from watching sanitized or biased TV news channels and when life gets a bit tough (Costa Coffee tables are all occupied or the WiFi goes down) they retreat from actuality into their smart phones, “selfies” and “social networking”. Their understanding of history is abysmal, the intended consequence of left-wing education policy which decided several decades ago to distort the truth in favour of political correctness. They are I suppose to be pitied. By the time Armageddon well and truly arrives in Europe (we are well on the way now to being past the point of no return, but the worst is still some decades away and is almost unimaginably appalling) you, I, probably all your readers, will be long dead and gone. I often ask myself whether, firstly, the written word will survive more than one more century and, if it does, whether there will there still exist small pockets of literate, thinking people who might read and endorse views which are presently considered unacceptable in our “politically correct” world.

  • David Craig

    European civilisation will survive in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria. As for France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden – it’s a race to see which will be Europe’s first Izlumic republic

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t the growth of the human race that worries me, it is our stupidity. An example is the belief in human caused climate change. The real science is easily understood for anybody with a basic physics background. The more difficult issue is understanding how this fraud has spread round the entire world. Some governments are trying to fight it and others tacking advantage of the money available.

    The media has a huge part to play in promoting this fraud. The press and TV in particular, but also the technical press has a huge role because it publishes rubbish and people believe that peer review means it is correct. Many prominent scientists are promoting it for the money and fame it provides. Where are the genuine scientists like Newton?

    Scientific fraud was easier to see with the Andrew Wakefield and the MMR fraud. Without the media his work would not have seen the light of day. It is also easier in this case to see how people wanted something to blame for their children getting autism and the press/TV and social media spread their fear and the fraud. The media is also responsible for the Alfie Evans nonsense with his father encouraged to claim that Alfie does not have a disorder. The irresponsibility of the media is quite unbelievable and politicians are too afraid to deal with it because they are afraid of the public backlash.

    This is all part of a bigger problem that is spreading through the human race at an increasing rate. We seem to be obsessed with freedom and democracy but it is the last thing we want. Freedom means that we have to take responsibility for ourselves and accept the consequences of our actions. We don’t want responsibility we want the government to help us out of every problem we have but the government has no money unless it takes from the increasingly fewer responsible people.

    We were held in serfdom for years when we had no freedom and little quality of life. Now we are using democracy to give up our hard fought for freedoms to our totally useless politicians. All votes are now for parties that offer the most in benefits and it has turned all parties into socialists. This is the system where nobody takes responsibility and we all end up in poverty. This is where we are heading. It is not the population growth that will bring poverty, it is our stupidity.

    I thought initially this was a modern trend, but it isn’t. We created gods because we could not accept responsibility and organise ourselves collectively to be responsible. We created gods and through looking at entrails we decided that we could determine what they wanted us to do. How stupid, even 6000 year ago. But more importantly we convinced ourselves that the gods were angry when things went wrong. We are doing just the same now with politicians. We have turned them into gods and expect them to provide all our needs and take the blame when things go wrong. When we fell from the trees we had to take responsibility for ourselves and we urgently need to get back to that state.

  • Mr J G Fields

    What I am about to say is horrific.
    Make ****** ****** ******* *********
    Stop sending our armed forces into Muslim areas
    that are always at each others throats.
    We have enough problems to deal with at home.
    For instance, the fastest growing industry.
    Food banks.

  • Theresa O

    Not sure where you get your figure of 50-60 million per annum increase in Africa’s population. This site (and it seems to be in line with other estimates) puts the figure at 31.6 million (one per second): Of course, exponential growth means that the annual rate of increase will reach your figure at some point.

  • David Craig

    I just did a ‘back of a fag packet’ calculation based on the 1.26 billion population doubling within the next 22-23 years. Remember, thanks to our billions in foreign aid, more babies, who would have normally died, will survive so official extrapolations may be slightly on the low side.

  • Stillreading

    “European civilisation will survive in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria. As for France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden – it’s a race to see which will be Europe’s first Izlumic republic”
    The first four nations named may well do their very best to retain their traditional European way of life, but surrounded by land occupied by the second four they surely won’t stand much chance of holding out for long. As for the UK, our single greatest strength throughout history was that being surrounded by water we were impregnable other than by sea. So we enthusiastically aided construction of a Channel Tunnel while systematically reducing border controls to very little more than a bad joke.
    (In full knowledge of this, and in a feeble attempt to redress the balance of illegal immigration, the Gvt., we have recently discovered, launched its deplorable attack on the easiest available target, the offspring of the legitimately admitted Windrush generation.)

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