June 2024

“The rapes in Spain migrants mainly are to blame”

(Friday blog)

Here’s a story from sunny Spain about a huge rise in violent rapes which tends not to be reported by the mainstream media. So, let’s all sing merrily along to the tune of The rain in Spain “The rapes in Spain migrants mainly are to blame”:

The golden, sunny Southern Coast of Spain is a huge tourist attraction, but it is also one of the main ports of entry for illegal immigration into the country and Europe.

There are so many cases of immigrant violence in these regions which go almost completely unnoticed – understandably so, as tourism is one of Spain’s biggest industries.

On April 16th in Alicante, an Algerian man met a woman at a disco and then insisted she come home with him. Once in his flat, another three men appeared from an adjacent room and all 4 of them raped her. One of them then drove her to her home, whereby she ran away to the nearest open shop and made a call to the police. Hours later the four suspects were apprehended.

Elderly lady attacked – Source: Mediterraneo Digital

Just a day later in Algeciras, in Andalusia, which is run by the Socialist Party PSOE and is a main port of entry from Tangier, Morocco, an elderly lady was beaten violently and robbed as she arrived home at night. In a city which is almost a quarter Muslim, this is a common occurrence there.

Cases like these go unnoticed or largely unreported, such as a horrific rape last year in Gandía, near Valencia, which barely got any national media attention, where one of two Pakistanis, two Cubans and two Algerians raped a young woman while others watched and did nothing. And just a month ago, 10 Algerians were arrested for raping 3 girls – one was only 14 years old – for 24 hours.

Importing a massive amount of mostly young, male immigrants into Europe, disrupting the population gender-balance of the host countries, is a recipe for certain disaster.

Germany, Sweden, France and the UK have already found out. Spain’s problems are just beginning.

But we shouldn’t be surprised at the rise in violent rapes in Spain – as I pointed out yesterday, provided you come from a migrant background, in Western Europe rape is legal.

But here’s a brief video from the Czech Republic of Czech police arresting a bunch of Algerian rapists. Thanks to the resistance of Poland’s, Hungary’s, Austria’s and the Czech Republic’s politicians, Eastern European countries don’t tolerate multi-culturally enricher rapes.

Mark Twain wrote that “history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes”. What he meant, I believe, is that different countries’ national characters will cause them to act in a similar way in different situations despite changing circumstances. Hence we see that the British, who fought to free Europe from German control in two world wars, are the only country to oppose today’s German takeover of Europe through controlling the EU.

And hence we see that those countries which are resisting today’s Izlumic invasion are the same countries that fought back the Moozerlum/Ottoman invasion of Europe in 1683 at the Gates of Vienna:

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