June 2024

Those naughty “Oxford men”

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

There are so many great stories of multi-cultural enrichment during the last few days that it’s difficult to know which to choose for today’s blog.

  • There’s the 24-year-old German woman who is fighting for her life after being stabbed following an argument with 3 Syrian children aged 17, 14 and 13 –  the delightful progeny of supposed ‘asylum seekers’
  • There’s the Dutch mayor of the Hague who got mugged and robbed in broad daylight in a largely immigrant part of her city and tried to keep the story out of the press. In particular, she claims she didn’t see her attacker despite it being daylight and so she was unable to provide any description
  • There’s the Swedish couple who got murdered in their own home (the female had her throat cut and the man was repeatedly stabbed) by some migrants who were laughing and joking as the police arrested them as they knew they’d probably only get a few months in a luxury Swedish holiday-camp jail before being released once media interest had died down
  • Also in Sweden, there’s the Polish woman who went to live in Sweden in 2007 because she had heard what a nice peaceful and wealthy country it was and was recently raped and beaten up by 2 Arab men. While using her for sex, they also kicked her, hit her repeatedly and grabbed her head and smashed it against a tree trunk as one does during sex
  • There’s the Pakistani court which acquitted twenty individuals from the world’s most peaceful religion suspected of involvement in the lynching and burning alive in a brick kiln a Christian couple accused of blasphemy
  • There’s the 85-year-old French Jewish Holocaust survivor stabbed to death and then set on fire by a neighbour from the religion we all most admire
  • And in the US, the F.B.I. can’t work out why a gentleman from the greatest religion of all drove a burning vehicle full of propane gas cylinders into the gates of Travis Air Force base.

So much happening. So much choice. But I think I’ll stick with the UK.

Here’s a photo of some wonderful members of our society. But can you spot any similarities between Assad Hussain, 37; Moinul Islam, 41; Raheem Ahmed, 40; Kamran Khan, 36; Kameer Iqbal, 39; Alladitta Yousaf, 48; and Khalid Hussain, 38?

The BBC managed to spot a similarity between all these men who have all been convicted of the usual rape, supplying drugs, sexual exploitation of underage white girls etc etc. Yes, the BBC identified that they were all “Oxford men” (even though one of them was actually from Bolton and not Oxford)

But apart from them all supposedly being “Oxford men”, the BBC couldn’t find any other similarities between these fine upstanding citizens. This time the libtard BBC didn’t even resort to their usual trick of slandering all Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Cambodian, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Taiwanese men by calling the perpetrators “Asian men”.

However, I suspect I can find another similarity between all these convicted criminals. And no, it’s not that they all have Phd’s from Oxford University. But it is my understanding that, were I to mention this similarity, then I could be arrested and charged with a supposed “hate crime” for ‘inciting racial hatred’ by pointing out the blindingly obvious. So, I’ll have to leave it up to you to see if you can spot any similarities between these scum, apart from them being, according to the BBC, “Oxford men” (even though one is from Bolton).

How low we have sunk when law-abiding people are unable to speak the truth because of fear of arrest by our useless, politically-correct, Izlumophiliac, free-speech-hating, oppressive, neo-fascist police?

It used to be the case that the young despised the police – “the pigs” – and, as one got older and had to live in reality, people realised that the police perform (or at least used to perform) the valuable service of law enforcement. But our police’s deliberate refusal to investigate real crimes such as burglary, muggings and car theft, their policy of allowing rape gangs from a certain section of society to operate freely for decades right across the UK and their desperate attempts to stamp on anyone daring to criticise the liberal elites’ policy of race replacement have made many older people despise our police even more than we used to when I was young.

That’s quite an achievement. Well done Plod!

4 comments to Those naughty “Oxford men”

  • Julia Green

    You’ve hit the jackpot with this one. How can we confront the police over their idiotic behaviour…in some areas?

  • NoMore

    At the very least they should be sent down for such behaviour. Notice they are keeping the college quiet as well.

  • William Boreham

    One could easily substitute England for Germany in this alarming article and the terrifying consequences facing our progeny is exactly the same.

  • Stillreading

    You just don’t get it, do you folks? These Oxford gentlemen (no sniggering in the back row please!) are doing no more than demonstrating the glories of multiculturalism to the diminishing proportion of the UK population whose values and mores must now be regarded as backward and intolerant. It is up to those of us born and bred in the UK and such immigrants as have chosen to integrate with the traditional British lifestyle, to adapt and broaden personally-held regressive views which oppose the attitudes and customs of adherents of The World’s Greatest Religion. Given the latter’s exponential reproduction rate it is, surely, I and others who think as I do, who must modify our views and value system in order actively to welcome the systematic demolition of two thousand years of Western civilisation and all the disadvantages it has brought – scientific discovery, modern medical practice, longevity, safe childbirth, low perinatal and child mortality rates, women’s equality, universal education and emancipation. I could go on, but enlightened readers of this blog will get my drift!

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