June 2024

Australia has fallen! Adios Australia! It was nice knowing you!

(Monday/Tuesday blog and no, this is not about the cricket)

If you were to list the countries that you thought would resist the George-Soros- and UN-sponsored Third-World, multi-cultural-enricher invasion –  Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic etc – you would probably include Australia in that list. After all, Australia started the policy of stopping the migrant boats before they reached Australian territory. (A policy the useless EU should have adopted rather than providing a free luxury ferry service from the Libyan beaches to Italy and then free train tickets to the rest of Europe to every backwards piece of human detritus who fancied a change of scenery)

But that was then and this is now.

Here is a (IMHO) total libtard wanker and traitor to his country, who also happens to be the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, grovelling to some fat, self-satisfied member of the Religion of Tolerance, Technological Progress and Peace as she gloats over Australia’s rapid and supine surrender to the alien invasion armies. Yup, she gloats because she knows Australia is surrendering without a fight and she and her tribe of often inbred, often misogynist, often low-IQ, often violent, often rapist, usually intolerant, often unemployable, often supremacist conquerors have won.

God help Australia, because with quisling garbage like tosser Turnbull in charge, Australia won’t be able to help itself!!!!

(Click on headline below to go to the web page with the short video and then click on play. You may also have to click on the loudspeaker symbol to hear the sound)

OMG! Sending sincere condolences to all our Australian friends

4 comments to Australia has fallen! Adios Australia! It was nice knowing you!

  • Julia Green

    Good grief, yet another brainwashed, appeasing Western ‘leader’ who should be shot just for being such an IDIOT.

  • david brown

    After the convenient chemical incident allowed May to sound tough when she was groveling to the EU, another thing passed by without press coverage. Parliament has passed the Refuge Family Reunion bill. This is a cover for taking our quota of EU refuges. Poland and Hungary have refused.What this bill does is create chain migration so if say someone from Somali is in the UK they can bring in family members from other EU states or Somalia. Who then in turn would bring in family members.

  • Stillreading

    Virtually no Press and absolutely NO Broadcast Media reporting of the above. Why does the phrase “A good day to bury bad news” spring to mind?
    We are indeed being sold down the river by May – but let’s not kid ourselves that any of the other electable UK Parties would do any better. The fact that Parliament has passed the Bill potently demonstrates that.
    So bring in your half-dozen wives, your five dozen kids, plus their mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces. Put in your claims for UK Benefits and go to the top of the Local Authority housing lists.

  • Mr J G Fields

    We do not need to go to Australia, we only need to stay
    in England, my country.
    I have said it before on this blog, and I wish to
    repeat it. As a staunch Brexiteer I know that Theresa May and her
    government will betray us.She is a remainer like others
    who are negotiating for us.
    The simple answer is walk away. Bollocks to the EU.
    This nation was once the greatest trading nation on the
    planet. We are broke because we got involved in wars in
    Europe.Our economy is the fifth in the world.We are a nation of inventors, creators and financiers. We have
    nothing to be afraid of, on!y our own leaders.

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