June 2024

Lovely story of multi-cultural enrichment from India

As part of our mission at snouts-in-the-trough to educate and inform our readers about the delights of other cultures, today we’d like to bring you the heartwarming story of Mr Ameerul Islam.

Mr Islam has apparently just been arrested for the rape, murder and genital mutilation of a young Indian Dalit (untouchable) girl.

But this is apparently not the first time Mr Islam has interfered with a female. Apparently on a previous occasion he had non-consensual sex with a female goat and then stabbed and mutilated the goat’s genitals so badly that the poor animal had to be taken to a veterinary hospital. Luckily the goat was not killed during Mr Islam’s sex attack. But that was possibly because the goat, unlike the girl raped, mutilated and murdered by Mr Islam, could hardly testify against him in any court proceedings were he ever arrested.

Now, there are some stupid, bigoted people who believe that people from certain religions (or a certain religion) are more likely to sexually abuse animals and females than people from other religions. This may or may not be true. Who knows? But I have no idea what religion Mr Ameerul Islam might belong to. Nor do I have any information that would help me guess what religion Mr Ameerul Islam might belong to. Nope, I’ve given it a lot of thought but have drawn a complete blank. Silly me!

However, I’m sure most of my readers are much more intelligent than me, and therefore might be able to have a stab at Mr Ameerul Islam’s religious adherence?


Oh, and while we’re on the subject of goatbusting, here’s a short video of some men indulging in what could either be a little foreplay with objects of their affection or else the prelude to the joys of a Halal slaughter. The men seem to be enjoying themselves. The animals don’t seem to be having too much fun:


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