June 2024

Is France more dangerous than Afghanistan?

(weekend blog) Here are two beautiful, intelligent and talented young French girls – cousins killed by the open borders and *sl*mophiliac policies of French Presidents Hollande and Macron and their boss Angela “Hitler” Merkel:

One of these girls was studying to become a doctor, the other a nurse. They had their throats slit outside a railway station in Marseilles on Sunday 1st October by an illegal immigrant from North Africa who shouldn’t even have been in France and who had been arrested and let go several times by the useless French police. Moreover, even though the man was an illegal immigrant who had been involved in criminality, as usual with the millions of illegal immigrants flooding into Europe, no attempt had ever been made to deport him.

While the politically-correct claim that you know what is a religion of peace, even the French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has admitted, “France is in a state of war”.

It’s not just rhetoric. From the November Paris concert attacks in 2015 that killed 130 people and wounded another 400+, to the Bastille Day truck ramming attack last year that killed 86 and wounded 458, the war is real.

A couple of years ago, people would have thought you were mad had you suggested that 239 French would be murdered and almost 1,000 injured in their own country by West-hating scumbags allowed into our countries by our virtue-signalling libtard elites. But now our rulers just organise a couple of candle-lit vigils and then brush off these mounting numbers of casualties of their treacherous policies as minor irritants to be forgotten as soon as possible.

(Perhaps the likes of Lily Allen and Gary Lineker and J.K. Rowling and Emma Thompson and Fiona Bruce and Jon Snow and Kathy Newman even crack open a bottle of champagne every time innocent Western lives are lost in *sl*mic terror attacks? I doubt it, but who knows? The liberal elites seem to hate us so much that perhaps there are some people who believe the elites rejoice when we are slaughtered?)

French casualties in France are worse than in Afghanistan. The French lost 70 people to *sl*mic terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. And 239 to *sl*mic terrorist attacks in France.

The French losses in Afghanistan were suffered in over a decade of deployment in one of the most dangerous *sl*mic areas in the world. The French losses in France were suffered in less than two years.

There’s something very wrong when Afghanistan is safer for the French than France.

10,000 French soldiers were deployed in the streets of their own country in Operation Sentinelle after the Charlie Hebdo – Kosher supermarket attacks in 2015. Thousands of French soldiers are still patrolling, guarding and shooting in French cities which have become more dangerous than Afghanistan.

Operation Sentinelle has deployed twice as many French soldiers to France as to Afghanistan. And French casualties in the *sl*mic war at home have been far higher that they were in Afghanistan.

When the French intervened to stop the *sl*mist takeover of Mali, they suffered a handful of losses. The 4,000 French soldiers came away from Operation Serval with 9 casualties and Operation Barkhane amounted to 5 dead. The Gulf War? Another 9 dead. It’s a lot safer to be a French soldier fighting Al Qaeda in a M*sl*m country than a Parisian civilian going to a concert in his or her own city.

French casualties due to *sl*mic terror in just the last two years are approaching the 300 French casualties in the 3-year Korean War.

Anyone still fancy a romantic weekend in Paris?

3 comments to Is France more dangerous than Afghanistan?

  • Joe Schmoe

    Thanks for showing the photos of the two girls.
    Like you say, intelligent and beautiful.

    I did not see them in our media.
    In fact, the story sank away so quickly, it barley

    What a waste.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Tragic as it was, the recent shooting in Las Vegas bears some comparison with the events you describe.Clearly the perpetrator had psychological problems (?) and had used an illegally converted weapon to kill 58 people and wound 500 more but let’s be clear, a member of the Religion of Peace walked into a truck -hire firm in France, rented, legally, a large lorry then used it to kill many more in a few seconds.This scenario being repeated now several times. Such events in Las Vegas pale almost into insignificance against the almost daily toll of life taken by our wonderful friends of religion.

  • Julia Green

    Consistently stunning news David. Shocking and honest. Very few people are telling it how it is. You are brilliant.

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