June 2024

The Drunk and the Skunk – why we should worry

Last week was quite a good one for the British Brexit negotiators. Apparently a junior UK official made a Powerpoint presentation to the two negotiating teams in which he showed that the EU’s demand for up to £90bn in divorce payments from Britain was a total pile of crap with no financial or legal justification.

It seems that the pompous garbage from Brussels were shocked. After all, with a resurgent (Nazi?) Germany pulling their strings, normally nobody dares challenge them because most European countries – Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy etc etc – have repeatedly shown throughout recent history to be snivelling cowards who do what their German rulers tell them. But history also shows that Britain is probably the only country that ever dares face down the Nazis (sorry, I meant Germans) and prevent them dominating and destroying Europe.

But while the British negotiating team was giving the finger to the Nazi EU bureaucrats, there was something else going on in Brussels. Here it is, probably the most repulsive photo of the week:

No, it’s not two rampant Mandelsonians at a European LGBT convention. In fact it’s our very own former PM, the (IMHO) war criminal, lying, self-serving, prostitute to dictators Anthony Blair meeting one of his best mates – the reportedly frequently inebriated EU Commission boss Juncker the Drunker.

So, what was the (IMHO) lying Skunk Blair doing with the Brussels Drunk? Perhaps the Skunk was there to assure the Drunk that, if the EU refused to do a deal with Britain, Blair would ensure that he would work to keep Britain under Nazi German control in the EU? After all, Labour have just done a reverse-ferret suddenly moving from promising Britain would leave the Single Market (with its freedom of movement and thus no control over our borders) to staying in the Single Market under complete Nazi Germany control.

Why would the Skunk do this? Partly, I assume it’s because he hates Britain and all Britain stands for – democracy, rule of law, fairness, free speech – and like all progressive internationalists wants to wipe out the concept of countries and bring us all under the control of a narrow clique of unelected hereditary bureaucrats.

But maybe there’s something else in it for the (IMHO) treacherous Skunk Blair? Maybe the Skunk is trying to do a deal whereby, if he keeps Britain in the EU, his reward will be becoming the next EU Commission President? After all, no man has more love for himself than he would lay down his country for his own personal ambition. And no man has more love for himself than Anthony Lynton Blair. Then the fragrant, charitable, much-loved, popular Cherie could be “Europe’s First Lady”.

Blair’s business career as an adviser to dictators seems to have crashed. Blair now needs another way to further increase his wealth and keep himself preening on the world stage. So, I would worry about the recent Drunk and Skunk Brussels love-in. I would worry that the Skunk is preparing to sell out his country in order to further ingratiate himself to his globalist paymasters and further enrich himself.

Beware the Drunk and the Skunk – they loathe us and would do anything to increase their power over us.

Oh, and here’s one of the cultural-enrichers in Italy doing the only job he knows how to do in order to supplement his benefits money with an ‘honest, hard day’s work’:

9 comments to The Drunk and the Skunk – why we should worry

  • Russell Hicks

    There’s another bigger and more dangerous traitor in our midst, stabbing Britain in the back at every opportunity and that is George Osborne, editor of the London Evening Standard, still pushing out Project Fear and brainwashing a million London commuters a day with headlines like ‘Brexit house price slump’. Osborne’s hatred for Theresa May and love for Brussels only matches that of Blair. I wonder how much they are being paid behind the scenes for such revolting, ugly and vile loyalty to foreign powers? Maybe they get paid to hit certain targets of Middle Eastern and North African ‘refugees’ being given EU passports?

  • zx80

    What a revolting photo!

    I no longer want my dinner. Thanks mate, cheers!

  • brian rodney

    I guess that Blair is whispering to Juncker “No, no – don’t tell me – it’s,it’s – no, no, let me guess – yes, it’s Old Spice – am I right ? “

  • David Craig

    Or maybe one is saying “I smell a treacherous, democracy-hating, self-serving, multi-millionaire elitist scumbag” and the other is saying “I smell him too”.

  • John Bull

    Well that’s it I will NEVER shop at Lidl again.I have been a customer a long time,I won’t step in the door from now on.

    European Supermarket Erased Crosses From Packaging Because it ‘Respects Diversity’

  • John Bull

    And that goes for the idiots at John Lewis as well, hope they go bust.Weirdo’s

    John Lewis has become the first major British retailer to remove ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ labels from children’s clothes to avoid what it calls “reinforcing gender stereotypes”.

  • Roy Hartwell

    You read more and more about mental problem in primary school children. Just a theory mind, but could it be down to this ‘gender neutrality’ being forced down their throats ? Children need certainty and it’s being ripped away from them.

  • zx80

    Gender neutrality.

    What a load of left wing pc horsehit this is.
    Has there been a decline in IQ’s recently? because it seems to me we are seeing the absolute destruction of all the progress the human species has made over the past thousand years and its being led with this kind of indoctrination of kids into believing that anything that the left decree as normal is ok when clearly the left have got a mental dysfunction, as do all those fawning morons who hang on every word the left puke from their sperm filled backsides.

    I recently saw an advert for a t shirt that proudly stated, ” There is no such thing as gender!”

    Yet in the description for it, it came in his and her sizes….fail!
    This gender nonsense whereby anyone can call themselves anything has to stop, its madness, its a mental illness.
    Woman sets new world record for the high jump or suchlike….turns out its a transbender wossname, any surprise “Bettina” aged 36 and 6 foot 2 managed to beat all the real women?
    And still the emperor has no frigging clothes on! And they dont/wont/cant see it.

    Madness, utterly idiotic mental retardation, breeding the human race out of existence.

    Tomorrow I shall enter the grand national as I now am a horse. F*cking nutjobs the lot of them.

  • Ken Turner

    So why hasn’t the powerpoint been leaked ?

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