June 2024

Let us thank this preacher for telling the truth

The short (just over a minute) video below features an obvious madman claiming to be from the Religion of Love and Friendliness.

Of course, the man is crazy. After all, he’s predicting that Germany will eventually become a Muslim country, that Germans’ daughters will marry Muslims and that in a few generations a German Muslim parliament will adopt Sharia Law.

I mean how likely is that?

Oh, you mean with declining German birth rates and a million often inbred, low-IQ, violent, intolerant, rape-obsessed Third-World invaders pouring into the country each and every year, this could happen well before the end of the 21st Century?

Oh dear. Mrs Merkel forgot to tell us that this was her ultimate goal, that this was the legacy she wanted to leave – the total destruction of her country.

(By the way. It seems that all the mainstream media are claiming that gerontologist {nudge nudge, wink wink} Emmanuel Macron easily won last night’s debate with the Front National’s Marine Le Pen. But Breitbart London website thankfully dares to take a different view. There is one of Marine Le Pen’s more memorable comments that the British mainstream media will probably ‘forget’ to mention “Whoever wins on Sunday, France will be governed by a woman – myself or Mrs Merkel”. Wow, nice uppercut Marine. Let’s see ‘I-married-my-teacher’ mummy’s boy Macron live that one down)

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