June 2024

“Everybody matters more than you do!”

I’ve been musing on how ‘ordinary people’ must feel about today’s society in which they live.

And I’ve come up with the line “Everybody matters more than you do!”

Actually, let me change that from ‘ordinary people’ to ‘normal people’. Politicians use the expression ‘ordinary people’ when referring to the suckers who pay their massive packages of salary and expenses which cost us around £250,000 to £300,000 a year for each of our 650 mostly useless, self-serving MPs.

What are ‘normal people‘?

But before I explain “Everybody matters more than you do!”, let me suggest some attributes of what I would call ‘normal people’:

  • have jobs (or have had jobs and have since retired) and so have worked and paid taxes
  • believe sex is something that should happen between males and females
  • are neither hugely overweight  nor underweight
  • don’t want their country to be swamped by a tsunami of violent, inbred, low-IQ, intolerant, medieval subhumans
  • don’t want Britain to be a subservient part of a Fourth Reich – a resurgent German European empire
  • try to bring their children up to understand the value of education and a career
  • understand that the earth’s climate is changing and has always changed and that this is just something we must adapt to
  • feel ill whenever they hear the words ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ because they know that ‘tolerance’ is a one-way street whereby the indigenous white population must be tolerant of those who are permanently intolerant
Who “matters more than you do”?

Now let’s get on to the people who “matter more than you do“. To find out who they are you just have to watch any BBC or Channel 4 news programme and you’ll see a seemingly endless stream of supposed ‘victims’ of something or other whose needs must be prioritised over those of ‘normal people’:

  • the fat/obese and stupid who are unable to control their greed and so demand that food manufacturers are forced to include contents and calorie information (which they never read anyway) on each packet that is almost as long as War and Peace
  • the excessively thin who claim to have fashionable ‘eating disorders’ and demand that advertising be censored as it is clearly unrealistic advertising, rather than their own immature self-obsession, that is responsible for their conditions
  • the infertile or those who have left it too late to have children who are so convinced of the need to continue their own wonderful genes that they demand that the rest of us pay millions each year for their IVF treatment on the NHS rather than paying for their own procreation or else just adopting a needy orphan
  • idiots who want every activity we do discouraged through ever higher taxation because they are convinced that every time the sun shines this is irrefutable proof of ‘Man-Made Global Warming’ and every time the sun doesn’t shine this is irrefutable proof of ‘Man-Made Climate Change’
  • those with psychological problems and supposed ‘gender issues’ who want to overturn conventional wisdom about male and female to justify their own flawed sense of self-image
  • leftists and libtards who protest and riot demanding the censorship of anyone with sufficient intellectual abilities to dare to challenge their most cherished prejudices
  • Third-World, violent, West-hating migrants/invaders (mostly from our favourite death cult masquerading as a religion) whose vociferous demands for free housing, free healthcare, free education, free money, free everything are always prioritised above the needs of the indigenous white population
  • Middle-East savages (from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt) who have been made homeless and impoverished because their own violence and intolerance prevent them living in peace with each other
  • young African men who can’t live in their own countries because their breeding rate (with populations doubling every 20 years) far exceeds the capacity of their countries to support them
  • billionaire corrupt, oppressive, incompetent African kleptocrats who need ever more of our money to be stashed away in their offshore bank accounts

Anyway, these are just a few of the people who “matter more than you do”. I’m sure my readers could click on the title of today’s blog and use the ‘comments’ function to add many more examples to my list.

Dumb, dumber and the Religion of Low IQs

I’ve previously brought you videos of our friends from the Religion of the Mentally Challenged trying to cope with an escalator and trying to mow a lawn with an electric lawn-mower that wasn’t plugged in.

Today, here’s a video of one of these morons trying to navigate his way through some automated doors.

Good grief!!!!!

2 comments to “Everybody matters more than you do!”

  • MGJ

    Your list just about seems to cover it.

    Maybe you could add the pathologically altruistic, guilt-laden Guardian-reading classes who devote their entire existence trying to find something else to “care” about, at the same time as espousing the twin horrors of Islam and Marxism.

  • Baroness Bonkers

    We, we are normal and we dig Bert Weedon.

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