August 2020
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They are at war with us! Perhaps we should be at war with them?

I wanted to write about the recent meeting of EU political pygmies where they all hid behind Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s fat ass and then occasionally jumped out to shout insults at America’s democratically-elected President before rushing back again to hide behind the bloated Nazi cow’s voluminous rear.

But a reader sent me a link to this website. It contains a brief warning about how serious our enemies are about destroying us and then there’s an ISIL propaganda video showing armed children being trained to clear a building.

I will leave it up to readers to decide whether the people being shot by these children are just exceptionally talented actors or whether we are witnessing murder.

I wonder if our EU ‘leaders’ could take a few moments off insulting President Trump to tell us how they intend to protect us against those who have sworn to kill us and destroy our civilisation?

Graphic Content: ISIS Use Children In Recent Propaganda Video

1 comment to They are at war with us! Perhaps we should be at war with them?

  • NoMore

    The only thing the EU will do about IS is talk and continue to be played for the fools they are by them. It will be the adults Trump and Putin that will deal with the problem.

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