June 2024

The Religion of Peace and Murder’s fatal flaw?

I’ve found it. Maybe. The fatal flaw within the teaching of the Religion of Tolerance, Peace and Indiscriminate Murder.

Once our dear Religion of Peace and Hatred friends understand the fatal flaw within the teachings of their supremacist death cult masquerading as a religion, they’ll all give up violence and become nice, educated, hard-working people, won’t they?

Given that today’s blog is aimed at people whose intellectual development (or lack of) has been more than slightly affected by 1,400 years of the well-researched and well-understood detrimental psychological and physical effects of first-cousin marriages, I have written today’s blog in the form of a simple illustrated comic strip – easier for the cerebrally-challenged to comprehend.

The comic strip reads from left to right. Then, once you reach the end of a line, you start again at the left hand of the next line. Hope that isn’t too complicated!!!


And now comes the complicated bit. So, if your brain is considerably smaller than your Holy Book, you’d better pay attention.


If only my audience for today’s blog weren’t inbred imbecilic morons, I think I might have solved the problem of Religion of Peace and Hatred violence.

Oh well, I did my best.

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