June 2024

Which value system will prevail? It’s not certain it will be ours

Here’s a shortish video by someone who presumably is, in today’s politically-correct world, clearly a “racist” and “*sl*mophobe” and “bigot” and “deplorable” and  “populist” and whatever other insult the progressive lefties use to discredit anyone who doesn’t agree with their increasingly intolerant and fascist views.

After all, the presenter in the video says that *sl*mic and Western cultures cannot co-exist.

If I wrote that, I’d immediately be called a “waaacccciiiisssstttt! Waaacccciiiisssstttt! Waaacccciiiisssstttt!” And, of course, PC Plod would try to prosecute me for ‘racism’ (even though *sl*m is not a race), ‘spreading hatred’, ‘encouraging discrimination’ or whatever new supposed ‘crime’ useless Plod could think of.

But hold on a minute.

Oops! The presenter, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is actually a highly-educated, black, Somali woman and former Dutch politician.

So, how can Ayaan Hirsi Ali be a “waaacccciiiisssstttt” or “*sl*mophobe” or “bigot” or “xenophobe” or “deplorable” or whatever? Not easy, huh?

I’m confused. After all, surely there’s no way Ayaan Hirsi Ali could be telling the truth?

So, come on Plods. Get off your fat useless, politically-correct arses and try prosecuting the wonderfully eloquent and courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali for one of your new invented thought crimes. But you’ll only succeed in making yourself even more ridiculous and contemptible than you already are.

And come on lefties, start an on-line petition to get Ayaan Hirsi Ali banned from coming to Britain. After all, she has dared to criticise the bloodthirsty, intolerant, violent death cult masquerading as a religion that you holier-than-thou, we-know-best progressives all love so much.

While we allow any number of Religion of Peace hate preachers into Britain, our rulers have recently banned three Christian archbishops from areas where Christians are persecuted from visiting the UK. And we certainly don’t want people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali coming here to stir up trouble as our rulers cower in terror before the invading armies from the One and Only True Religion:


2 comments to Which value system will prevail? It’s not certain it will be ours

  • MGJ

    I’m sure they’ll navigate around this little problem.

    Something like…race and gender are merely social constructs, therefore she is IN EFFECT white – and male. How about that? That way she can be a waacciiist.

    It’s no more absurd than when they lighten the skin colour in pictures of murdered black policemen and celebrate one less whitey.

  • MGJ

    I couldn’t view the video for some reason but the answer to the question posed in its title is of course that feminists don’t give a sh!t about women. Gender hatred is encouraged as a useful tool to push their political agenda.

    Everything they claim to stand for makes women’s lives worse. If you doubt that then look at the data and decide for yourself whether women are paid less; whether there is a rape epidemic; or whether women are not safer and happier in a stable family.

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