June 2024

The truth is a rare, but wonderful, thing

We live in extraordinary times when our rulers and their sycophantic mainstream media tell us the opposite of the truth and anyone daring to speak the truth is prosecuted for all sorts of new, made-up crimes.

For example:

  • We’re told Putin is our enemy. In reality Putin is our friend against our shared enemy
  • We’re told *sl*m is  Religion of Peace. In reality, almost all the conflicts in the world involve the Religion of Peace
  • We’re told our voting is ‘populist’ and ‘undemocratic’. In reality voting is democracy

Imagine if I was stupid and deluded enough to write things like:

  • the One and Only True Religion hasn’t contributed anything to humanity for 1,400 years
  • all human advances have come from the West
  • the only reason Japan and some other Asian countries have advanced is because they have learnt from the West
  • a certain group of people (see video) are incapable of learning because they have a herd-like mentality, lack individualism and are convinced their backward culture is superior to the West

I’d immediately be prosecuted for telling the truth (sorry I meant ‘prosecuted for racial hatred, encouraging discrimination etc etc etc etc’)

So I am muzzled. I cannot write what I suspect might be the truth.

Instead here’s a brief video of an obviously totally crazy gentleman from the Greatest Religion Humanity Has Ever Known saying things that some people might feel are awfully close to the truth that our rulers and sycophantic mainstream media deny.

Let’s hope PC Plod, who loves conducting investigations of things that happened in the past rather than preventing and solving today’s crimes, investigates this madman and prosecutes him for all the fashionable new supposed ‘crimes’ Plod can think of:


1 comment to The truth is a rare, but wonderful, thing

  • NoMore

    Very impressed with that guy. Great to see some self-awareness in the Arab world finally. Has the fatwa on him been declared yet?

    Having said that the West has lost its way in the last 50 years or so with the long march of the cultural Marxists through our institutions doing enormous damage to our key foundations: the family, the Church, education and scientific enquiry, equality before the law, our morals, our homogeneity, our self-belief. So we (especially our “elites” of course) need to be doing plenty of soul-searching too.

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