June 2024

Will Europe’s gun-totting totty terrify our enemies?

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about this picture:


But do you know who they are?

Former models? No.

Successful business-women? No.

Hyper-shopping wives of political leaders? No.

In fact, they’re all defence ministers from key European countries (stop laughing you at the back). From left to right there’s Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany. “Whooaar!” as the Sun might write, “nice totty!” and “get yer tits out for the lads!

My message was that political correctness and so-called ‘positive discrimination’ has left Europe with defence ministers who probably wouldn’t know one end of a gun barrel from the other. This lot are hardly likely likely to sow fear and terror into the hearts of our enemies. By ‘our enemies’ I, of course, mean the 1.2 billion members of the Religion of Peace, who want to take over the world and drag us all back to the Stone Age, and not Mr Putin, who would like nothing other than to work with us against our common enemy:


But now a more recent picture has exposed how Europe’s supposed ‘defence’ has become even more laughable:


At a time when the West faces an invasion by Religion of Peace hordes, who would you rather was in charge of your country’s and continent’s defence? Some limp-wristed, progressively liberal, bleeding-heart, Guardianista, *sl*mophiliac former social worker given her political position as defence minister because of political correctness? Or someone like General James Mattis who has been there and done it? Someone like General James Mattis who knows that you have to destroy your enemies before they destroy you?

Oh, and here’s Putin with Russia’s defence minister:


He also looks like someone who knows his job and is capable of doing it.

But  with so many European countries choosing politically-correct, progressive, liberal, fashion-conscious female, social workers and other suchlike useless, lightweight rubbish as defence ministers, it’s hardly surprising that the inbred, low-IQ, violent, bearded, rape-obsessed, primitive maniacs know that they will easily conquer Europe by the “three Bs” – bullets, bombs and birth rate.

But at least the Americans under Trump won’t capitulate in the way that Europe will.

Meanwhile in Aleppo, the only strong leader Western civilisation has is helping a few more bearded maniacs on their way to Paradise. But the BBC still wants us to go to war with Russia to protect the West-hating, subhuman scum so enthusiastically supported by failed president Obummer and all his holier-than-thou, politically-correct, progressive, liberal, democracy-hating, West-loathing, sycophantic admirers.

Go on, Vladimir! Eradicate the vermin because our rulers don’t have the guts to do what needs to be done!

5 comments to Will Europe’s gun-totting totty terrify our enemies?

  • David Brown

    The Russian Defence Minister looks like he is from central casting. Unlike these women. Look on google images the 1960 movie The Time Machine – with its passive effeminate male Eloi and the Morlocks predators of the Eloi.

  • Chris

    There is some kind of conspiracy going on here; Putin and his defence minister are obviously discussing cyber warfare and how to influence the ‘Strictly’ and ‘Bake off’ results. That’s precisely why we need female defence ministers to protect us.

  • Twi5ted

    Don’t care what they look like or gender but always interesting to see their qualifications for the role. One was a lawyer turned TV babe, another a doctor then housewife and the other a management consultant all seem to be from privileged backgrounds.

    But appears the Swedish lady shown is actually a captain in the army and is married to a lieutenant colonel however of the four she appears to no longer be in the job since 2014 presumably as too well qualified for the role.

    Apart from the Swede some of these make Baroness Worthington almost seem qualified. Not least the Russian who is a civil engineer yet holds the rank of general presumably because of his role yet has no military experience that I can find.

  • brian rodney harwood

    That grandly titled panjandrum – ‘ The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy ‘ is a woman, Federica Mogherini, a member of the Italian Communist Party ( now retitled Social Democrats or something similar ) Her predecessor was also female, Catherine Ashton -Ashhill -Ashcroft ? Her husband was a crony of Tonyy Blair, I believe.

  • rapscallion

    I think on balance I’ll just go for General Mattis USMC

    He’s definitely got the right attitude.

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